139th Year of
Spring 2023

College of Business Commencement

May 13, 2023

Order of Ceremony

Processional 1 – The Colorado Brass Ensemble

Presentation of Colors – Wing Walker Honor Guard

National Anthem 2 – Emmanuel Bonilla

Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Ken Manning

Recognition of University Honors Program Graduates and Graduates with Distinction  – Dr. Paul Mallette

Recognition of Graduate Programs LEAD Award Recipient – Dr. Travis Maynard

Dean’s Remarks – Dean Beth Walker

Student Speaker – Ginger Phan

Charge to the ClassMike Katz

Conferring Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees – Dean Walker and Dr. Janice Nerger

Presentation of Diplomas – Department Heads and Dr. Maynard

Alumni Association Remarks – Grace Wright

Alma Mater 2 – Emmanuel Bonilla

Recessional – The Colorado Brass Ensemble

1 Audience will stand

2 Audience may remain seated

On the Platform

Dr. Ken Manning, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty

Patrice Palmer, Assistant Dean for Social and Cultural Inclusion

Dr. Lisa Kutcher, Chair, Department of Accounting

Dr. John Hoxmeier, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Shawn Bingham, Director of University Honors Program

Dr. Colleen Webb, Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School

Dr. Costanza Menegetti, Chair, Department of Finance and Real Estate

Dr. Chris Henle, Professor, Department of Management

Dr. Dave Gilliland, Chair, Department of Marketing

LTC Matthew Tillman, Army ROTC, Professor of Military Science

Col Gregg Johnson, Air Force ROTC, Professor of Aerospace Studies

Dr. Janice Nerger, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Colorado State University

Dr. Travis Maynard, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Mike Katz, Alumnus, Commencement Speaker

Dr. Beth Walker, Dean, College of Business

Dr. Paul Mallette, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Ginger Phan, spring 2023 Graduate, Student Speaker

Grace Wright, Alumnus and Assistant to the Dean for Sustainability Initiatives

Dr. Laura Jensen, Vice Provost for Planning and Effectiveness


Amy Kozlarek, Career Counselor

Keelin McGill, Impact MBA Program Facilitator


Dr. Ken Manning, Grand Marshal

Dr. Michelle Draeger, Accounting

Dr. Jose Valdes, Computer Information Systems

Frank Smith, Finance

Chris Stein, Financial Planning

Dr. Mary Waller, Human Resource Management

Dr. Kevin Kuhnen, Marketing

Bill Shuster, Organization and Innovation Management

Pete Thrasher, Real Estate

Paul Vanderspek, Supply Chain Management

Dr. Jim Stekelberg, Master of Accountancy

Dr. Ramadan Abdunabi, Master of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Hong Miao, Master of Finance

Paul Santiago, MBA and Impact MBA

Tonja Rosales and Shawn Utecht, Faculty and Staff

Mike Katz, Commencement Speaker

As T-Mobile’s President of Marketing, Innovation & Experience (MIX), Mike Katz leads Marketing, Digital, Product, Supply Chain and Wholesale teams to deliver products, experiences and messages that further set the company apart from the competition. Mike and the MIX organization are strategic partners and advisors to all lines of business and touch every facet of the business, ensuring we maintain T-Mobile’s value and network leadership and deliver for the next phase of the Un-carrier.

Mike was one of the architects of T-Mobile’s Un-carrier strategy and brings multi-faceted management experience from roles across marketing, corporate strategy, B2B and sales to define the new 5G era of wireless.

Prior to his current role, Mike was president of T-Mobile’s Business Group, where he helped dramatically expand T-Mobile’s B2B efforts into the fastest-growing segment of the company. Throughout his time at T-Mobile, he has focused on bringing the benefits of the Un-carrier network to underserved communities, and under his direction T-Mobile for Business launched Project 10Million, a $10.7B initiative that has provided hardware and connectivity solutions for 3.2M students nationwide.

Mike graduated from Colorado State University in the year 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

College of Business

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2023

Jonathan Arnott, Business Administration major with Finance and Marketing concentrations and Marketing Communication and Branding certificate and Market Research and Data Analytics certificate. Thesis title: ESG Ratings and Successful Businesses.

Grace Bernhart, Business Administration major and Media Studies minor with Marketing concentration and Customer Experience Management certificate and Marketing Communication and Branding certificate. Thesis title: The Impact of Sustainable Marketing in Clothing Companies on Consumer Perceptions of Sustainability and Trustworthiness.

Catarina Blouch, Business Administration major and Statistics minor with Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Using Rank Attribute Decision Making to Match Potential Undergraduate College Students with the Best Possible College.

Bailee Carr, Business Administration major with Accounting and Finance concentrations. Thesis title: The Future of ESG Reporting: Impacts of Private Companies.

Catherine Cavanagh, Business Administration major and Media Studies minor with Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Stout Street Marketing Plan.

Jessica Davied, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Are You What You Eat? Do Consumer Characteristics Influence Approaches to Food Waste?

Audrey De Fries, Business Administration major with Accounting concentration. Thesis title: The Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 and the Impacts on Foreign Mergers and Acquisitions.

Madeleine Dreiling, Business Administration major with Supply Chain Management concentration and International Business certificate. Thesis title: Formal Proposal: Nearshoring and Offshoring Implications: Socially, Economically, Environmentally.

Maya Fairchild, Business Administration major with International Business and Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Adventure Buddy: A Year-Round Adventure App for Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Grace Gaddis, Business Administrationn major with Organization and Innovation Management and Marketing concentrations and Market Research and Data Analytics certificate and Entrepreneurship certificate. Thesis title: New Venture Creation and Business Pitch: “Mountain Happy Craft Cocktails.”

Lindsey Gross, Business Administration major and Spanish minor with Marketing and Organization and Innovation Management concentrations and Leadership in Organizations certificate and Market Research and Data Analytics certificate. Thesis title: Sustainable Social Media: Best Practices for a Safer World.

Rachel Hall, Business Administration major and Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor with Organization and Innovation Management concentration with Business-to-Business Selling certificate. Thesis title: Market Research and Development: A New Venture for the Soccer Community.

Caden Hebert, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and Marketing Communications and Branding certificate. Thesis title: Marketing a New Learn to Ride Process to Parents Not Involved in Biking Culture.

Connor Lammel, Business Administration major with Marketing and Organization and Innovation Management concentrations and Leadership Studies minor and Market Research and Data Analytics and Entrepreneurship certificates. Thesis title: Rogue Traveler Brewing Company Business Plan.

Tammy Li, Business Administration major with Human Resource Management concentration. Thesis title: How Companies Can Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce by Hiring Individuals with a Criminal Record.

Gabriel Murdock, Business Administration major with Accounting concentration. Thesis title: An Analysis of Alternative Accounting Treatments for Cryptocurrency Holdings.

Isha Sahasrabudhe, Business Administration major with Accounting and Information Systems concentrations and Business Analytics certificate. Thesis title: Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Accounting and Financial Processes.

Mariana Sanchez, Business Administration major with Information Systems concentration. Thesis title: Viva Market.

Jessica Snyder, Business Administration major with Organization and Innovation Management, Finance, and Accounting concentrations and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management minor. Thesis title: Batter Up Bakery Business Plan.

Charles Walther, Business Administration major with International Business and Real Estate concentration. Thesis title: The Glenn Morris Fieldhouse: A Development for Purpose.

Ellie Wiggins, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Leveraging Marketing Strategies to Increase Viewership of Women’s Sports.

Wang Chak Yu, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and International Business certificate, Managing Human Resources certificate, Marketing Research and Data Analytics certificate and Strategic Marketing certificate. Thesis title: Exploration of Disney’s Business Model and Political Correctness.

Mahlet Zegeye, Business Administration major with Information Systems concentration. Thesis title: Database Security and Encryption: Application in Business.

Joshua Zummach, Business Administration major with Finance concentration. Thesis title: 3Z Skis Business Model.

College of Business

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2023

College of Business

Dean Beth Walker


Business Administration

Ornelas, Cameron Michael + #

Ramey, Moranda Alexandra + ^


Business Administration

Aafedt, Andrew J.

Abel, Emmanuelle Kate

Agarwal, Isha ^

Agyemang, Emmanuel O.

Aidun, Arvand A. *

Ala, Riley Elizabeth

Alexander, Maya J.

Allen, Peyton Leigh *

Amidon, Maya Gracie *

Anders, Jacob Matthew

Andreyev, Darya A.

Arakawa, Ryo

Archuleta, Santiago Richard

Argust, Alexander Clayton

Arline, Gregory James

Arndt, Branden James

Arnott, Jonathan H.

Aschbacher, Abigail Coan *

Baller, Drew Jonathon

Banuelos, Emelio E.

Barker, Andrew C. ^

Barker, Caitlin Ann

Barkocy, Jack

Barnett, Christian James Lawrence

Bartels, Chloe Margaret

Barton, Bryce Douglas

Barton, Kyle Patrick

Bassett, Nicholas Daniel

Battista, Theresa Anne

Baumgardner, Bailey Marie

Berg, Charles K.

Berk, Matthew T.

Bernhart, Grace Alexandra *

Berry, Lucas

Birdsall, Abigail Brooke *

Bjerkelo, Thea

Blouch, Catarina Grace *

Bluhm, Chase

Boehner, Keaton P.

Bolanos, Ginger Phan ^

Boomgarden, Jacob G.

Borchelt, Ryan Charles

Bowen, Grace Min *

Bowers, Andrew Russell

Brainard, Taylor Holly

Brandenstein, Adam Charles

Brewer, Nathaniel James *

Britt, Chance M.

Broussely, Lauren

Brown, Kirsten Brooke * #

Brown, Mason A.

Bruening, Ryan Patrick * #

Bruni, Nicholas Alain

Brusca, Marissa Ann

Buan, Joshua Peralta

Bueman, Hunter Ove

Buesser, Trout

Buller, Riley James

Burner, Cody Ray

Burton, Marcus Alexander

Busche, Jackson Isaiah * =

Butler, Cooper D. * #

Butler, Logan Miles

Call, Joseph Daniel

Camello, Taylor Nicole

Candee Jr., Jeffrey Clark

Carey, James *

Carr, Bailee Alexandra #

Carson, Lacy

Casella, Kathryn Elizabeth

Cauley, Peyton Elisabeth

Cavanagh, Catherine M. *

Cedeno Delan, Roberto

Chafe, Dayna Marie

Chambers, Aidan Cole O’Brien * ^

Chase, Jamie Taylor *

Chavez Acosta, Jesus Manuel

Chavez Del Val, Omar

Chevalier, Kyle James ^

Clair, Cole

Clausen, Charles

Clayton, Lucy Ann * =

Cleveland, Keely P.

Cline, Alissa Richelle

Clough, Kelsey

Collins, Cole Charles

Collins, Mayzee Jane *

Compean-Avitia, Genesis Arianna

Conrardy, Caitlin Jayne *

Cordova, Calvin Rocco

Cornall-Walker, Rhiannon Alexis

Cropper, Cameron Wayne

Crosby, Matthew Connor

Cryderman, Abigail K.

Curts, Halie Anneke

Cutter, Jordan D,

Davied, Jessica Madalyn

Davis, Jadyn Ajani *

De Fries, Audrey Margaret Marilyn

Delaney, Clayton Joseph

De Marco, Andrew

Dicosola, Zachary Gordon

Dine, Tessa Lea *

Dinnsen, Dane P.

Disney, Marc Walker

Douglas, Jackson L.

Dowhan, Alden Cooper

Downing, Charles Martin

Dreiling, Madeleine Elizabeth ^

Dualan, Julian Alan

Dugger, Evan Remington

Dulich, Nolan

Duncan, Mallory Brooke *

Dunham, Matthew Brady

Dunn, Casey J. *

Durant, Andrew

Einarson, Michael J.

Elam, Lanae Riley

Elstad, Paul Matthew

Esparza, Bianca Vianae

Eyl, Alec Carl + *

Fain, William A.

Fairchild, Maya Jane #

Fane, Brennan James

Feinberg III, Manley Norbert *

Felker, Ryan Charles

Fenolio, Ashley Kay

Finney, Jordan Stuart * ^

Firestone, Courtney B.

Fisher, Elijah Gregory

Fixmer, Jarod Scott ^

Floyd, Micah A. ^

Foster, Lydia Pierce *

Fowler, Dorothy Faith *

Fowles, Annika Francis

Frahm, Caroline Kristin

Francis, Emmalie A.

Freedle, Skylar Noel

Futrell, Madison Grace

Gaddis, Grace May ^

Gamboa, Rafael

Garcia, Antonio

Garcia, Caleb

Garcia, Samuel Allen

Garcia Jimenez, Jorge Luis *

Gardner, Karl Jay *

Gebhardt, Michael Vincent

Geller, Stuart Conrad

Genschoreck, Caitlin Marie

George, Alison N.

Gilsdorf, Leslie Joy

Giniewski, Adam Lance *

Gleeson, Zoe Elizabeth

Gonzales, Nicholas Patrick

Gonzalez, Cristina Nicole *

Gordon, Genesis Elise

Graham, Tyler Steven

Gray, Kyla Nicole *

Greene, Aaron Matthew

Greider, David M.

Groskopf, Matthew John

Gross, Brian

Gross, Lindsey Anne * ^

Grott, Kira Nicole

Grove, Connor R.

Gurley, Noah Alexander

Guzman, Kyle Nicholas

Hagan, Julia

Haines, Erica Renee *

Hakes, Chase Allen

Hale, Eliza Joy

Hall, Rachel Nicole * ^

Hamilton, Connor

Hardesty, Kaden L.

Hart, Nicholas B. *

Hartwyk, Jeffrey Dean

Harville, Kelly J.

Hass, Koby

Hatchett, Mackenzie Lynn ^

Hebert, Caden Lee

Hegenderfer, Hope LeeAnn

Henderson, Austin S.

Henrikson, Molly

Hernandez, Adam Mark *

Hershberger, William Edward

Hess, Robert T.

Hines, Trenton Patrick *

Hinkle, Christian William Kai

Hockemeier, Zachary Alan

Hoekstra, Abigail Anne Westlake *

Hoffman, Jacob Richard

Hofschild, McKenna Kathryn *

Holmes, Cameron Dean

Hood, Kobe Lee

Howe, Connor Christian

Hughes, Stephen S.

Jackson, Ezekiel C.

Jacobo-Tovar, Marlyn

Jacques, Alexis Marissa *

Jaff, Shela Cheaih

James, Carson David

Jefferson, Deaven Jennings

Johnson, Haylie Sage

Johnson, Ryne

Johnson, William J.

Jones, Caleb Aldo

Jones, Connor M.

Kammerzell, Charles Peter

Kaufman, Abe G.

Kelley, Brooklynn Grace

Kelly, Connor Michael =

Kempton, Jade Azaria

Kennedy, Christopher Dilan

Kerr, Noah Lee

Kessel, Alexandra Isabella

Kiel, Nolan Fung

Kim, Adrian Nathaniel

Kim, Annelyse * ^

King, Cody Allen

Kinney, Michael Riley

Kino, Hayden *

Klausen, Brennan M.

Klava, Ian Michael

Klein, Joshua Francis

Klos, Justin James

Knauer, Benjamin E. *

Kneeland, Elliot James

Knowlton, Jacob Donald

Koeten, Nathan Philip

Kounter, Zachary J.

Kragel, Michael Bret

Kuretsky, Seth Avery

LaFurney, Maddison Kaylee

Lambert, Joshua Matthew

Lammel, Connor Thomas * ^

Lance, Sage Preston

Lasker, Natalie

Lauman, Emily Shay #

LeBlanc, Matthew Alan ^

LeDoux, Aja Maenise

Lee, Kyndle ^

Legeza, Kylie Elizabeth

Leong, Carter Justin

Leuthauser, Kade B.

LeVeque, Scott Raymond

Leyba, Beau Jacob

Li, Tammy =

Liebman, Connor Carter

Lin, Guofen

Lin, Wei-Chieh

Littwitz, Sophia Esperanza

Lonardo, Dominic Joseph

Long, Robert David *

Lopez, Jonathan M. ^

Lopez Velasco, Jose De Jesus

Lorenzo, Olivia Katherine

Lovato, Alexis Taylor

Lucas, Clay Jeffry

Lutz, Conrad Carl

MacLaughlin, Elise Fox

Magnuson, Austin L. * #

Malone, McKenna Norinne

Mancuso, Jack Salvatore

Maniatis, Stathi Robert William

Marks, Daniel Luis

Marlonsson, Rameses Aang

Marshall, Amanda Michelle

Martin, Devin Ronald

Marts, Aspyn Rose *

McCarty, Robert P.

McCoy, Aidan James

McDevitt, Sarah Kaitlyn

McKinney, Jack Liam

McLean, Ryan P.

McQuade, Parker

Measer, Allison Kristine

Medley-Wallis, Kyler A.

Meier, Joshua Paul #

Michalik, Martin Liam #

Middleton, Stephanie Elizabeth *

Miller, Genna Colette

Miller, Kathryn Joann

Miller, Theodore Charles Damon Jefferson

Mills, Lauren Marie ^

Minier, Gabriella Rose

Moffett, Elizabeth May

Moore, Ashlyn Mae

Moore, Colton S. #

Moors, James William

Moses, Jake Michael ^

Mudd-Reisinger, Hagan J. G. *

Muehlemeyer, Alec Edmond

Munroe, Andrew Davis

Murdock, Gabriel Andrew #

Murphy, Connor John

Murphy, Rachael Ann *

Nachtigal, Elizabeth Jane Ann * ^

Naretto, Tyler J.

Naslund, Haley Jean

Natrasevschi, Jacqueline Collins

Neumann, Grace E. *

Nguyen, David Dinh

Olander, Cayde Stefon

Olson, Dane Erik

Onken, Reagan Alison

Opstein, Caleb A.J.

Orgera, Matthew James *

Padilla, Kevin J.

Paladino, Mackenzie Linn *

Palechek, Benjamin Ross

Palma, Sofia Lina *

Pando, Matthew J.

Panic, Vladan

Parnell, Kyle James +

Patel, Viraj Vijaykumar *

Payne, Brandon C.

Peart, Carson David

Peet, Ashley Rae

Pendleton, Gracen Laurel

Plount, Dylan Michael

Polanich, Ethan M.

Porreco, Isabella Angelina

Potter, Emily Noelle

Powers, Kathryn Elaine *

Price, Jarrett E.

Quigley, Elisabeth A.

Quinlan, Amanda Rio

Quint, Lexi Lauren

Quintana, Jennifer

Quirk, Sean Colin *

Rades, Elise J.

Rames, Thomas Hiroki

Ramirez Fernandez, Yitzel

Rangel Armendariz, Scarleth

Ratzer, Wilson Philip

Ray, Matthew A.

Reitwiesner, Thomas Stanton Anderson

Renzelman, Preston Bradley

Revilla, Isabelle Sydney Hope

Revniaga, Mark

Rice, Mia Lauren

Richards, Madeline

Rieger, Noah D.

Rimmer, Cassidy I. * #

Rios, Makayla Ashley

Ritzdorf, Kellen John

Roberts, Jennifer Marie

Robertson, Clarence Bennett * #

Robles-Hails, ‘Enakai Re’ *

Rocchio, Aiden Richard

Rodgers, Sophia Rose

Rodrigues, Anjali

Rodvold, Lauryn Ashleigh

Roland, Philip J.

Romero, Celina M.

Romo, Grace Eleanor

Rosenberg, Haley Madison

Ryan, Bradley David

Saack, Scout Henry * #

Sahasrabudhe, Isha

Salinas, Joe Edwin

Sanchez, Mariana

Sartwell, Colton James

Sautter, Ryan Paul

Schmidt, Tyler Brian

Schorr, Matthew Liam

Schumann, Kendra Noel *

Schwaab, Cole Michael

Scofield, Hudson John

Scott, Ryan

Scudder, Devin Thomas

Searcy, Samantha Star

Seger, Cole Wilson

Seperich, Cole Arthur

Seybold, Grant Kenneth

Sharma, Maya N.

Sharp, Spencer Maximilian

Shaw, Julia J.

Sherry, Hannah Nicole

Shockley, Conor L.

Shultz, Caroline Macy +

Siemers, McKinley Mae

Sneed, Justin David

Snyder, Jessica Diane * #

Sonnier, Shelah

Sotirakopulos, Jonathon C.

Spidel, James Alan

Sprinkle, Jacob Henry

Stanford, Michael L.

Stang, Molly M.

Stark, Jane Alison

Stawicki, Timothy Ryan

Steinmetz, Jacob Bradley

Stenberg, Christian Lee *

Stetson, Jackson Cole

Stewart, Daniel

Stiel, Jonah

St. Laurent, Amber Elise

Stoltz, Ylani M.

Stouffer, Daniel R. *

Straub, Maxwell Russell

Strauber, Katelyn Jane * ^

Stromberg, Tanner James

Sukach, Alexander Julian *

Sumner, Patrick R.

Sutton, Ryan Andrew

Svoboda, Charles

Sweis, Bailey Khaled

Taye, Tsnat Genene

Temple, Luke William +

Tennant, Brandon J.

Thach, Lena

Thiessen, William Emmett

Thomas, Jack Boselli

Thomas, Jaylen Alexander

Thornton, Gavin Taylor

Tonje, John Herbert

Toohey, Dylan G. *

Torbet, Jamie A. *

Torres, Dylan James William * #

Travis, Stephen Cade

Tremmel, Riley Makena

Trope, Kaitlyn Taylor *

Trujillo, Zerek Andrew

Ulrich, Gary F.

Urquiza Hubner, Lucas

Vanconett, Hanna N.

Van Til, Kyle Matthew

Vanderlinde, Ethan Clint

Vargas, Lesly I.

Verk, Bailey Mason

Viar, Ciara Danielle

Vidal Maps, Marc #

Vilims, Lauren Dawn + ^

Vincent, Cameron Parker

Vischer, Emery Nicole

Voelker, Brian Lee #

Walczynski, Nicole Elizabeth

Wald, Elizabeth XinYu *

Walker, Mallory Beth

Walther, Charles Augustus

Wang, Sean

Watson, Elijah H.

Weber, Hunter Chase + *

Weien, Emma Rose

Whelan, Jacob Robert *

White, Miranda Renee

White-LaComb, Mia Annabelle

Whitlatch Jr., Michael Eddie

Whitteker, Shea Lee

Wiggins, Ellie Louise *

Wilcox, Kaitlyn Nicole * #

Wilke, Jax W.

Witherspoon, Zachary Joe

Witkin, Benjamin David

Wolk, Dylan ^

Wollenweber, Allison Leigh * ^

Wood, Connor Andrew

Yeagle, Jesse Bennett

Yoswa, Michael Robert

Youngberg, Reid B.

Yu, Wang Chak

Zabalaga, Alexander Jack

Zegeye, Mahlet Gizaw

Zucca, Madison Alexandra

Zummach, Joshua Thomas #

College of Business

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2023

College of Business

Dean Beth Walker


Business Administration

Anderon, Will Mark

Andersen, Wyatt J.

Barley, Zachary

Benson, Kai Matthew

Black, Carson Graham

Bond, Michael Wayne

Brady, Sean Matthew

Budnack, Emily Rose

D’Alessandro, Andrew Max

Dooley, Sarah M. *

Faulkenberry II, Robert Hayes

Gilmore, Ryan Matthew

Golden, Kyle Roger

Goldsworthy, Grace Mae

Gonzales, Isabel Christina *

Hamilton, Sahare Z.

Harris, Hailey

Haughey, Sarah G. E. *

Henning, Brayden Cole +

Hollingshead, Noah

Huck, Greyson

Jennissen, Jacob Donald

Jones, Blake Mitchell

Jones, Joseph Seth

Jost, Riley Christopher *

Kosley, Ryan Richard *

Kroll, Andrew Theron

Lamoreaux, Caleb Charles

Larsen, Thomas Maurice

Lopez, Alexis Dias

Lopez, Precious Isabel

Maher, William Nicholas

Malensek, Ryan Georg

Mangano, Alexander G.

Matherson, Drew Michael

May, Bethany N.

Melsheimer, Ethan

Minor, Dillon P.

Monfardini, Nicholas Ruslan

Olson, Peyton Delaney

Parol, Joanna Danuta

Peterson, Jared Terrance

Peterson, Joshua James

Pilkington, Logan W.

Pomponio, Frank J.

Raeder, Buck

Romero, Paul

Ronish, Krystin Eustacia Vye +

Santana Salgado, Leslie

Schoffman, John Michael

Schreffler, Paul Andrew

Shea, Lily Catherine

Snader, Erin Elizabeth

Spangler Young, Calvin D.

Springer, Ryan Lucas

Sutton, Ashley Makenzie

Taylor, Henry

Thompson, Tia An

Waterman, Destiny Dawn Marie

Weese, Katelyn Marie +

Whitman, Elijah C.

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously