139th Year of
Spring 2023

College of Liberal Arts Commencement

May 13, 2023

Order of Ceremony

Processional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Welcome – Dr. Benjamin Withers

Presentation of Colors – Wing Walker Honor Guard

National Anthem – Lucy Logan

Introduction of Platform Party – Dr. Withers

Recognition of Undergraduate Students – Dr. Roze Hentschell

Student Commencement Speaker – Samuel Stoltz

Presentation of Class – Dr. Withers

Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees – Dr. Janice Nerger

Distribution of Diplomas – Department Chairs

Closing Remarks – Dr. Hentschell

Alma Mater – Lucy Logan

Platform, Faculty, and Student Recessional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Members of the Platform Party

Dr. Janice Nerger, Interim Provost

Capt Allen Plack, Air Force ROTC

LTC Matthew L. Tillman, Army ROTC, Professor, Military Science

Dr. Benjamin Withers, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Roze Hentschell, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Dr. Ellie Light, Assistant Dean for Student Success

Dr. Ryan Claycomb, Associate Dean for Faculty Affaris

Dr. Elissa Braunstein, Associate Dean for Research

Dr. Rosa Martey, Faculty Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dr. Mica Glantz, Chair, Department of Anthropology and Geography

Dr. Ellie Moseman, Chair, Department of Art and Art History

Dr. Greg Dickinson, Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Dr. Sammy Zahran, Interim Chair, Department of Economics

Dr. Sushmita Chatterjee, Chair, Department of Ethnic Studies

Dr. Louann Reid, Chair, Department of English

Dr. Robert Gudmestad, Chair, Department of History

Professor Kevin Foskin, Program Director, Interdisciplinary
Liberal Arts

Dr. Marilee Long, Chair, Department of Journalism and Media Communication

Dr. Jonathan Carlyon, Chair, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and Interim Director of International Studies

Dr. Dan Goble, Director of the School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Dr. Matt Mackenzie, Chair, Department of Philosophy

Dr. Bob Duffy, Chair, Political Science

Dr. Pete Taylor, Chair, Sociology


Dr. Cindy Murillo, Instructor, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Dr. Dominik Stecula, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Dr. David Wolfgang, Assistant Professor, Journalism and Media Communications

Dr. Merrill Johnson, Professor, Anthropology and Geography

College Faculty Marshals

Dr. Ernesto Sagás, Professor, Ethnic Studies

Dr. Martin Shields, Professor, Economics

Dr. Alyssa Miller de Rutté, Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Professor John Gravdahl, Professor, Art and Art History

Dr. Diane Margolf, Professor, History

Dr. Patrick Mahoney, Associate Professor, Sociology

College of Liberal Arts

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2023

Micaela Allen, Journalism and Media Communication major and International Development minor. Thesis title: Building and Shaping a Small Business in an Online Marketplace (Collaborative Thesis with Landry [McGee] Conrady).

Cleome Anderson, Sociology major and Spanish minor. Thesis title: Domestic Violence and Housing Instability Among Women in Community Corrections.

Kyle Arguello, Journalism and Media Communication and Music, Stage and Sports Production minor. Thesis title: Game Knight Games Media Package.

Stosh Beeler, Sociology major and Philosophy minor with General Sociology concentration. Thesis title: Creating an Avenue for a New Age of Transparent Philanthropy.

Emily Brandenburg, History major and Legal Studies minor with General History concentration and Sociology major with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: The Organized Victimization of Cheerleaders in the University Setting.

Bo Burkhardt, Theatre major and History major with General History concentration. Thesis title: “Mary Magdalene Smokes a Joint” by Ben Jolivet Conceptual Design.

Riley Burkhart, History major and Anthropology minor with Digital and Public History concentration and English minor. Thesis title: Oral History of Memorialization and Place at Columbine High School.

Logan Causey, Art major and Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor with Graphic Design and Photo Image Making concentrations. Thesis title: The Relationship Between Jungian Ideas and Photographs.

Sera Cazares, Liberal Arts major and Legal Studies minor with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration and Sociology major. Thesis title: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Complexities of Unregulated Green Crime.

Katrina Clasen, Art major with Graphic Design concentration and English minor. Thesis title: An Investigation in Student Produced Fine Arts Publications: Pursuing Action Towards Building Community and Engaging Scholarship.

Landry Conrady, Art major with Graphic Design concentration and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: Building and Shaping a Small Business in an Online Marketplace (Collaborative Thesis with Micaela Allen).

Harrison Cory, Sociology major and Legal Studies minor with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: Recent Police Reforms and Their Efficacy: An Evidence-Based Literature Review.

Isaiah Dennings, Political Science major with Biomedical Sciences minor. Thesis title: An Analysis of the International Regulation of Chemical Nerve Agents and Their Role in Contemporary State Craft.

Grace Dotson, Sociology major with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: Injustices in the Justice System: Unequal Access to Law in the United States.

Anna Erickson, Sociology major with Environmental Sociology concentration and Communication Studies major. Thesis title: The Lord of Fear and Trust: An Evaluation of Exodus and Its Contribution to Wilderness Experience.

Cole Fisher, English major with Literature concentration and Philosophy major with General Philosophy concentration and Film Studies minor. Thesis title: An Investigation of Male Violence Through Cinematic Voyeurism.

Rachel Garrison, Art major with Painting concentration. Thesis title: Observing Emotion: Painting the Intensity of Sports.

Elizabeth Gerstner, Political Science major with Global Politics and Policy concentration and Spanish and Political Communications minors. Thesis title: U.S. Immigration Policies: Civil Law and Equality v. Criminal Law and Equity.

Tobin Gold, History major with General History concentration and English minor. Thesis title: “Liked Being a Lady – Loved Sin”: Resistance and Identity in the Rescue Homes of Victorian London.

Alexandra Hanson-Caldwell, English major and Information Science and Technology minor with Literature concentration. Thesis title: Across the Pond: An Exploration of the Split of the English Canon Between America and England.

David Hayes, English major and English Education concentration. Thesis title: Jingo: A Collection of Poetry on the American Underside.

Zeya Highley, Journalism and Media Communication major and Music, Stage and Sports Production minor. Thesis title: Cooking a Burger Fully (And I Mean Fully) from Scratch.

Samantha Homan, Art major with Painting concentration and Merchandising minor. Thesis title: Earth and Art: An Exploration of Sustainable Art Practices.

Anna-Noel Imbriaco, Dance major and Music, Stage, and Sports Production minor. Thesis title: Lord Ullin’s Daughter: An Exploration of Storytelling Across Time, Medium, and the Human Experience.

Kathryn Kennedy, Music major with Music Education concentration and History minor. Thesis title: CSU Marching Band Alumni Survey: Building a Historical Timeline of the CSUMB.

Aidan Knaus, Economics major and Political Science major and Spanish and Leadership Studies minors. Thesis title: Behavioral Economics and the Colorado Community Corrections System.

Laurel Ladzinski, Theatre major with Design and Technology concentration and Music and Creative Writing minors. Thesis title: Interacting with Theatre Through a Different Light.

Veronica Lazar, Journalism and Media Communication major and Dance major. Thesis title: The Art of Creating Horror.

Keilly Leon, Political Science major with U.S. Government, Law and Policy concentration and Legal Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies minors. Thesis title: A Divided America: Mixed Status Families and the Legal Paradox Existing Within Our Immigration System.

Riley Limbaugh, History major with General History concentration and Anthropology major with Archaeology concentration. Thesis title: Rediscovering a Resting Place: Using Geophysics to Find and Outline the Fort Sedgwick Post Cemetery.

Dax Littleton, Economics major and Business Administration and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics minors and Music Business and Business-to-Business Selling certificates. Thesis title: To Host or Not to Host: The Economic Impacts of the Olympic Games.

Aidan Lyde, Political Science major with Environmental Politics and Policy concentration and International Studies major with Global Studies concentration. Thesis title: Binational Water Augmentation Options in the Lower Colorado River Basin.

Elena Mattson, Political Science major with Environmental Politics and Policy concentration and International Development minor. Thesis title: A Literature Review: Repairing the Traditional Western Pedagogy and Edification by Integrating Culture, Diversity and Nature as Proposed by a Selection of Female Authors.

Sabrina Moskoe, Art major with Electronic art concentration and Spanish minor. Thesis title: Color: A Conceptual Investigation Through Art and Physics.

Amelie Peccoud, Music major with French minor. Thesis title: From Fairytales to Ghosts: A Musical Odyssey.

Anastasia Potzer, English major with Literature concentration and Legal Studies minor. Thesis title: Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Assault and Its Effect on the Female Characters in Pamela, Jane Eyre, and Crimson Peak.

Jaden Price, English major with Literature concentration and Leadership studies minor. Thesis title: The Origins of a Sexist Constitution.

Piper Russell, Journalism and Media Communications major and Languages, Literature and Cultures major with Spanish concentration. Thesis title: What Happens When There Is No News? The Change in Local Journalism.

Mason Rykovich, Political Science major and Legal Studies minor. Thesis title: Consequences of Compassion: How the Legal Profession Affects the Mental Health of Attorneys.

Andrea Santiago, Sociology major with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: Right to Life: The Social and Ethical Ramifications of Capital Punishment.

Megan Schmidt, English major with Literature concentration. Thesis title: How Graphic Interpretation Activities Can Be Used to Creatively Engage Students with Symbolism and Literary Themes in Complex Texts.

Samuel Stoltz, International Studies major with Middle East and North African Studies concentration and Political Science major with Global Politics and Policy concentration. Thesis title: Criticizing the Concept of Unrecognized States to Reveal Differences in Sovereignty.

Joey Wagner, History major with Language concentration. Thesis title: Colorado Mining Legends: The Intersection Between History and Folklore.

Anna Wikowsky, Languages, Literature, and Cultures major with French concentration and Music minor. Thesis title: Fiction Novel About a Social Journey.

Peter Wilson, Philosophy major with General Philosphy concentration and English major with Literature concentration. Thesis title: W. E. B. Du Bois’ “The Talented Tenth” in Gloria Naylor’s Literature.

College of Liberal Arts

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2023

College of Liberal Arts

Dean Benjamin Withers



Bettoney, Carol Ranna

Boland, Meghan Ann Sheen =

Coles, Victor Izeal

Dumstorff, Emily Faith ^

Fuqua, Nicole Ryan

Gerber, JayCee Michelle *

Hickey, Rachel

Jabalameli, Zahra

Johnson, Cort Stefan * #

Johnson, Laura J.

Kapernekas, Jason Alexander

Keith, Margie Ellen

Kraus, Savanna *

Kreikemeier, Kelsy J. #

Pastella, Kaelin M.

Port, Brianna Mackenzie + *

Potts, JessicaLynn Marie * ^

Rendon Jr., Johnny Angel

Sáenz-Cataño, Myreya Azucena

Schipman, Sebastian Lemieux *

Semko, Laura

Stapleton Jr., Gary Michael

Thomas, Cordelia Lynn

Tulis, Walter Stephen ^

Walter-Vanagunas, Lori A.

Walters-Ward, Caroline Megumi =

Wilson, Nicole Renee * =

Young Jr., Stephen Douglas

Zuniga, Ruby A.


Andrews, Kayleigh Louise

Arensdorf, Aspen

Beltran, Miguel Angel *

Bockelmann, Grace E.

Borjas, Christian *

Craven, Sophia Cezanne *

Eichensehr, Nathan Avery

Johnson, Kirstie Brianne *

Lawler, Caroline Elizabeth

Malenfant, Michelle Riga + *

Mech, Sydney Nicole *

Noonan, Zara Eileen *

Rodríguez, Janeth +

Stokes, Charlotte Madison *

Thomas, Patricia Lynn

Yohanan, Nicholas Christian

Communication Studies

Alvarez, Margaret *

Anderson, Morgan Ann *

Aquino-Manalansan, Terrence J. *

Bennet, Garrison Lee

Beres, Kendall Kathleen * ^

Blanchette, Sophia * =

Bougie, Stefan Laurent *

Bryan, Jackson Tyner *

Buzkova, Radka *

Cabral, Julia Marie *

Callas, Andonia Bonnie *

Carew, Kayleigh Alexis *

Carrillo, Nichole Monique *

Crangle, Grace Elisabeth * #

Dewey, Andrew Cameron *

Diekemper, Caleb Walker *

Donahue, Payton L. *

Eberhardt, Alexis Grace *

Eshleman, Sienna *

Espinoza, Victor Nathaniel *

Fisher, Tyler J. *

Gantner, Benjamin Stone *

Gira, Isabel Cassandra *

Greff, Samantha * ^

Haubrich, Rachel *

Hauri, Will Henry *

Hayat, Ayesha *

Hedges, Amanda Noel *

Henderson, Lucas Elliott *

Herrera Maturin, Brayant *

Hickey, Colin Thomas *

Hill, Carter James Ferris *

Hitchcock, Hannah Leigh *

Jackson, Andrew Chesed *

Janowski, Kara Elisabeth Rae *

Kelly, Kayla Marie *

King, Jeremy Matthew *

Klotz, Reese * ^

Kranitz, Jacqueline Eve *

Krumland, Cali MaKenna *

Larson, Bailey Grace *

Lauer, Sullivan Dolor *

Lee, Ethan J. *

Lloyd Stern, Sebastian *

Loibl, Nash *

Loncin, Lucy Ann *

Long, Nathan Allan *

Mastrodonato, Daniel Thomas *

McGibben, Ashton Claire *

Mooney, Michael J. *

Naiman, Jeremy Travis *

Neal, Eric Matthew *

Negasy, Arone Yemane *

Pape, Jocara *

Parrinello, Ben Harris *

Paulson, Lauren *

Peterson, Drew M. + ^

Phelps, Andrew Thomas *

Porter, Jessica Mei Lee *

Pringle, Jacy Ann *

Putney, Jared Brandt *

Quaka, Keirstyn Rylee *

Ravina, Sophia V. *

Remington, Sophie Anne *

Riggs, Colin P. *

Rogers, Ryan A. *

Roth, Sarah R. *

Rue, Michael Lawrence *

Scafidi, Morgan Sandra *

Seby, Peter A. *

Shao, Yangyixin *

Silva, Steven Matthew *

Sims, Ella Grace *

Slusar, Allison Margaret *

Solis, Yunuen Aimee *

Stafford, Taylor Lynn * ^

Stecklein, Donny *

Stevens, Isaiah T. *

Thompson, Noah Nicholas *

Varney, Sarah Kay *

Warren, Maggie *

Winsberg, Allison Joelle *

Yeager, Kaitlyn Marie *


Benson, Elliot Asa #

Caviness, Madelyn R. #

Cooper, Grace Elizabeth + =

Golden II, Quentin Eugene

Kerr, Abigail Lorraine

Krull, Isabel Bryant +


Baltas, Nicholas Bruce *

Barrera, Laura H.

Buller, Wyatt *

Chaston, Thomas Christopher *

Connors, Sean M. *

DeBeradinis, Maximilian *

Deitsch, Tyson Austin *

Do, Van Thuy *

Eckholm, Austin Christopher +

Everet, Stephen Cooper *

Flight, Matthew James *

Hang, Giang Nguyen Ngo *

Hastings, Jack C. *

Hemmelgarn, Jack Charles *

Henning, Jacob T. *

Hernandez, Marco Antonio *

Hughes, Benjamin Steven *

Knaus, Aidan J. + * #

Lamb, Jackson H. *

Littleton, Dax Ryan *

Mcgrath, Vincent D. *

Middleton, Holly Kendall + ^

Mora, Seth L. *

Mudge, Anukun Bunphila *

Munoz, Zachary J. *

Newman, Jack *

Nichols, Peter W. *

Okland, Anders C. + *

Osborne, Ellery Jordan *

Owens, Hayley Li *

Palomo, Brian *

Patel, Jayesh H. *

Pigg, Michael Thomas *

Rogers, Nathan *

Ross, Cameron L. *

Shell, London Blake

Simko, Joseph Thomas

Stofka Jr., Stephen G. *

Thompson, Ryan James

Trembley, Paul Daniel + *

Trietsch, Ryott Akio Matthew
Neocrush *

Velasco, Juan C. *

Williams, Blake *

Williams, Nicholas John *

Yang, Lanqing *

Yeager, Jack Andrew +

Zakanycz, Christina D. *


Bohme, Karissa Grace *

Branecki, Alexandria Nicole ^

Caskey, Justin Samuel *

Cavaliere, Robert

Coin, Natalie J. *

Eisenstein, Andrew H.

Elliston, Nealani Merlyn Yvette

Esparza, Bryan Putnam +

Fisher, Cole + *

Grasso, Mateo ^

Hansen, Zachary Martin *

Hanson-Caldwell, Alexandra Rian * ^

Hayes, David Leonard

Hebrink, Madison M. *

Howe, Haley

Jarchow, Sean Tyler +

Kimble, Sophie Marie ^

Leavy, Hannah Grace

Low, Ruairí Alexander

Lynch, Nicholas Kenneth

Manfredi, Mia G. *

McDaniel, Katherine A.

Meumann, Sarah Marie *

Miller, Brooke Ariel

Morton, Lillian Lin

Nañez Chalarca, Camila Joely +

Neirynck, Grace Ann Tinley + ^

Overby, Kobe Lee * ^

Potzer, Anastasia Joy * ^

Prekeryte, Migle *

Price, Jaden Alice *

Ramirez, Hannah G.

Reyes, Brooklyn Paige

Rheinheimer, Madison Teresa * =

Ritter, Caroline Kathleen * ^

Salazar, Megan Solana

Salvador, Nathan Vincent * ^

Sandusky, Harrison Provost

Schaub, Jesse B. ^

Schmidt, Megan Elizabeth

Thompson, Joel A. C.

Vanacore, Andrew J.

Vigil, Sophie G. * ^

Vininski, Catrina Elizabeth + * #

White, Brianna *

Williams, Libby Mae

Wilson, Charles Traver *

Ethnic Studies

Andrade, Leslie *

Bennett-Feinblatt, Bryn * ^

Montes-Terrazas, Kenia Maria +


Acevedo, Alyssa Marie

Baird, William Tyler *

Barbre, Abigail Leigh *

Bluth, Isaac R. *

Brandenburg, Emily Reagan + * =

Burkhart, Riley Erin * =

Cash, Jessica Michelle

Castle, Nicholas Pérez *

Coode, Gregory

Coursey, Grant LeRoy *

Dahlke, Joelle Lynn *

Dodge, Elodie +

Gold, Tobin P. * #

Grande, Melanie Lynn

Groepper, Samuel E. *

Hennessey, Lauren *

Hillin, Michelle Renee

Huberman, Shayna Brook *

Immordino, Julie A.

Lamphere, Brynleigh Shea *

Limbaugh, Riley Edward Benton +

Lowry, Sean Patrick *

Meyer, Peyton Elizabeth + * #

Michel, Vincent L. +

O’Gara, Declan Patrick *

Palone, Thorin A. + *

Perez, Grey James + *

Peters, William Morgan

Putnicki, Riley Catherine =

Runge, James Carl *

Sanchez, Benjamin Daniel *

Silcox, Kaitlynn M.

Stenzel, Cole Thomas *

Tartaglia, Ethan P. *

Tetreault, Julianne Elise + *

Tomasini, Nicholas John

Villalpando, Joshua *

Wagner, Joey Lee #

Warren, Tessa Kaelin *

Wilkinson, Ty Davis Nihei *

Williams, Jacqueline

Zavala, Enrique

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Bailey Jr., David Eric *

Billingsley, Brandon *

Boulter, Aaron Alexander * ^

Camper, Cayden M. *

Cazares, Sera M. + *

Clark, James A. *

Enkema, Robert *

Farkas, Petra *

Friedman, Connor James *

Green, Amanda Clare *

Grinnell, Phoebe M. * ^

Gulbrandson, Noah Donald *

Harper, Shannon R. * #

Hines, Kyle * #

Holtze, Madelyn K.

Holtzendorff, Kristin Anne *

Ignatovich, Tom *

Jacoby, Autumn Anne *

Jones, Mackenzie A. *

Knollenberg, Kate Ashley *

Lawrence, Ashen M. *

Libby, Tatum Kathleen * ^

Mackay, Shauna R. *

Madrid, Allissa A. *

Maggio, Anna Grace *

Marker, Hallie A. *

McClure, Daisy Hayes *

Meyer Jr., Reilly *

Mills, Brandi Maxine Holland *

Mueller, James M. *

Nelson, Forrest James *

Payne, Colin James *

Phillips, Jorie Anne *

Richterova, Sarka + * =

Sandez, Grace J. *

Stidger, Jessenia *

Thurman, Destiny C. N. *

Valdez, Adrian Alfredo *

Vidal, Michael Alex *

Williams, Gary Ashton *

Works, Alexis Odessa *

International Studies

Aleksiev, Maximus James *

Beauchamp, Nora *

Best, Justin Michael + *

Blankenship, Orin Sebastian *

Brininger, Jason Lee + *

Campbell, Cassey Nicole *

Gutierrez, Michael *

Johannes, Alexis Ravyn + *

McLoud, Ya’el Josephine +

Moreno, Britney Jeanette * ^

Ortiz-Martin, Sophia Renee + *

Paige, Tabitha Rayann * #

Rodriguez, Evan James

Stoltz, Samuel Wayne + #

Strong, James Daniel * ^

Tekeste, Abighail Menghisteab + *

Uchima, Herman T.

Waskey, Cole Anthony

Journalism and Media Communication

Abashian, Casey Andrew *

Acri, Grayson *

Akbar, Sulaiman M. *

Ali, Hasan M. H. J. *

Allen, Micaela Noel * =

Anderson, Dustin Robert

Arguello, Kyle L. * ^

Armagno, Olivia Rose *

Baltazar, Marian Novene *

Bettis, Serena Rose +

Blackburn, Joshua Brooks *

Bolan, Brendan Ray *

Bostick, Samantha Ann Lehuanani ^

Brown, Andrew E.

Brown, Bethany Claire #

Bull, Rachel Ann *

Camm, Kourtney Marie

Collins, Kathryn Elyse

Conrad, Jackson Andrew *

Costa, Reiley Lynne

DeMers, Samantha Jo *

Dills, Sarah G. * ^

Duong, Tri Quang

Ebert, Marlee Anne *

Eckburg, Bella Grace *

Evig, Cameron Miller *

Fernau, Paislee Noel *

Feth, Lindsey A.

Flores Rojas, Gerson *

Fowler, Sarah Elizabeth Rose *

Frazier, Matthew O.

Gifford, Cambria Rayn *

Glenn, Mackenzie *

Goodloe, Niesha

Gorman, Jaimalee M.

Hartnett, Nikki Kay *

Highley, Zeya Elizabeth * =

Hillmer, Naomi Anne * ^

Hooten, Brandon I. *

Howshar, Abigail Elisabeth +

Hunt, Taylor Gerard

Jacobson, Christina + #

Jensen, Grant Stanley *

Jiang, Eric Tao *

Kealy, Bridget Erin *

Keigher, Hannah Nichole *

Kelbel, Remy J. *

Keller, Jared S. *

Kim, Taewon *

Kirby, Colton Austin *

Klane, Megan S. + =

Kozel, Emily Nicole *

Kraev, Lyuben Dimitrov

Kross, Mandy M. *

Kulikowsi, Katherine H. *

Labaki, Ashley

Lane, Karsyn Ruth *

Lazar, Veronica Leigh Noel + #

Lingelbach, Danielle Elyse

Mahoney, Nathan Lawrence

McClennen, Corinne Adams +

Meyers, Austen James *

Mild, Rachael A. *

Morantz, Lucille Celeste + * ^

Mundine, Raymond Scott *

Needles, Sierra Jane * =

Nelson-Bechtold, Greta *

Ochoa, Kevin Antonio

O’Shea, Molly

Parkison, Adam F.

Paumen, Taylor N. *

Payne, Cassidy Blake DuFore *

Peck, Aaron

Pennington, Andrea Grace *

Pickering, Kailey Saleen + ^

Pierskalla, Kaylee Jane * =

Powell, Chloe K. *

Rafkin, Savannah Alise *

Reed, Grayson R.

Reilly, Sierra Rose *

Roth, Garrett John *

Rozansky, Anna Sabelle ^

Russell, Piper Lynn + ^

Shaver, Sara A. *

Shepard, Jessica B.

Skarajunsky, Soo Jin #

Stanford, Kennedy Faith *

Thomas, Ty *

Todd, Rylyn J. #

Treu, Olivia Olson *

Turner, Noah *

Tusinski, Dylan Jerome +

Van Note, Leah * ^

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Barrios, Imelda

Chenot, Janessa Suzette * #

Halopoff, Skyler Renee * ^

Lanoha, Jennifer Maye *

Moore, Kate R. ^

O’Hora, Lark Elizabeth

Robles-Gamboa, Clarissa +

Sarmiento-Guerra, Shae E. *

Werner, John Phillip + #

Wikowsky, Anna Virginia *


Candelario, Haley

Carlson, Alexis Kathryn =

Daricek, Shiloh

Doole, Matthew Patrick ^

Lowder, Austin Gerald

Minthorn, Kyle *

Mooney, Jackson Caleb *

Peccoud, Amelie * #

Whincop, Taran Jordan *


Brull, Paul Hilarius * ^

Deringer, Sean + #

Hymowitz, Olivia Elizabeth *

Loftis, Aidan Robert *

MacCullough, Colin

Millyard, Pierce J.

Mooney, Dylan James

Moore, Eliza Hope

Nordsiek, Ryan Wesley

Schnell, Matthew W. * #

Thornton, Tad M.

Wilson, Peter R. + =

Zamani, Michael Thomas

Zokal, Alyse Marie *

Political Science

Almanza, Sahian *

Arrieta, Lia P. +

Austin V, William Morris *

Avalos, Vanessa Laureles *

Ayres, Matt J. *

Berhe, Huldah S.

Brown, Libby Ingram *

Brown, Margot *

Carracedo, Kimberly Rachel +

Cartwright, Bronwen Scout *

Cassidy, Sierra Lynn *

Clark, Kevin Nguyen * ^

Cochran, Luke David Hayes *

Costello, Sean Lee * =

Cronin, Jack Frederick *

Czarnecki, Jacob P.

Dass, Javonni Joel +

Delman, Natalie Titof + =

Dennings, Isaiah A. *

Dixon, Joseph P. *

Duarte, Rafael A. *

Falconer, Mackenzie Jae *

Farel, Lauren Emily *

Fox, Elizabeth Claire *

Gallegos, Trinity Faye *

Gerstner, Elizabeth Margaret * ^

Glynn, Sydney Catherine *

Goncharova, Natalia Alexandrovna * ^

Gross, Stephanie Elizabeth Hope *

Hahn, Joshua R. *

Hanson, Emma Grace *

Hellard, Faith Nichole *

Herold, Abigail Elise *

Herrick, Jaden A. *

Iglesias, Miguel J. +

Jamshidi, Niaz Parie +

Johnson, Yolonda Lynette *

Kimberling, Clay James *

King, Xavier E. *

Kinneer, Kenneth M. * #

Koenig, Randy Keeley *

Krupka, Madison Rae *

Laurienti, Jake Adams *

Leon Rico, Keilly Denisse *

Leppert, Kiera Ann-Marie *

Liu, Evan Charles *

Lyde, Aidan Brock + =

Mattson, Elena Ann * ^

McCall, Ava Rose + *

Mulvahill, Daniel Peter *

Nelson, Thomas B. *

O’Donnell, Grace Catherine *

O’Neill, Alexander M. *

Pace-Murphy, Damia Eve *

Parker, Darby McCarron *

Polland, Chastity Taylor *

Pratt, Rachel Victoria * #

Richards, Ruby Ann *

Roth, Brendan J. *

Rubio Meraz, Alondra Jovita *

Rykovich, Mason * ^

Sadigova, Ulviyya *

Sanchez, Alexandra Lomasi *

Sappwood, Jacob J. +

Schichtel, Zane Everett + *

Schroeder, Weston Lee Kalani *

Shepherd, Zachary F. *

Smith, Aleesia Kailyn *

Smith, Drake Anthony +

Stowman, William Jeffrey *

Sweidan, Abderrahman Imad *

Terrell, Kendal Starr *

Terrini, Hope Elizabeth *

Torres-Furtado, William Joseph *

Valdez, Nizhoni Rae *

Vizcarra Cuevas, Alexandra *

Weisner, Matthew J. *

Wilke, Samuel Emery *

Winkler, Cambel Riley *

Wipperfürth, Pike James * ^

Wood, Desiree A. *

Zacarias, Marcus Isaac Galeno *

Ziegler, Sydney Faith *


Anderson, Cleo * #

Anderson, William Lloyd

Beeler, Stosh Eli *

Berthold, Stina G. +

Black, Noel Catherine * =

Blair, Melia Raye * ^

Calcaterra, Isobel Claire

Campbell, Cole W.

Carrieri, Arianna Kathleen

Carroll, Olivia Jane

Chudzinski, Alexa Paige *

Cline, Jonah T.

Cokenour, Solana Jacquelynn

Cory, Harrison Reid * =

Danielson, Erik Logan

Dillon, Jacob Alexander

Duchon, Mariya Lorette

Egan, Torrey P. * =

Erickson, Anna C. + ^

Fales, Ally E.

Flanagan, Quinn Marie *

Frias, Reyna E.

Gainor, Dylan Thomas *

Ganey, Wren Rachel *

Gilford, Sidney Thomas

Goding, Ashlyn Rose

Gomez, Kennedy G.

Gordon, James Thomas

Goscha, Brittney Rose

Gutierrez Aragon, Danielle Abrianna *

Hale, Ryann Michelle *

Hall, Dominique Matthew

Holzwarth, Landry Isabella

Hood, Sophia Kay

Hotchkiss, Sabrina Ann *

Jolstad, Regan Clarisse

Kaletsky, Andrew J. D.

Kemp, Kristin

Koop, Austin Boone

Kortas, Parker Emelia

Kosiavelon, Donovan Wayne

Landry, Hayden Tyler

Langston, Allison Dee *

Lobato, Devon William

Mantsch, Erin P. *

Marchant, Harrison M.

Martinez, Bryana Alexz *

Martinez-Ceballos, Angie M.

Martinez Gardea, Tania D. *

McCaddin, Martha Jane *

McCann, Samantha Jo *

McEahern, Chris J.

Melvin, Natalie Jane

Mendelson, Rebekah

Miranda-Miramontes, Estefany

Mogensen, Jessi

Moody, Robert Fischer ^

Mooney, Joseph Toshiro

Mooney III, James E. +

Moreno, Angelina Guadalupe +

Morgan, Brynn Michelle * #

Munoz, Riley Elizabeth

Nakai, Aja Leigh

Nassr, Marwan Ghassan

Nava-Pacheco, Michael Anthony

Nehls, Samantha Anne

Nichols, Sharon Denise + ^

O’Leary, Meghan Elizabeth

Ordorica, Ethan Miles

Ortega, Lily Ann

Oxley, Kendall Simone *

Peyton, Benjamin Alexander ^

Prieto Rojas, Fatima Guadalupe *

Ramirez, Rykr Nicholas

Rooney, Dylan Elizabeth * #

Roque-Jimenez, Yamilet *

Ruiz, Anahi *

Sailor, Collin J.

Sanchez, Karla

Santiago, Andrea #

Santillano, Maria

Schaefer, Olivia Mae *

Sochan, Colleen Elizabeth * ^

Soderholm, Owen *

Sofiya, Rand

Struthers, Kenzie A.

Taylor, Michaele

Torney, Benjamin Andrew

Torres, Alycia Marie ^

Ujfalusy, Caleb Andrew

West, Rebecca Mackenzie

White, Sophie Grace

Williams, Cole E.

Wolfe, Allyson C. *

Worthington, Megan Elizabeth

Wright-Redard, Grace Fallon + *

Wronski, Griffin C.

Yonts, Kailey Elise


Barger, Kylie Thi *

Bartt, Sierra K. *

Bratkovska, Arina Jacqueline #

Burkhardt, Bo Connor + ^

Ladzinski, Laurel M. * ^

Mayer, August David

Morelock, Lily Elizabeth

Nin, Ariana Sophia +

Perez Hermosillo, Rodrigo

Williamson, Charlotte Dororthy

Women’s and Gender Studies

Meireles, Zoe Watson + *

Zamarripa, Liliana *



Clements, Noah Christopher +


Willner, Erica + *


Quinonez Gasca, Krysna Kassandra +



Albin, Parker McFarren *

Arnold, Kaitlyn Grace

Baldwin, Grace Lynn

Beran-Hughes, Alexandra M. * ^

Berry, Malia Han + ^

Bryan, Brooke Lorraine

Buchan, Miles Emiliano

Causey, Logan James *

Conrady, Landry Christine *

Contreras Delgado, Rocio (Ro) Corina

Economou, Alyson *

Garrison, Rachel Anne #

Gizzi, Orion Elias

Gonzalez, Noemi Fernanda

Gruber, Kelsey Jean

Haberman, Gabrielle L.

Hartsfield-Cabalbal, Alaina Danielle Kaihoku

Hines, Nicole Francesca

Holzer, Tylin Bryce *

Homan, Samantha Rose * ^

Johnson, Madison Emily ^

Keck, Dorothy M. * ^

Kerzic, Ava Isabella *

Klein, Olivia Jane

Lahr, Annika Marie *

Lapham, Jocelyn

Lasher, Nicolaus J. *

Leline, Chloe Jaxon

Martinez, Savannah Nicole

McGill, Riley Anna

Moreno Loachamin, Carlos A.

Moskoe, Sabrina Nicole * ^

Mourfield, Emma Grace

Peacock, Sloan Llewellyn

Pefferman, Sydney Michele

Pena Garcia, Brian A.

Perez, Cevin Valencio

Raftery, Brian Daniel

Reynolds, Erik John

Richardson, Trinity Payton

Robinder, Abigail Joy #

Robinson, Margaret G. +

Rooms, Amanda Michel

Rush, Avery Elizabeth

Schroeder, Garrett Thomas *

Schuetter, Ava N. * ^

Scott, Abriana Nicole * ^

Sebastian, Falyn Reitsuko *

Umutesi, Karinganire *

Vo, Suka

Xu, Rongxian


Dickson, Ruth A.

Gomez, Saphire Alyssa *

La Rue, Sierra A.



Anderson, Kinsey N.

Anderson, Samuel John

Beyer, Katherine Ann

Bonilla, Emmanuel Juan

Cline, Isabella Dawn

Debie, Aidan Thomas

Der, Brooke Faith

Ekleberry, Ethan C.

Elam, Jake Christopher *

Fitzpatrick, Mykayla Rae *

Friskney, John M.

Graese, Brandon Michael ^

Kennedy, Kathryn Colleen * ^

Koster, Jason Alexander

Logan, Lucy C.

Molaei, Farinaz

Nichols, Savannah Rain

Precie, Myah K.

Shettron, Brant Marshall

Summers, Derek Austin

Thomas, Kyle Noah *

Wu, Jialin



Dickerson, Kira Cyan *

Holden, Sydney Lee * ^

Huston, Dominic J. *

Hutchinson, Eliot Robert *

Merklein, Alexander Dore +

College of Liberal Arts

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2023

College of Liberal Arts

Dean Benjamin Withers



Cobb McGowin, Kirra Lillian

Craig, Jessica Lang

Farris, Samuel D.

Felix, Maya Lucia

Hayden, William Arthur

Hurd, Aubrey Lorynn

Johnson, Chelsa

Robin, Lauren Antoinette *

Saenz, Kayla M.

Stubbs, Kira Renee

Turner, Catherine A.

Wallace, Natalie Katy-Ana

Wilson, Macee Sidney


Ester, Katelyn Anne

Communication Studies

Birg, Olivia Lauren * =

Chance, Kailer Casey *

Damuth, David A. * ^

DeBerg, James *

Dunnett, Lauren Ashley *

Elliot, Kallin Jamie *

Fairbairn, Michelle Takara

Foxall, Emily Maria *

Gonzales, Kylie Nichole *

Hagge, Tyler *

Himelright, Kailee *

Jackson, Gianna Leah *

James, Courtney Danielle *

Marquez, Daniel Antonio *

Niss, Jake F. *

Osaka, Rylan J. *

Raftis, Thomas James *

Rodello, Paloma Ysabel * #

Rodenberg, Brooke Ann *

Sullivan, Anne F. *

Tingle, Alexander Nicholas *

Towle, William D. *

Valdez, Antonio *

Volkert, Logan Matthew *

White, Trevor McShain *

Whiteley, Alicia Marie *

Zanardi, Joseph Raymond *


Bergner, Joseph B. *

Clawson, Logan *

Dan, Linh Vu Hoang *

Fagehi, Fawaz M. *

Fahrenkrug, Kyle J. *

Fernando, Yohan Khor *

Hoang, Huong Phan Thanh * ^

Lee, Jackson Baker *

Linh, Dan Vu Hoang *

Linh, Khuat Vu Ngoc *

Lu, Kuanchieh *

Luyen, Huy Long *

Nelson, Blake S. *

Reyes, Jaquelyn *

Roth, Benjamin Ryley

Rowe, Vincent Ray Porral *

Simpson, Slade

Thanh Dat, Nguyen Huu *

Warnken, Dawson Clark


Hoehn, Holly Marie +

Huang, Anqi

Lessig, Paige Nicole

Shankle, Garrett David

Ethnic Studies

Galloway, Stephan D. *


Aguirre-Winter, Samuel L. *

Briggs, Maddyson Tierney *

Camacho-Aparicio, German *

Dulin, Shane Robert *

Edgeworth, Conor Rohan *

Manzano, Gabriel L. *

Ratliff, Jacob Colquit

Valdes, Adam James *

Williams, Forrest Harrold *

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Bennett, Race Trevor *

Brey, Julianne Hope *

Buono, Caitlin Rose *

Carter, Shawn M. *

Cecchini, Francesca *

Cook, Jamar J. *

Cox, Justin Neil *

Dangerfield, Thomas *

Farrar, Peter J. *

Givan, Anraah R.

Hickerson-Rooks, Brandon *

Hustead, Jon Patrick *

Roth, Faith Jillian *

Ryder, Maci G.

Smith, Hayley Megan *

Stokes, Hannah Gale *

Szponder, Sylvia Rebecca *

Thompson, Adrianne Kay *

International Studies

Holling, Nicole M. +

Martinez, Tyler Dawn

Journalism and Media Communication

Bedalov-Valde, Ryan J.

Braitberg, Jackson Palmer *

Burke, Callum C.

Castillo Garcia, Kimberly Xiomara *

Cline, Macayla Evonne *

Davis, Kara Lee

DeCarlo, Mikayla Nicole +

Dorleus, Martin *

Dvorak, Ethan

Fairly, Benjamin D. +

Farr, Brealyn Marie *

Flynn, Alexandra Leigh

Frederick, Kenneth W.

Haney, Benjamin James +

Hillhouse, Jane Violet

Klein, Holly Katherine

Larsen, Benjamin Davis *

Lentz, Seth R. *

Martins, Hudson Gabriel +

Motheral, Finnegan B. *

Peloquin, Janay S.

Preusse, Carson Joseph Owen

Robinson, Jessica


Janssen, Emma Lee Grace *

Palomino, Jude

Popalardo-Zelenev, Grace Mary

Shearer, Braydon Demok *

Political Science

Bauer, Caroline Marie-Louise *

Chota, Jacquelin Lizbeth

Claus, Chandler Elise *

Cookson, Jenna Paulette *

Dombrowski, Heather A.

Gardner, Lucas Robert *

Garner, Eston Mitchell *

Geurden, Samantha Megan *

Heuler, Joseph Lee Coakley

Hill, Parker James *

Lizardo, Fatima +

Lorenzini, Jayce James

Mattson, Eric Ennis *

Mayer, Jade Arora *

Musayri, Yazeed Khalid M. *

Neivert, Isaac Elton +

Nevarez Ruiz, Jilda Yuri *

Oaks, Gilbert Edward * ^

O’Melia, Quinn William +

Pai, Esther Hung +

Poole, Kylie Danielle *

Semcken, Daniel W.

Streib, Alyssa Roschie *

Vail, Emma Rose *

Walters, Rhett L. *

Warne, Alexander Matthew


Alcocer, Mireya Anali *

Bice, McKenzie Lynn

Caruso, Amanda Michelle * #

Dotson, Grace Abigail + ^

Gunnels, Patrick *

Kaehny, Cassius Emmett *

Kreiter, Mason Hughes +

Ling, Muemang *

Lynch, Olivia Salomè +

Miller, Malia Elizabeth

Newman, Robert E. * #

Tefera, Bemnet Belachew +


Chastain, Doster Chase

Perry, Emma Elizabeth



Atiles, Nicole Michelle *

Douglas, Cameron M.

Holder, Quinton Julius

Hood, Anna Katherine

McGovern, Diane Catherine

Scruggs, Sydnie Hollis

Smith, Catherine E.


Imbriaco, Anna-Noel Warner *



Braddy, Mika Joy #

Martinez, Sonia Dominguez

Niswender, Zachary Ryan

Spencer, Andrew David



Bankhead, Chelsey Alexandra

Stott, Madeline Tupper *

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously