138th Year of
Spring 2022

College of Natural Sciences Commencement

May 14, 2022

Order of Ceremony

Processional – CSU Brass Ensemble

Commencement Emcee – Executive Associate Dean Simon J. Tavener

Presentation of the Colors – Wing Walker Honor Guard

National Anthem – Lucy Logan and Audience

Introduction of Platform Party – Executive Associate Dean Tavener

Dean’s Welcome and Introduction of Commencement Speaker – Dean Janice L. Nerger

Commencement Address – Dr. Jennifer Mueller

Remarks and Conferral of Degrees – President Joyce McConnell

Diploma Distribution – Dean Nerger and Department Chairs

Alumni Welcome – Associate Dean Lisa Dysleski

Closing Remarks – Dean Nerger

Alma Mater – Lucy Logan and Audience

Recessional – CSU Brass Ensemble

Announcer: Dr. Jacob Roberts, Chair, Department of Physics

Marshals: Drs. Steve Benoit, Edward Delosh, Martin Gelfand, Carlos Olivo-Delgado

On the Platform


Dr. Laura Jensen, Vice Provost for Planning and Effectiveness

Ms. Yolanda Bevill, J.D., Vice President for University Marketing and Communications and Acting Vice President for Enrollment and Access

Dr. Don Mykles, Director, University Honors Program

Ms. Joyce McConnell, President, Colorado State University

Dr. Jennifer Mueller

Dr. Janice L. Nerger, Dean

Dr. Simon Tavener, Executive Associate Dean

Dr. Lisa Dysleski, Associate Dean

Dr. Eugene Chen, Chemistry, University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Nancy Levinger, Chemistry, University Distinguished Professor

Dr. A.R. Ravishankara, Chemistry, University Distinguished Professor

MAJ Ryan Raleigh, Army ROTC; Assistant Professor, Military Science

Maj Jason Blantin, Air Force ROTC; Assistant Professor, Aerospace Studies


Dr. Craig Partridge, Chair, Computer Science

Dr. Matthew Shores, Chair, Chemistry

Dr. Deborah Garrity, Chair, Biology

Dr. Laurie Stargell, Chair, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Kenneth McLaughlin, Chair, Mathematics

Dr. Jacob Roberts, Chair, Physics

Dr. Don Rojas, Chair, Psychology

Dr. Haonan Wang, Chair, Statistics

Faculty Representatives

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Drs. Soham Chanda, Santiago Di Pietro, Jeffrey Hansen, Grant Schauer, Tingting Yao

Biology: Drs. Lisa Angeloni, Meena Balgopal, Tanya Dewey, Sean Gleason, Shane Kanatous, Rachel Mueller, Mark Simmons

Chemistry: Drs. Debbie Crans, Joseph DiVerdi, Amber Krummel, Amy Prieto, Anthony Rappé, Harmony Tucker, Joseph Zadrozny

Computer Science: Drs. Nikhil Krishnaswamy, Francisco Ortega, Darrell Whitley

Mathematics: Drs. Jeffrey Achter, Renzo Cavalieri, Michael Kirby, Jiangguo (James) Liu, Amit Patel, Clay Shonkwiler, Mark Shoemaker, Jeffrey Shriner

Physics: Drs. Mark Bradley, Samuel Brewer, Debra Dandaneau, Richard Eykholt; Brian Jones

Psychology: Drs. Martha Amberg, Bradley Conner, Alyssa Gibbons, Tracy Richards, Matthew Rhodes, Michael Steger

Statistics: Drs. Tianjian Zhou, Joshua Keller

Dr. Jennifer Mueller, Commencement Speaker

Dr. Jennifer Mueller is a Professor of Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering at Colorado State University and a Professor Laureate in the College of Natural Sciences. She also holds a courtesy appointment in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute before joining the faculty at CSU in 2000.

Dr. Mueller is committed to research with a clinical impact. Her research encompasses the development of new hardware, reconstruction algorithms, and clinical applications for electrical impedance tomography and ultrasound acoustic tomography. Supported by the NIH, her work involves close collaborations with mathematicians, engineers, and physicians in the U.S. and abroad.

Professor Mueller currently serves as the Graduate Director in the Department of Mathematics and as an Associate Chair. This semester she is teaching a course on inverse problems with a focus on algorithms for medical imaging. As founder and director of the EIT lab, she provides her students with valuable experience doing hands-on data collection and interdisciplinary research.

Dr. Mueller serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging and the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, Inverse Problems. She is co-author with Dr. Samuli Siltanen of the University of Helsinki, Finland, of the book Linear and Nonlinear Inverse Problems with Practical Applications, SIAM, 2012, and they are currently collaborating on a second book, Inverse Problems: A Data Science Perspective.

College of Natural Sciences

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2022

Tyler Adams, Psychology major with Clinical/Counseling Psychology concentration. Thesis title: MFT Trainees’ Experiences in an Alternate Clinical Setting.

Sage Allen, Biochemistry major with General Biochemistry concentration and Applied Data Science minor. Thesis title: Kinetics of Double-Stranded DNA Break Induction in Cells by CRISPR-Cas9.

Anna Bautista, Zoology major and Anthropology minor. Thesis title: A Framework for Understanding the Interindividual Variation in Learning Ability in Honeybees.

Megan Brown, Psychology major with Clinical/Counseling Psychology concentration. Thesis title: A Mixed Method Examination of Existential Anxiety in College Students.

Ciana Burroughs, Psychology major with Clinical/Counseling Psychology concentration and Spanish concentration. Thesis title: The Regulation of Negative and Positive Emotions and Their Effect on The Relationship Between Stress and Alcohol Use and Problems.

Benjamin Byars, Physics major with Applied Physics concentration and Geology major with Geophysics concentration. Thesis title: Structural Analysis of an Andalusite-Grade Metamorphic Zone in the Pennsylvanian Minturn Formation Sangre De Cristo Mountains, Colorado.

Erin Campbell, Biochemistry major with Health and Medical Sciences concentration and Biomedical Sciences minor. Thesis title: Biochemical Risk Factors of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries: Prevention and New Post-Operational Therapies.

Cecilia Carter, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: Business Case for Integration of Wildlife Acupuncture into the Veterinary Clinic Setting.

Ethan Creagar, Data Science major with Computer Science concentration. Thesis title: Predicting the Movement of Soccer Players Using Neural Networks.

Ianna Debrunner, Biochemistry major with General Biochemistry concentration and Molecular Biology minor. Thesis title: The Interactome of Possible Nucleotide Excision Repair Proteins in Thermococcus Kodajarensis.

Anna Dienstbier, Zoology major and Spanish minor. Thesis title: Who Wakes up After the Sun Goes Down? – A Story of the Nocturnal Animals in the Colorado Foothills.

Jonah Dineen, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Morphometric Analysis of Black-Footed Ferret Skull Changes in Captive and Wild Populations.

Macey Dodd, Statistics major, Economics major and Mathematics minor. Thesis title: Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions Through Policy Implementation.

Preston Dunton, Computer Science major with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concentration and Mathematics and Statistics minors. Thesis title: Rhythm Regression: Communicating Marching Percussion Audio Data.

Jillian Eddy, Mathematics major with General Mathematics concentration. Thesis title: The Visual Art of Mathematics: An Analysis of Projective Geometry Through Art History and Modern Perspectives.

Matthew Funk, Biochemistry major with General Biochemistry concentration and Creative Writing and Computer Science minors. Thesis title: Chromatin Architecture in H3 and H4 Tailless Octamers.

Heidi Gilbert, Mathematics major with General Mathematics concentration. Thesis title: An Exploration of Inequities in Undergraduate Mathematics Education.

Shlok Gondalia, Computer Science major with Computer Science concentration and Mathematics minor. Thesis title: ML-Based Honors Chatbot for Frequently-Asked Questions.

Leora Greene, Psychology major with General Psychology concentration and Political Science and American Sign Language minors. Thesis title: Antisemitism and Its Impact on Jewish College Students’ Mental Health.

Brooke Harris, Biochemistry major with Health and Medical Sciences concentration. Thesis title: Mechanisms of Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachments and the Implications of Incorrect Attachments on Cancer.

Jack Hermanson, Applied Computing Technology major with Computing Technology concentration and Business Administration major with Information Systems concentration and Spanish minor. Thesis title: Full-Stack Development of a Web Application Using TypeScript, NodeJS, and React.

Sarah Hinman, Biochemistry major and Health and Medical Sciences concentration with Biomedical Sciences minor. Thesis title: Gene Therapy as a Potential Treatment for Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathies.

Thomas Joy, Zoology major. Thesis title: Endangered Cats and Savage Indians: Why Mascot Choices Must Be Carefully Considered.

Hannah Kaiser, Psychology major with Industrial/Organization Psychology concentration and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: Success in Diversity and Inclusion: How Can a Business Foster an Inclusive Culture?

Sydney Kelly, Chemistry major with ACS concentration and Mathematics and Biomedical Sciences minors. Thesis title: Antibiotic-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus: A Research Synthesis.

Adam Kiehl, Data Science major with Statistics concentration and Mathematics minor. Thesis title: Inference on Hippocampal Connectivity Using Multi-Trial Count-Valued Time Series.

Gwyneth Knott, Biochemistry major with ASBMB concentration and Chemistry minor. Thesis title: Analyzing the Effect of Primary Lung Fibroblasts on Chemosensitivity in Triple-Negative and Luminal Breast Cancer Cells.

Devon Leimkuhl, Chemistry major with ACS concentration and Global Environmental Sustainability minor. Thesis title: Synthesis of Nanoparticle Materials for Use in Photovoltaic Cells: Exploring Reaction Pathways and Applications of Reactions to New Materials Using Cu,PSe, as a Basis.

Daniela Leopardi, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Cadaver Usage as an Effective Learning Tool.

Natalie Liberati, Zoology major and Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology major with Wildlife Biology concentration and Spanish minor. Thesis title: The Use of Hydrothermal Vents by Skate Species Bathyraja Spinosissima.

Lauren Linderer, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: An Educational Presentation on Chronic Asthma for Primary School Teachers.

Makaya Mason-Jones, Chemistry major with ACS certification. Thesis title: Fort Collins’ First Interactive Chemistry Themed Bar.

Izabella Mastroianni, Biochemistry major with ASBMB concentration and Spanish and Chemistry minors. Thesis title: Exploring ELT-2’s Role in the Caenorhabditis elegans Intestine and the Effects of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on Intestine Gene Expression.

Noelle Mayer, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Leadership Studies minor. Thesis title: A Phenomenology-Based Qualitative Study: Consciously Identified Themes of Trust and Distrust in Science Communication Among a Small Group of Colorado State University Students.

Kenna Meier, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Examining Living Situations Throughout the Progression of Cognitive Decline and Dementia.

Alexys Murillo, Psychology major with Clinical/Counseling Psychology concentration. Thesis title: Relationships Between Socioeconomic Status and Stress Reactivity.

Jacey Murphy, Zoology major and Equine Science major. Thesis title: How Equine Athletics Have Driven the Technologies Behind the Booming Equine Industry.

Kate Nielsen, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: The Effects of Hormone Therapy in a Clinical Setting and in the Physical World: An Investigative and Informative Study.

Emma Perrell, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Chemistry minor. Thesis title: University Students’ Knowledge and Opinions on Civil Asset Forfeiture.

Hendrik Peters, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Chemistry minor. Thesis title: The Rights of the Cache la Poudre.

Lisa Pitsch, Psychology major with General Psychology concentration and Equine Science major and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: Equine Assisted Activities: Business Plan, Facility Layout, and Benefits.

Emily Potter, Psychology major with Clinical/Counseling Psychology concentration and Youth Mentoring with Campus Connect certificate. Thesis title: Depictions of Mental Illness Throughout Art History.

Carter Reiter, Biochemistry major with ASBMB concentration and Chemistry minor. Thesis title: Applying mRNA Vaccine Technology to Cancer Vaccines.

Joseph Riva, Computer Science major with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concentration and Mathematics minor. Thesis title: Investigating and Improving the CRC Checksum for TCP.

John Roesler, Chemistry major with Non-ACS concentration and Ethnic Studies and Global and Environmental Studies minor. Thesis title: Fort Collins Housing Documentary.

Joshua Rogers, Computer Science major with Computer Science concentration and Statistics major. Thesis title: Investigations of Natural Gas Leak Indications from Mobile Surveys: Implications for On-The-Ground Surveys and Data Processing.

Elizabeth Schieving, Psychology major with General Psychology concentration. Thesis title: The Effect of Music Induced Emotion on Statistical Reasoning.

Avery Schneider, Zoology major and English minor. Thesis title: Collaboration with Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals to Provide Vaccines in Low Income Areas.

Nicholas Schneider, Computer Science major with Computer Science concentration. Thesis title: Preprocessing Source Code to Reduce False Positives in Static Analysis Tools.

Casey Shaw, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Conservation Biology minor. Thesis title: Assessing Seasonal and Macrohabitat Variation in Avifaunal Composition Across Great Plains Ecological Systems in The High Plains of Northeast Colorado.

Kailey Smith, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: You Can’t Spell Girl Boss Without Privilege: How Modern Feminism and Catchy Rhetoric Miss the Mark in Addressing Exclusivity and the Long Road Ahead for Feminists Goals.

Bali Summers, Chemistry major with ACS certification concentration. Thesis title: Considering Novel Electrode Materials for Measuring the Oxidative Potential of Particulate Matter.

Amber Taylor, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Medical Mistrust and Racism in Healthcare.

Lauren Thomas, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Chemistry minor. Thesis title: Paraquat-Poisoning and Parkinson’s Disease: The United States Environmental Protection Agency Needs to Ban the Lethal Herbicide.

Robert Vickerman, Biochemistry major with Health and Medical Sciences concentration and Molecular Biology and Chemistry minors. Thesis title: Using NET-seq to Determine Global RNAP Distribution of Wild Type and Altered Chromatin Landscapes in Thermococcus Kodakarensis.

Melody Weber, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Marginalization in Medicine: How Discrimination Hinders the Ability to ‘Do No Harm’.

Evan Williams, Computer Science major with Computer Science concentration and Mathematics minor. Thesis title: A Multidimensional Analysis of John Conway’s Game of Life.

Morgan Winters, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Why PEPCK Should Be Studied in Relation to Cell Proliferation and Steroidogenesis.

Tatiana Wolf, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: Howling Rabbitry Business Plan.

Karen Yang, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Best Practices of Animal Shelters in Colorado.

Margaret Yates, Biochemistry major with ASBMB concentration and Chemistry minor. Thesis title: Investigation of Advances in the Pursuit of a Herpes Simplex Virus Cure.

Lina Yi, Zoology major and Psychology major with General Psychology concentration. Thesis title: Neural Mechanisms Through Which Childhood Neglect May Increase Risk for Substance Use Disorders.

Corryn Zylstra, Zoology major and Anthropology minor. Thesis title: Instituting a Procedure for the Curation of a Teaching Collection at Colorado State University.

College of Natural Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2022

College of Natural Sciences

Dean Janice L. Nerger


Computer Science

Watts, Madeline Chloe + *


Stotler, Bailey Nicole +


Applied Computing Technology

Fifer, Jacob Kolman *

Hermanson, Jack N. + *

Lertola, Nicholas F.

Lubwama, Moses Najib

Morefield, Justin R. * ^

Morris, Jackson Timothy

Rippey, Adam Christopher

Schonebaum, Michael Robert

Schwanke, Seth Gene

Sequino, Michael John

Walker, Bryce T.


A’Bell, Madeleine Mae ^

Allen, Sage J. * ^

Blackwell, Peter Kennedy *

Boston, Jordan

Campbell, Erin Anne * #

Carnes, Cameron Michael *

Christensen, Jensen Stewart *

Clark, Danielle McKenzie *

Davidson, Sarah Campbell *

Debrunner, Ianna Sigrid *

Distel, Catherine Renee

Eshbaugh, Sarah M.

Funk, Matthew *

Garcia, Sara Ashley

Guenther, Camryn Sage * ^

Hanna, Alastair Bin

Harbison, Mitchell R.

Harris, Brooke Elizabeth ^

Hawkins, Nicole M.

Haze, Parker Michael

Hinman, Sarah Ann *

Hollenbach, Jordan N.

Kelly, Jenna Lynne

Klemm, Jason Matthew =

Knott, Gwyneth Siobhan *

Kovach, Garrett M.

Lamson, Alec K.

Lenzo, Dawn Meade

Long, Kathryn Elizabeth * ^

Lyons, Ava Clare *

MacDonald, Nico Preston *

Maroney, Mikaela A. *

Mastroianni, Izabella Rose * =

McLean, Sarag Grace

Medina, Ivan Armando *

Miller, Richard Gordon

Nyenhuis, John J.

Parent, Robin Carolyn

Peck, Conor J. +

Powell, William Andrew

Power, Kathryn Dove *

Reiter, Carter Munro *

Roberts, Catherine Marie *

Sadeh, Yinon *

Schwendeman, Dillon James

Sitorus, Ester Christina *

Snyder, Samuel Jackson

Sun, Jiangyu *

Trimmer, Stavros A.

Turner, Emily Rose +

Verschueren, Ashley N. * ^

Vickerman, Robert Lee * ^

Wells, Christopher Michael

Yates, Margaret Lauren *

Biological Science

Adams, Alexandria Cierra *

Afrifa, Lillian Serwaa *

Alhumaidan, Wejdan Jaafar

Almskog, Madeline E. *

Ambrose, Mercedes *

Balla, Drew *

Barnes, Benjamin Lee

Berggren, Monica Jane

Bieker, Katelyn J.

Bodman, Rebecca Jean

Bondi, Gabriella Elizabeth *

Bracy, Elora Rose

Bruneman, Blake Makana * ^

Bukowski, Emma Lucile *

Campbell, Casey B. *

Carter, Cecilia E. * ^

Carter, Olivia G. *

Choquette, Elizabeth M. *

Collins, Piper Frances Grace *

Commerford, Katlyn M. *

Conroy, Tori Nichole *

Cover, Sara Elizabeth

Cowley, Abby Rose *

Culley, Soleil Anaias

Daniels, Jacob Ross

Davidson, Marina Hope *

De Lappe, Gretchen Elise *

Dineen, Jonah Keleher

Facinelli, Mario Paul

Felix-Rivera, Johanna Marian * ^

Finger, Donna Michelle

Friedrichs, Kristina Elise *

Frimpong, Quinsker A. *

Fuller, Grace R. *

Gaona, Emily Ann *

Geist, Madeline FangFangRao *

Goedeker, Alyssa Maxine

Greenhut, Kelly Maureen *

Griffiths, Sky Li *

Grubb, Jessica Lynn *

Hanel, Gavin John * #

Harris, Seth Colten

Hinz, Gunther Ritter

Ho, Michaela Anne =

Hoffman, Riley Blayne *

Holland-DeVore, Nicole Danielle *

Howard, Hannah E. * 

Ibarra Meraz, Ana Maire

Iversen, Megan Marie

Jester, Sean Charles

Jones, Addison Rae

Jones, Isabelle Laura

Kassel, Brandon Scott *

Keenan, Jake Martin * ^

Klos, Katelyn Jayne *

Koch, Olivia Nicole *

Kovalenko, Gabriela * #

Krakker, Priya Patel

Lane, Aubrie Ann

Lechman, Joshua Alec

Lee, Katerina Elizabeth Severa

Lee, Koryn R.

Lemley, Madison S.

Lempp, Kaileen Elaine *

Lenyshyn, Nadiya

Leopardi, Daniela Grace

Lewis, Kallista Daicee

Lievois, Jason John

Linderer, Lauren Brooke *

Liu, Rayne C. *

Lopez, Seth Antonio

Lyu, Heyuan

Macurdy, Brandi Jean

Mantilla, Diana *

Mayer, Milo Noelle * #

McBride, Kaylin Alice *

McCarthy, Sarah J.

McCracken, Lydia Bailey

McKinney, Joseph N.

McMahon, Conor Thomas *

McNary, Max E.

Meier, Kenna Jean

Miller, Erin Christine *

Moffett, Abigail Mackenzie

Mullane, Jackson M. *

Mullins, Kelton Grace

Muñoz, Lizbeth

Munyon, Olivia C. *

Murray III, John Wesley

Neiberger, Delayne Ann *

Neuenschwander, Kevin R.

Nielsen, Kate Ann

Norsworthy, Celeste Aragon *

Oku, Megan Mie *

Paddock, Joseph Matthew *

Peralta, Mikayla Raquel

Perrell, Emma Kayla * #

Perry, Victoria

Peters, Hendrik C. * ^

Presch, Jaocb Wiliam

Price, Annie C.

Psiropoulos, Jeremiah L.

Reynolds, Camden A. *

Reynolds, Julia Elizabeth

Reza, Gabriela

Rezak, Rebecca Anne *

Riedemann, Macy Anne

Rollman, Samuel W.

Rossino, Magdalena I.

Sakakida, Paige Konomi *

Salinas, Willy

Schineller, Hannah E.

Schmitz, Andie Margaret

Schmitz, Nichole J.

Schneider, Korey Scott

Schoenberger, Noah Aaron

Schulz, Haley Megan *

Scott, Jordan

Searcy, Alissa Janae ^

Shaulis, Annika Lola *

Shaw, Casey John * ^

Siebenaler, Connor E. *

Siskind, Mckenzie Lee

Smith, Clara Louise

Smith, Elizabeth Rose *

Smith, Kailey Ann

Soules, Alexis Jewel *

Spencer, Mary

Stack, Ryan Colton

Stamps, Sarah Marie *

Strother, Ethan Russell

Stull, Makenna Lee *

Szatkowski, Abigail Kathleen *

Taylor, Amber Lynn

Thomas, Lauren Aileen * ^

Tidwell, Mariah Noelle

Todd, Alexa Anne

Tompkins, Trinity Marie

Tooley, Addi G. * ^

Torres, Marlowe Elizabeth

Troyer, Brennen Tyler

Tulley, Cheyenne Lynn * ^

Valadez, Bridget

Vantrease, Cecelia T.

Von Feldt, Cory Richard

Walsh, Cameron James

Weber, Melody Maurina ^

Wilson, Zane Alan ^

Winters, Morgan

Wolf, Tatiana Joy * ^

Wolfgramm, Kasoni Elijah

Wood, Maile Elizabeth *

Worku, Makida D.

Yang, Karen

Yong, Zhiyi

Yount, Ryann Kathleen *

Zadow, Elvina M. *

Zappolo, Sophia Alexandra

Zeleny, Blake W. *

Zick, Trevor Douglas

Zingerman, Zoe Theresa

Zuchegno, Sophia Marie


Anderson, Frederic Mitchell

Antrobus, Logan C. +

Bellows, Rae Ann #

Cardinalli, Stephanie Michelle + * ^

Christenson, Jack Raymond

Claiborne, Alexander David

Dolence, Allison E. =

Fieseler, Kate Kirk * ^

Gaffney, Darah Michelle +

Gin, Nathan Brandon * =

Gomer, Ethan T.

Hill, Olivia L. *

Hodge Pardo, Bianca

Kelly, Sydney Paige * ^

Kingsley, Melina A.

Leimkuhl, Devon P. * ^

Mason-Jones, Makaya M.

Miller, Alana Faith

Nelms, Ryan

Olsen, Angelena Marie

Pullen, Aiden Vinton

Reed, Ian Burke *

Richards, Eric A.

Roesler, John Benton * #

Rohloff, Russell Herman

Rudolph, Layton J.

Schilling, Thomas M. *

Shah, Shruti +

Summers, Bali ^

Tian, Bingxin

Tran, Vi Tuong *

Trent-Ringler, Beth A. *

Computer Science

Alexander, Carter Bond *

Aubin, Zach

Bambusch, Robert Alexander

Barkman, Christopher Matthew

Barram, Kassidy Marija ^

Barth, Jacob S. *

Bauer, Deionus Xavier * ^

Bauers, Michael Ryan + *

Bazan, Samuel Galen

Bell, Nathan A. *

Bhalavat, Jimit C. * ^

Bonafe, Carl Samuel

Booher, Megan Jane *

Boone, Michael D.

Bosch, Christian Samuel

Brightwell, Cameron Michael

Brock, Cole J.

Bulbula, Amanuel Amenu

Carmin, Kordell

Castillon Prado, Iliana Julissa

Combs, Benjamin Robert

Connell, Cameron Hughes

Cregut, Leah Eade

Cuccia, Logan Justin *

Cummings, Kyle J.

Dachel, Hayden James

Daley, Maxwell Hughes

Davis, Morgan Elijah Richard *

DeBlois, Matthew Ryan

DeYoung, Grant Alexander

Donis Paz, Andy

Dunton, Preston Bay * ^

Elkady, Muath

Faubus, Cobey Ryan

Felix, Amy Fernanda

Fitzpatrick, Evan

Flores, Arysa

Flores Dominguez, Edwin O.

Fout, Mason

Funston, Margaret S.

Garica Carrillo, Jose Daniel

Gifford, Trevor Allen

Golightly, Dakota Tyrel

Gondalia, Shlok Gopalbhai * =

Grandin-Guarneros, Boston Ray

Gunn, Erin M.

Han, Lu

Hanson, Adam Michael

Haziq, Farhan

Holen, Ethan Jonah

Holland, Trevor

Hooten, Alexander T.

Hosier, Indiana J.

Howard, Chase R.

Howlett, Spencer Vaughn

Huang, Yuxin +

Hughes, Vanessa Jayvie

Ioerger, Jason D.

Ives, Henry Charles + #

Jaffe, Sarah E. ^

Jason, Jesse T. *

Jensen, Joshua M.

Jepson, Jacob Christian *

Joshi, Kaleb Ronald

Jost, Kiera Nicole

Kathan, Kyler

Kelly, William Caleb

Kerr, Michael David

Key, Casey James Gordon

Khadka, Anup

Kouma, Sean Arthur =

Krosky, Kiley B. *

Lacrete, Moise Breville

Lamfers, Jason Patrick

Larson, Tor Brennick

Lee, Cathy Kwan

Likes, Brandon R.

Lopez, Matthew Vincent

MacKenzie, Christopher M. ^

Manchala, Sai Teja

Martin, Christopher E.

Martin, Tucker Steven

Mavrakos, Paul Theodore *

May, Tanner J.

McCormick, Ryan Baker

McDonald, Walton Connor

McGuire, Nathan LaJoie

Minning, Chad ^

Moore, Michael H.

Moran, Alec M. *

Munro, Ian ^

Muppala, Vivek

Myers, Charles E.

NaJera, Hervey M. *

Newman, Mason Riley

Nguyen, Huy Gia Do *

Nguyen, Tri T.

Nicholson, Edge H.

Nolan, Brendan Patrick

O’Mara, Miles

Ott, Brody Walter

Paschke, Jack Robert *

Pashak, Lindsey Marie *

Peyton, Michael F.

Pfoff, Jonathan Tyler *

Phan, Tony Dinh

Poulos, Wyatt Anthony *

Pritchard, Emmet Towne

Qureshi, Ahsen Waqar

Rehberg, Daniel B. * ^

Renstrom, Hayley Gray

Rice, Eileen Anne

Riva, Joseph Anthony * =

Rogers, Joshua Scott + =

Ruffalo-Burgat, Jean-Marc

Samson, Maria Natalia

Scalf, Joseph Maxwell

Schneider, Nicholas W.

Schwebke, Alex Lynn

Senovaitis, Lukas

Shannon, Nicholas Joseph

Siebert, Caspian Lorence *

Siler, Benjamin Grady *

Small, Kobe Terrell

Smith, Braeden C.

Smith, Pierce D. #

Steinle, Beau B. #

Storckman, Damion J.

Strain, Justin Shawn

Swonger, Malachy Cameron

Taylor, Ian McQueen

Trcka, Jordan Ross

Urrutia, Edward David

Valez Martinez, Alberto *

Vasilchenko, Bogdan Alexandrovich *

Vasquez, Tomas Enrique +

Waguespack, Kyla Makenzie

Wallace, Wesley Witt

Walsh, Zachary T.

Walz, Sarah P. * ^

Wang, Hao

Williams, Evan

Wu, Devin Ming *

Yost, Ryan

Zavadil, Griffin Gunnar

Zeng, Kaiyan

Data Science

Baxter, Hayden Emerson *

Brazil, Zachary Austin

Brown, Mandey Tara

Charles, Richard Bryson *

Charrier, Kilbourne Christopher *

Creagar, Ethan William ^

Fortescue, Samuel Ethan *

Garnder, Mark A. +

Hamilton, Emmaline Katherine

Isaacson, Trevor Thompson *

Kessler, Evan Josef *

Kiehl, Adam Carl * #

Magalhaes Rio, Henrique + *

Moreno, Kristy J.

Olavarria, Jonathan Joseph +

Piccaro, Nicholas Carl

Thorpe, Ian A.


Arnold, Sean David *

Askew, Luke Arlen ^

Barnhart, Scott Joseph

Burns, Angela Renee *

Clay, William Anthony

DeBuhr, Heidi

Deshaies, Elijah N.

Echohawk, Coyote E.

Eddy, Jillian Nicole ^

Fixmer, Sydney Kay ^

Flynn, Samuel Klein *

Fonseca, Ofe +

Gilbert, Heidi Jeanne

Hamblin, Clayton D. *

Hartley, Nina Helen

Hedeen, Ryan T. *

Kaczmarek, Michelle Vernice

Kovac, Kara Ashley

Kueny, Makenna Elizabeth *

Leautaud, André Karl + #

Maiberger, Gabriel Nathan *

Martinez, Alyssa Nicole *

McCrystal, Avery P.

Merrell, Jon Christian

Moffett, John M.

Parra-Arreola, Daniel

Place, Evan S.

Rudd, James D. + #

Schnarr, Ivey *

Singdahlsen, Andrew Tate

Solzman, Alexander Justin

Taye, Izana Genene

Watkins, Griffin Archer + #

Natural Sciences

Ridgeway, Hunter Bennie

Schroeder, Graeme Sturn

Schulte, Eric C.

Sydow, Brenna Taylor

Wartell, Haley A.


Alleman, Christopher Michael Neal

Awoitauw, Andrey Sakharoov

Byars, Benjamin M. +

Castaneda, Ivan

Dague, Brandon K.

Dodd, Tyler C. *

Felmlee, James William

Gunkelman, Robert W. *

Koch, Liam A. *

Mingus, William David *

Morris, Stephen Alexander

Plocher, Kevin Ian, Alec, Liam, Tristan

Pradhan, Naveen Singh

Roessler, Ryan J. *

Sheridan, William Patrick

Soderstrom, Joseph Michael

Stephenson, Tanner A.

Tang, Zibo *

Turner, Cyrus Travis *

Tuttelman, Connor Michael *


Adams, Delaney Ireland

Adams, Jessie Marie

Adams, Tyler Ann =

Alimam, Raneem

Almand, Jessica Leigh

Arnold, Ryan A. *

Arvold, Abigail Marie

Ashby, Austin J.

Baker, Seth Alden

Bakir Sudki, Iman

Barela, Faith Sarai

Barnes, Germain O.

Bates, Brittni Lynn

Battista, Kaley Marie

Beasley, Alexis C.

Bergen, Ashley N.

Bittner, Taylor

Bjercke, Danielle

Blades, Elle T.

Bond, Catherine Ann

Boone, William J.

Borski, Jordan L.

Boss, Kyler Stone

Bradford, Mariah Rachel +

Brawner Yahm, Jacob

Brech, Hannah ^

Brotherton, Briana

Brown, Hannah Rose

Brown, Madison Taylor

Brown, Megan Elizabeth #

Burroughs, Ciana Grace *

Buzzard-Jaimez, Ayala S.

Camp, Sofie Corin *

Carson, Hayden James *

Casady, Julia Rose *

Cates, Jacie Lauren

Chance, Devin Wade

Chaney, Benjamin C.

Chapman, Mark Daniel

Chart, Madilynn Taylor ^

Chastain, Camille RR

Christensen, Brenden J.

Clements, Gabrielle F. *

Clockston, Mark A.

Collins, Alexandria Renee

Connor, Zoe A.

Cook, Marie Elizabeth

Correa Romero, Ashley

Craig, Payten Jean

Crocker, Jonathan C.

Crones, Emily Rebecca

Cronin, Breanna L. ^

Crown, Chrystina Moritz

Czura, Saskia *

Davis, Christianne Hampton

DellaRosa, Jacqueline Rose *

Derstine, Carly Elyse

Diaz, Samuel

Donahue, Grace Sheila *

Dorfler, Ricki Renee

Dotson, Mallory Mae

Duffner, Patrick Joseph

Durkin, Charlotte Cile

Eccher, Rachael Anne

Ellenberger, Allison Lucille *

Elliott, Paige Michelle

Fairbairn, Emily Anne Drysdale =

Fiedler, Yeun Lee

Fleming, Melissa Marie

Flores, Sara Elizabeth ^

Forrest, Owen Patrick

Foulk, Lyta Elizabeth *

Francis, Daniel Isaac *

Gomez Garcia, Karla Daniela

Gonzalez, Haley *

Grady, Grace E.

Granger, Carlin Helene

Gray, Rachel Nichole *

Greene, Leora Yaffa * #

Grimes, Samantha L. *

Guerrero, Reagan Jessi

Hahn, Alyce Crissy

Hamilton, Madison E.

Hanke, October A.

Harper, Madeline Kay

Hart, Mary ^

Heichman, Isabelle Jean *

Hendricks, Kealey N.

Henke, Melissa Marie

Herrera, Danielle Adrianna

Hightower, Andre Jacquon *

Hopkins, Madeline Laree

Houseman, Belle

Humeyumptewa, Rasa Inara *

Irby, Janelle Arlene

Johnston, Sidney Lee Louise

Jones, Bryce Alan

Jungmann, Catherine Nichole

Kaiser, Hannah Leigh * =

Karr, Lara ‘Jasper’ Valerie K.

Kearns, Delaney Clare *

Keeling, Kat

Keller, Jake Warren

Kent, Sarah A. #

King, Brianna M.

Kittelsen, Shannon N.

Koul, Aroma *

Krueger, Tara LeeAnn

Lavier, Dorian James

Lethin, Carolyn M.

Levine, Lauren Anne

Lister, Nikol

Livits, Rita Gabriela * ^

Llanos Camacho, Olga *

Lopez, Audrey Lucile

Lord, Chelsea Jeanette

Lowry, Ashton Faith

Luevano, Samanta Brillet

Maalul, Arielle Y.

Mahony, Ryan Thomas

Malkuch, Casey D.

Martin, Akilah Danielle

Massie, Allison Taylor

McCormick, Kathryn Lea

McDaniel, Christie Ruth

McKinzie, Olivia Ann +

Melendez, Briana Marie

Meyer-Beyer, Leigh

Michelli, Fiona Katherine

Mielke, Jacqueline A.

Mignard, Maiele

Mika, Reiss Edward * ^

Miller, Jessica L.

Miller- Forrest, Grace Mary

Mohamed, Hagir

Montoya, Mariya Benita

Moore, Bryan J.

Moss, Kathryn Mae *

Murillo, Alexys Syera *

Mutlu, Yaren Umay

Narvaez, Mikaela

Norgard, Colette A. * ^

Oberkofler, Erin Nicole

O’Connor, Devin M.

Pacheco-Neri, Sonia

Parisi, Skye Laurel *

Parrent, Matthew Ty

Phillips, Beck Harrison *

Phillips, Erica

Pitsch, Lisa + *

Price, Alexis Maree

Price, Mekenzie Kathleen

Pritchard, Ciera Dawn #

Ramey, Matea Rose * =

Ray, Genevieve Louise

Roseland, Emily Jolene ^

Ruiz, Valeria

Rustgi, Rayne C.

Ruth, Morgan Ann ^

Sandoval, Haylie T. *

Schankweiler, Kendra Marie

Schieving, Elizabeth Alma ^

Schodorf, Kylie

Schreiner, Tamara L.

Scott, Cole S.

Sego, Brandon Lane

Selbe, Jacob Keith

Simonsen de Oliveira, Manoela +

Slater, Hunter Ryan

Slavkin, Zachary L.

Smith, Alexander Kelly

Smith, Hayden J.

Smith, Retta K.

Smith, Tyra J.

Smith, Victoria Paige *

Solarte, Quaid A.

Sowder, Lilly Anna

Spognardi, Kelsey Nichole *

Stanek, Brooke Jordan *

Steller, Jena Grace

Stone-Myers, Kaz

Stoneburner, Mary Katherine #

Sullivan, Sarah Elizabeth

Sullivan, Sydney Lynn

Sullivan, Taylor Brenda

Sun, Haoji +

Swisher, Sydney Marie-Claire

Taylor, Alyxandria N.

Taylor, Gabrielle Christin

Taylor, Niamh Patricia

TenBarge, Ethan James

Thompson, Justin E.

Trejo Cabrera, Flabia Michell

Umland, Samantha Leslie *

Undercuffler, Kathryn Myers

Villezca, Jose Rodolfo

Walker, Lindsay Maclean

Weichel, Chelsea L.

Weiss, Gabrielle Nicole

White, Cole Thomas Scott

Wilson, Tayla Sharynne *

Winter Caballero, Aidan Dario

Wood, Camdyn William

Young, Natalie Taylor *

Zoolakis, Ara Andreana *


Allen, Jackson Patrick 

Bayley, Matthew R. *

Bostwick IV, William Edward

Brems, Baylee A. +

Chong, Paul +

DeMeyer, Jasmine Sarah

Dodd, Macey Olivia + * ^

Downs, Samuel Conrad Stephen

Dunnahoo, Megan Flinn

Hemenway, Nathan Alexander *

Hempstead, Tyler Vaughn

Mellor, Ryan Marie

Palen, Arthur C.

Queen, Alexander Scott


Angelo, Claire Elizabeth

Antilla, Nicolas William *

Archuleta, Chanel Alicia

Arellano, Aubrey Lynn

Bailey, Brandon T.

Bartucci, Elyse E.

Bordner, Majesty Vail *

Bridge, Caitlyn C. *

Cabanting, Kayla B. * =

Carlberg, Kelli Elizabeth

Carlile, Bailey R.

Chang, Lauren Elizabeth

Cherry, Jasmine Nichelle Ann

Clarke, Madison Rose

Cockrell, Ariana M.

Cook, Cheryl Michaela

Czajka, Jackson Francis *

DiNatale, Alexandra A.

Donivan, Cole B. * 

Dooling, Amy Lynn

Drager, Sierra Flora Nicole

Dunbar, Michela Elisabeth

Dyck, Alison Christine Marie

Eftang, Sara Elizabeth *

Estrada-Olivas, Amindra Alejandra +

Fillmore, Jing-Mei Lu *

Foster, Tabitha A.

Fulk, Renata Fang Fukuhara

Ghiazza, Kelly Paige

Gibson, Kaiya L.

Gillespie, Corbin Scott

Goetz, Jacob Steven *

Guerrero, Tatiana Ashley 

Hurteau, Victoria H. *

Ingalls, Colton Christopher

Jackson, Kaitlyn E. *

Jivan, Aashi *

Johnson, Brianna Rose *

Johnson-Claudio, Nhi’ez J.

Joy, Thomas Monroe

Kinder, Kirsten Marie

Kirwan, Katherine Ann +

Knox, Hannah Rose + *

Lakey, Kimberly Ann +

Liberati, Natalie Celeste + * ^

Liu, Yitong

Lokey, Dallas Kathleen *

Luke, Jack Travis

MacDougall, Aubrey N.

Maynes, Kyleigh Helen *

McCabe, Joshua Taylor

Morris, Skyler J.

Mountain, Katrianna L.

Murphy, Jacey Elizabeth + ^

Murphy, Julia Rose *

Nie, Jiaxin

Ouellette, Emily Lauryn

Pollard, Ezra I.

Prokey, Ashley Nicole

Ramos, Leslie *

Reyes, David Franco

Roo, Megan Y. *

Rosales, Molly *

Ross, Abigail Margaret

Salzano, Binyamin + ^

Samuel Jr., Sean R.

Saxe, Cody Robert

Scott, Lauren Amanda *

Shassetz, Sarah Elizabeth

Slade, Nathaniel Lantz

Sopkin, Cora Carolyn

Southerland, Payton Alyssa

Stein, Vivian Rene

Steinebrey, Emma Grace

Stoneman, William Joseph

Strong, Samuel Timothy

Thorkildsen, Amanda Christine *

Tu, Meihui

Wilson, Susan Grace Burlingame

Yi, Lina + ^

Zylstra, Corryn Michele *

College of Natural Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2022

College of Natural Sciences

Dean Janice L. Nerger


Applied Computing Technology

Garcia, Michael C.J. *

Wallace, Joshua S.


Farrell, Katherine Grace

Ferguson, Celia Catherine

Rhoads, Russell A.

Biological Science

Alvarez, Jacob D.

Arthur, Leu C.Y.

Bailey, Calvin Charles *

Blakeley, Casey James

Bower, Brendan Jacob

Briscoe, Hunter Thomas

Capriotti, Elexis Marie

Chubb, Ian Andrew *

Ciniglio, Francesca

Dardano, Kaylie Ann

Delnevo, Louisa Elizabeth

Duff, Katherine Lorraine

Eldridge, Chris

Garza, Taylor Grace

Gonzalez, Jazmin G. *

Ham, Kaylee Faye

Hickman, Jennifer Danyelle Enid

Kopycienski, Dahlia

Maisells, Allison Anne

Meriwether, Victoria Elizabeth *

Miller, Paul Matthew

Morgan, Kersten Rena

Moss, Liana Sophia

Murray, Rachel L.

Nance, Laurel Anne

Nazloyan, Amy

Neujahr, Dalton C. *

Olson, Sasha M.

Overby, Shawna Kathleen

Parsons, Rachel Lauren *

Perez, Angelica Denise *

Pettersson, Emelie Anne

Rodriguez, Jesse

Sabel, Anthony J.

Sisk, Mattye Marie

Stahl, Jesse L.

Strider, Isaac Harrison

Tillery, Austin B.

Tompkins, Trinity Marie


Holtorf, Genevieve Camille

May, Melissa K.

Computer Science

Al-Rawahi, Abdullah Ahmed

Cornelius, Devin B.

Courchesne-Owades, Isaac

Dziak, Lauren Anne

Egues, Michael Shelton

Espy, Michael D. ^

Hyatt, Jacquelyn A.

Jenkins, Daniel Kei

Julian, Allie Quinn

Kinsella, Kedrick Joseph *

Lara, Gary

Montoya, Vanessa Judit

Snyder, Ian Renno

VanHook, Alexander Nicholas

Wu, Tianyu *

Data Science

Alsadeed, Hawas Asaad Hawas Kanaan


Collins III, Robert O.

Jacobi, William Ward

Rodriguez, Paige Andrea

Natural Sciences

Snow, Kelsey J.


Seefried, Ethan Jon + *

Taylor, Connor Dean *

Walter, Buzz A. + *


Adair, Joseph Ryan

Aguilar Guillen, Anajely *

Aleksiev, Hannah Marie

Alrahbi, Razan

Baker, Robert T.

Balcombe, Siobhan Jonquil

Blasi, Alexandra Constance *

Bonca, Emma Christine

Burlingame, Bryson M.

Butkovich, Maddison Nicole

Canning, Izabelle *

Carson, Sarah E.

Charneskie, Abigail Mia

Donovan, Sydney R.

Foster, Haley Elisabeth

Fuhr, Dylan Michael

Gibbons, Trisha Velora

Groce, Rachel Claire *

Henderson, Francine Elizabeth + *

Hopkins, Madeline Laree

Hundertmark, Anna Kathryn

Kelley, Laura Jean

Kelly, Tess Elizabeth

Kugel, Mikaela Rose =

La Fleur, Samantha Elizabeth

Levy, Michelle

Maloney, Teagan Sarah

Martindale, Madison Elizabeth

Means, Jessica Olivia

Merriweather, Victor Shane

Moore, Bryan J.

Mora, Jared Nehemiah *

Munk, Kennedy Erin

Nelsen, Kacie Robin

Nims, Connor William

Pacitto, Antonio

Parker, Sarah Elizabeth

Peña, Crystal Alicia

Potter, Emily Rose 

Reyes Dominguez, Yutziri

Rivera Garfio, Michelle *

Roth, Brittany Lee

Samperi, Alexandra C.

Santoyo, Bianca D.

Spring, Montana Lee

Stark, Megan Caroleen

Swearingen, Samantha Louise

Terrazas, Eunice Idaly

Thomas, Riley Kaye

Tirrill, Sabrina Jewell *

Van Sertima, Alexander

Vargas, Itzael Omar

Vazquez, Alejandro R.

Villa-Baeza, Nohely

VonWeller, Shilo Kelsie *

Walterman, Amy Cherie

Ward, Carly

Webber, Haley Kay

Wells, Macie Lynne

Wilmot, Andrew S.

Wipke, Rose Elizabeth * ^

Withem, Jonina Jeanette Kristin


Andales, Daniel Flores

Santillan-Lensink, Claudia Cecilia


Adams, Abigail M.

Aldridge, Amber Jolene

Bautista, Anna Isabel * =

Billings, Madison R.

Dienstbier, Anna Grace *

Liao, Pei-ru *

Lynton, Neena Leona

Maka, Madison Taylor Rochelle

Marcial-Rodriguez, Ashley Yamilet *

Mosal, Grant Wayne * ^

Naves, Brett A.

Reyes, Pedro Jose

Rounds, Bailee Leah *

Schneider, Avery Nicole *

Schuyler, Lauren

Sieps, Amanda Kay

Stafilas, Athanasia F.

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously