139th Year of
Spring 2023

College of Agricultural Sciences Commencement

May 12, 2023

Order of Ceremony

Processional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Welcome and Presentation of Colors – Dean James Pritchett and Wing Walker Honor Guard

God Bless America and the National Anthem – Mykayla FItzpatrick

Land Acknowledgement – Dean Pritchett

Introduction of Platform Party, Faculty and Staff, and Commencement Speaker – Dean Pritchett

Commencement Address – Mary Kraft

Recognition of University Honors Program, Latin Distinction, and First Generation Graduates – Addy Elliott

Recognition of Commissioned Graduates, Active Military, and Veterans – MAJ Ryan Raleigh

President Remarks and Presentation of Class – President Amy Parsons

Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees – Armando Valdez

Diploma Distribution -Dean Pritchett, Dr. Suellen Melzer, and Department Heads

Student Remarks – Garrett Fong and Leah McGill

Alumni and Closing Remarks – Matt Camper

Alma Mater – Mykayla FItzpatrick

Recessional – Colorado State Brass Quintet


Dr. Suellen Melzer, Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences


Dr. Cynthia Brown, Department Marshal, Agricultural Biology

Dr. Jordan Suter, Department Marshal, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Dr. Tanja Hess, Department Marshal, Animal Sciences

Dr. Chad Miller, Department Marshal, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Dr. Greg Butters, Department Marshal, Soil and Crop Sciences

On the Platform

Yaling Qian, Professor and College Marshal, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Dr. James Pritchett, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences

Mary Kraft, Commencement Speaker and CFO, Badger Creek Farm and Quail Ridge Dairies

Amy Parsons, J.D., President, Colorado State University

Armando Valdez, Vice Chair, Colorado State University Board of Governors

Kyle Henley, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Colorado State University

Major Ryan Raleigh, Assistant Professor, Military Sciences

Dr. Jan Leach, Associate Dean for Research, College of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Eugene Kelly, Associate Dean for Extension and Deputy Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agricultural Sciences

Mr. Matt Camper, Assistant Dean of Teaching Practice and Academic Programs, College of Agricultural Sciences

Ms. Addy Elliott, Assistant Dean of Advising and Student Success, College of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Amy Charkowski, Department Head, Agricultural Biology

Dr. Hayley Chouinard, Department Head, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Dr. Keith Belk, Department Head, Animal Sciences

Dr. Mengmeng Gu, Department Head, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Dr. Chris Pires, Department Head, Soil and Crop Sciences

Mary Kraft, Commencement Speaker

Mary Kraft is CFO for the 5500 milking Holstein dairy enterprises of Badger Creek Farm and Quail Ridge Dairies at Fort Morgan, CO. The two dairies employ 75 people, deliver 25-30 calves a day and market 5-7 semi’s of milk daily. Mary’s family has been farming in Colorado since 1906. She has written for the leading dairy magazines, been selected as the National Young Farmers Spokesperson for Agriculture and named to the Colorado 4-H Hall of Fame for using her skills for Agricultural awareness and advocacy. She was President of the Colorado Livestock Assoc. and has served on the Western Dairy Association’s milk promotions board and the PERA Advisory Council.

Mary is a current board director on the Dairy Checkoff Association, Western Dairy Association, representing Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming dairy farm families. She is a Fellow of the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program. She has served on Morgan County’s Economic Development Corporation Board, the Morgan County Hospital Foundation Board, the School for the Performing Arts Board, and the Adult Basic Literacy Education Board (ABLE). She has spoken extensively across the country to dairy groups about building Middle Management and developing a productive work culture and testified before the legislature on good animal husbandry practices and immigration issues. She and her husband, Chris, actively recruit legislators to tour their dairies and learn first-hand about the issues in Agriculture. Mary gives tours to school groups, civic and social groups at both dairy facilities, as well as Common Ground (agriculturalists connecting to mommy bloggers). The couple designed and served as general contractor to build the 4300 cow Quail Ridge Dairy facility (the older facility, Badger Creek Farm, milks 1200 head). Mary developed the business, veterinary and cow management protocols for the dairies, as well as actively managing those processes. Mary also privately consults and coaches people to develop great businesses, people, partnerships, and communication.

College of Agricultural Sciences

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2023

Ashley Armstrong, Agricultural Business major and Equine Science major. Thesis title: Understanding Equine Endocrinopathic Laminitis: A Review of Current Literature.

Lauren Hesse, Animal Science major. Thesis title: TBD.

Henley Holland, Equine Science major. Thesis title: Review of Current Literature in Small Animal Nutrition Trends.

Mia Morones, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics major and Spanish and Agricultural Business and Sustainable Water Studies minors. Thesis title: Social Barriers and Diffusion Rate of Implementation and Adoption of Sustainable Irrigation Practices in Colorado Agriculture.

Dixie Posey, Animal Science major. Thesis title: Effects of Animal Agriculture on Environmental Sustainability.

Madeline Pringle, Animal Science major and Military Science minor. Thesis title: Darn Tootin’ and Straight Shootin’: A Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Manual for Field Instruction and Firearms Fundamentals.

Kira Sayre, Equine Science major and Animal Science major. Thesis title: Sayre Hereford Farms: A Revision.

Malei Tipton, Animal Science major, Agricultural Education major with Teacher Development concentration and Teacher Licensure-Agriculture major. Thesis title: Planting the Seeds of Change: A Community Garden Business Plan.

College of Agricultural Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2023

College of Agricultural Sciences

Dean James Pritchett


Agricultural Biology

McGill, Leah Marie

Mora, Victor Antonio

Agricultural Business

Armstrong, Ashley Nicole + ^

Austin, Josephine F.

Bailey, Emma Rose

Bennett, Matthew Ryan

Brestel, Ashlynne Elise +

Debnam, Eleanor Virginia

Dodd, Brandon Thomas ^

Domenico, Paolo Joseph

Drobny, Maria Isabel *

Eitemiller, Emily Ann

Eve, Tristan J.

Farah, Luke G.

Farrier, Amanda

Freese, Casey E.

Frings, Elizabeth Jeanette

Gornick, Blake Wood

Haby, Sarah Dean

Hatton, Emma Grace

Hoefler Schonen, Sophia N.

Jones, Hayden Price

Klann, Kyle A.

Kohl, Zachary Collin

LaGrange, Gavin Lee

Mihelich, Dessirae Lynn Spaulding

Miller, Cade Robert Andrew

Miller, Paige Joy

Pietz, Robert Douglas

Rogers, John Lambert

Schieffer, Ruth Grace +

Tomlinson, Tessa Rose *

Toth, Cody Ryan

Travers, Ryleigh Jane * ^

Visconty, Cristen E.

Walsh, Clayton John William

Agricultural Education

Cook, Zachary Boswell

Fong, Garrett Trent

Hamann, Samantha Hope *

Heckendorf, Holly Mae

Moore, Brooklynn Ann ^

Snyder, Kevin Joseph

Wagner, Lauren Dee

Yoder, Makenzi Corianne

Animal Science

Adams, Elizabeth Nicole *

Alvarez, Cydney M.

Aragon, Juan Margarito #

Ballard, Shania

Bauer, Elizabeth M.

Bellek, Olivia Grace

Benson, Kristalyn Alyse ^

Berrios, Maria Victoria

Bodemeijer, Kaitlyn M.

Brancato-Buentello, Olivia Corina *

Campbell, Megan Justine * ^

Carroll, Mia Mary

Caulfield, Kate Collins

Cole, Hannah Lee

Cox, Julia Clare

Daniel, Gracie Leigh

Davis, Ansley Elizabeth

Dentoni, Isabella Marie * ^

Fehrn, Jordan D. *

Frink, Lauren Meghann *

Garcia, Mari Tsurudome

Gaylord-Benigno, Rudy Alexander =

Glasser, Jade Lorraine

Hesse, Lauren Emeline

Hofmann, Charline Catherine

Johnson, Olivia Anne

Kakuda, Sydney Harumi * ^

Kelsey, Sarah Faith *

Kempers, Matthew Forest *

Kempf, Kelly Allison

Leatherwood, Hayley JoAnn

Ledezma, Manuel E.

Leland, Sophia M.

Leston, Nicolette Marie #

Lowry, Paige Marie *

Marbello, Quentin Lewis

Martin, Frances Marie

Mason, Mackenzie R.

Matilton, Hailey P. =

Muco, Cindy *

O’Prey, Connor John *

O’Reilly, Kal *

Peterson, Claire Jaylan

Posey, Dixie Lynn

Pringle, Madeline Holly * ^

Riordan, Makela Kanani *

Roberts, Mckenzie Shea

Rollins, Johnathan Joseph

Scott, Katherine M.

Smith, Cortland Oran *

Smith, Samantha Marie *

Soto, Dominique G.

Spencer, Hanna Paige +

Stafford, Annabel Catherine #

Steinnagel-Taylor, Madeline

Swanson, Krystine Grace *

Swenson, Maya Ann * ^

Torres Carrillo, Leonardo *

Tucker, Kyndall A.

Turner, Kenzie Nicole

Van Gent, Marika Emma

Warfield, Alexandra Czarina +

Wensmann, Kayla Cassidy *

Wilbur, Grace Katherine *

Young, Amelia Edens ^

Environmental Horticulture

Brown, Mallory Allison

Dunbar, Courtney Christine

Gehman, Aynsley Alice

Jannetto, Nicholas C.

Long, Joseph Daniel

McCullough, James Finnegan

Ortiz, Christofer Miguel

Sousa, Dax Timothy

Thompson, Jeffrey M.

Tonini, Cienna Rae *

VonLembke, Jaimie ^

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

DeKing, Hannah Margaret ^

Moccia III, Robert Samuel *

Morones, Mia G. *

O’Shea, Devon Elisabeth *

Tennyson, Tanna J. *

Tuan, Virginia Tong

Virene, Joshua William * ^

Watson, Erin

Williams, Elizabeth Anne

Wittenbrink, Suzanne *

Equine Science

Allen, Alexis Renee

Allen, Kyra Ann

Ambler, Emily

Anderson, Hannah S. *

Arnold, Allison Elizabeth

Badger, Cheyenne R. *

Bahr, Hannah Elizabeth

Baker, Arianna Solei

Barber, Katharine Elizabeth *

Barlow, Melia Nicole *

Barnes, Nicole C.

Bayless, Madeline R.

Beaumont, Danika Shae

Beeson, Karoline Elisabeth +

Boling, Chloe Leann

Carr, Daniella Cecile

Clark, Victoria L. *

Cupples, Alyanna Danielle *

Easterling, Elizabeth Abigail *

Free, Ava Grace *

Gallagher, Bailey May *

Godinez, Jasmine Adel

Graff, Isabella Sophia

Gray, Lorrie M. *

Hastings, Anna Faye

Holland, Henley Ann ^

Hopkins, McKenna Marie

Keber, Parker Mary

Lamothe, Shawna Gayle *

Larroche, Maya *

Lassiter, Anna McCoy *

Legge, Ella Grace #

Lynes, Niki Jeanne

Maxey, Ashleigh Nicole

McConnell, Quinn Hayden + #

McLeod, Elizabeth Rose

Moore, Samantha Elizabeth *

Ohm, Olivia Faye

Pennisi, Natalie Grace *

Quade, Kaylee Noel

Rye, Emily *

Sayre, Kira Chrisman +

Schneider, Annika Caridad *

Sennate, Alysha Lynne

Sharpe, Claire K.

Staiano, Chloe N.

Unger, Natalie Raelyn

Waldron, Kyla Marie

Welch, Christina L. *

Willms, Leah Grace *


Bullock, Michaela Y.

Burley, Noah Taft

Clausen, Emily A.

Conklin, Georgia Grace

Cummins, Emily A.

DeSalvo, Benjamin Raymond

Dickson, Mark

Dooley, Erin E.

Dunn, Andrew Jacob *

Ellis, Madison Shea

Engelking, Kelly

Farstad, Hannah Nicole * #

Fitzgerald, Ryan Lawrence *

Garcia, K’lee Rae

Gorsuch, Matthew A.

Gower, Tyler J.

Hackley, Grace Alexandra Rose *

Hake, Kristine Mariah

Hall, Tatianna Xeleste *

Herrera, Nevaeh Omara Rene

Hundelt, Andrew Hamill

Kimura, Rykar M. * =

Ledbetter, Molly L.

Lemus, Tania R. #

Looney, John Lyle *

McCool, Jessica L. ^

McDonald, Simon Django

Millsap, Bytayvious

Monette, Skylar Adio

Peplinski, Kayla R.

Pollard, Morgan Elizabeth

Polzer, Eliza Emans

Powell Jr., Christopher David

Reed, Tyler James

Rhodes, Jackson R. *

Rizzuto, Joseph Hunter *

Roth, Elizabeth J.

Tannehill, Cassandra Leigh ^

Thomas, Meghan Lesley

Thune-Larsen, Bjorn Oscar *

Tlamka, Kodi Ann

Valentine, Jason Michael

Van Horne, James Frederick

Vickery, Jakob Donald *

Landscape Architecture

Cahill, Parker R.

DeGrazia, Audrey

Hinkle, William David

Leyva, Natalie Marie Ann

Loveland, Sterling R. #

Petterle, Joshua Drew

Roller, Sidney Nikole

Sparks, Adam J.

Waddell, Shelby Lynn ^

Soil and Crop Sciences

Cruz, Christopher

Donovan, Kylie Nicole

Hackett, Emma Rose + ^

Hanofee, Alyssa

Hoffman, Oliver D. *

Johnson, Savannah Danielle *

Langer, Samuel Laurence *

Maxwell, Mickenzie Ray

McCauley, Kathryn Joy

Nurse, Shaun

Peterson, Michelle Renee * #

Zalace, Devin M.

College of Agricultural Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2023

College of Agricultural Sciences

Dean James Pritchett


Agricultural Biology

Hu, Yuanzhen

Agricultural Business

Betts, Lottie Alexandera

Bluhm, Lindsey

Burton, Nancy K.

East, Stephan Michael *

Limbaugh, Christy

McFerran, Hunter Alan

Richardson, Michael Shane *

Ruiz, Joshua L.

Wiggins, Robert W.

Animal Science

Acosta, Mariana Guadalupe

Baker, Zoie Faith

Henry, Deanna Lynn

Jiner, Isabella Loren *

Kessler, Mary Margaret

Kresse, Natalie

Leopardi, Daniela Grace

Loftus, Everett Holliday

Morse, Zechariah =

Myer, Mackenzie Paige

Parrish, Kaylie Joy

Patrick, Kasandra Janel

Risley, Rachel Winter *

Shaffer, Scott Gerald

Valdiviezo-Perez, Chasel Yamilet

Voves, Lindsay Morgan

Yanko, Devon Martha

Environmental Horticulture

Gray, William Anthony

Heinrichs, Andrew D.

Steinhauer, Philip Edwin

Equine Science

Blandin, Lauren Nicole #

Brown, Cameron Gail

Clark, Alexandria

Huisingh, Thena Lee

Moore, Juri Yvon

Persky, Hannah Michelle

Taylor, Isabella Christina


Cannon, Adam James

Hammett, Caelyn E. *

Jackimowicz, Courtney Lee *

Lascaris, Theodore J.

Mahoney, Maureen

McFarland, Christian Lee *

Mercer, Jennifer A.

Ortiz, Camille D.

Spencer, Britany Free

Woods, Dameir Corrin

Landscape Architecture

Adams, Janae

Batey, Grace Elizabeth

Green, Gabrielle Claire *

Kaibetoney, Keanu Sovann

Kaiser, Katherine Lorraine *

Karim, Moustafa Y.

Kogoya, Davidson Idrean

Lietzke, Kristen Ann

McGregor, Megan E. *

Seelhoff, Camyran T.

Simmelink, John Connor

Williams, Chandler M. *

Soil and Crop Sciences

Skibstead, Hollie Marie

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously