1896Grace Espy PattonMaster of Science
1907E.J. IddingsMaster of Science
1910Joseph F. DanielsMaster of Science
1919Luther C. BraggBachelor of Science
 C.G. SargentBachelor of Science
 George F. SnyderMaster of Science
1921Ralph L. CrosmanBachelor of Science
1924Mrs. Bargis (Delphine Harris) CoyMaster of Arts
1929Raymond WalterBachelor of Science
1930Otto W. ShaefferMaster of Science
1945Otto Vincent AdamsDoctor of Science
 Percy Nicol AnnandDoctor of Science
 Harry Dean CochranDoctor of Science
 Milton S. EisenhowerDoctor of Science
 William Hugh FeldmanDoctor of Science
 Margaret Prendergast McLeanDoctor of Science
1947William Silas HillDoctor of Science
1948Charles F. BrannanDoctor of Science
1950Dr. I. E. NewsomDoctor of Science
1955William R. KreutzerDoctor of Science
1956Aleck John LunnDoctor of Science
1958James Ray MillerDoctor of Letters
 Anna Eleanor RooseveltDoctor of Laws
1959Laurence Wood DurrellDoctor of Science
 Miriam Augusta PalmerDoctor of Science
 Charles N. ShepardsonDoctor of Laws
1960W. Averell HarrimanDoctor of Laws
 William Bell O'DonnellDoctor of Laws
 Maurice S. ShahanDoctor of Science
1961Conrad Henry BeckerDoctor of Laws
 Julius Wayne Reitz Doctor of Laws
 William Robert RossDoctor of Laws
 Raymond H. MillerDoctor of Laws
 Hilario J. SantosDoctor of Laws
1962Reuben Gilbert GustavsonDoctor of Science
 Wendell PhillipsDoctor of Commercial Science
1963Wayne Norviel AspinallDoctor of Civil Law
 John Alfred HannahDoctor of Laws
 Michael Joseph KirwanDoctor of Civil Law
1964Andrew G. Clark Doctor of Laws
1965James Allen McCainDoctor of Laws
1966Robert AndersonDoctor of Laws
1967Chester M. AlterDoctor of Science
1968Gordon L. AllottDoctor of Laws
1969William E. Morgan Doctor of Laws
1970Phillip HandlerDoctor of Science
 John A. LoveDoctor of Laws
 Henry Nash SmithDoctor of Laws
 Frederick P. ThiemeDoctor of Laws
 Stewart L. UdallDoctor of Laws
 Lewis W. WaltDoctor of Laws
1971Marie-Claire AlainDoctor of Humane Letters
 Maurice B. MitchellDoctor of Letters
 Sir Geoffrey Ingram TaylorDoctor of Science
1972John OliveDoctor of Science
 Harold McCrackenDoctor of Humane Letters
1973Mary ScottDoctor of Humane Letters
 Frank WatersDoctor of Letters
 Gabriel Murrillo PeraltaDoctor of Science
1974Donald L. HammondDoctor of Science
1975Victor Bravo AhujaDoctor of Science
 Thomas L. KimballDoctor of Science
1976George H. WeyerhaeuserDoctor of Science
 Robert W. LongDoctor of Science
1977H. Marie WormintonDoctor of Humane Letters
 Robert Q. MarstonDoctor of Humane Letters
1979Richard HuntDoctor of Humane Letters
 H. Harry WiederDoctor of Science
1980Fu Hua ChenHonorary Doctor of Science
 David TalmageHonorary Doctor of Science
 Warren GarstHonorary Doctor of Science
1981Elnora M. GilfoyleHonorary Doctor of Science
 John G. PowersDoctor of Humane Letters
1984Russel L. HeathHonorary Doctor of Science
1985Francis M. LechleitnerHonorary Doctor of Science
 Ed N. HonnenHonorary Doctor of Science
1986Henry E. LowensteinHonorary Doctor of Science
 Dwada K. JawaraHonorary Doctor of Science
1987Howard M. TeminHonorary Doctor of Science
1988Kenneth MonfortHonorary Doctor of Science
1989Malcolm S. ForbesHonorary Doctor of Science
  Thomas E. Lovejoy IIIHonorary Doctor of Science
 Robert C. NorrisHonorary Doctor of Science
1990C. Radhakrishna RaoHonorary Doctor of Science
 Leonard Lee Rue IIIHonorary Doctor of Science
1994Lawrence PhelpsDoctor of Humane Letters
 Robert BarkleyHonorary Doctor of Science
 Carl A. BimsonDoctor of Humane Letters
1997Jungho SonuHonorary Doctor of Science
2002Ben HoustonBachelor of Science in Animal Science
2003 Walter Scott, Jr.Doctor of Engineering
2004John MosleyDoctor of Humane Letters
 Edna MosleyDoctor of Humane Letters
 Joseph F. PhelpsDoctor of Humane Letters
 Richard Lewis RobinsonDoctor of Humane Letters
 Kathryn C. Hach-DarrowDoctor of Humane Letters
2005Robert S. EverittDoctor of Humane Letters
 Tom J. GleasonDoctor of Humane Letters
2006Maurice AlbertsonDoctor of Humane Letters
2007Lorne A. BabiukDoctor of Science
 E. Hadley Stuart, Jr.Doctor of Humane Letters
2008Michael S. SmithDoctor of Humane Letters
2009Timothy E. WirthDoctor of Humane Letters
 C.N.R. RaoDoctor of Science
2011Pat StrykerDoctor of Humane Letters
Alice WallaceDoctor of Humane Letters
Edward WarnerDoctor of Humane Letters
Peter H. CoorsDoctor of Humane Letters
2012Richard MonfortDoctor of Humane Letters
Nan StuartDoctor of Humane Letters
Sophie CraigheadDoctor of Humane Letters
2013Barry Irwin GoldfarbDoctor of Humane Letters
Dave and Gail LinigerDoctor of Humane Letters
2014David and Paula EdwardsDoctor of Humane Letters
Muhtar KentDoctor of Humane Letters
Dennis ReppDoctor of Humane Letters
2015Ibrahim Al-AssafDoctor of Humane Letters
2016Princess Abigail KawananakoaDoctor of Humane Letters
J. Robert WilsonDoctor of Humane Letters
2018James C. KennedyDoctor of Humane Letters
Thomas H. BaileyDoctor of Humane Letters
2022Joe BlakeDoctor of Humane Letters