138th Year of
Spring 2022

College of Health and Human Sciences Commencement

May 15, 2022

Order of Ceremony

Processional, “Pomp and Circumstance” – Associate Dean Jennifer Aberle/CSU Brass Ensemble

Presentation of the Colors – Wing Walker Honor Guard

National AnthemMainstreet A Cappella

Introduction of Platform Guests – Associate Dean Aberle

Dean’s Welcome – Dean Lise Youngblade

Recognition of Students

Presentation of Degree Candidates – Dean Youngblade

Conferring of Degrees – Mr. Armando Valdez

Charge to the Class – Ms. Deirdre Sullivan

Honorary Societies – Dr. Donald Mykles

University Honors Program – Dr. Mykles

Announcement of Newly Commissioned Officers – CPT Kevin Frey, Army ROTC

Individual Recognition – Dean Youngblade and Department Heads/School Directors

Student Speaker – Ms. Sara Bovaird

Welcome to the Alumni Association – Dr. Laura Jensen

Alma Mater – Mainstreet A Cappella

Closing – Associate Dean Aberle

Recessional, “Pomp and Circumstance” – Associate Dean Aberle/CSU Brass Ensemble

On the Platform

Dr. Jennifer Aberle, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Ms. Sara Bovaird, Outstanding Senior, Design and Merchandising

Dr. Julie Braungart-Rieker, Department Head, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Barry Braun, Department Head, Health and Exercise Science

Dr. Charlotte Bright, Director, School of Social Work

Dr. Patti Davies, Professor, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Susan Faircloth, Director, School of Education

Dr. Michelle Foster, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

CPT Kevin Frey, Army ROTC

Dr. Paul Goodrum, Department Head, Construction Management

Dr. Matthew Hickey, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Dr. Karen Hyllegard, Department Head, Design and Merchandising

Dr. Laura Jensen, Vice Provost for Planning and Effectiveness

Dr. Dawn Mallette, Coordinator, Family and Consumer Sciences

Dr. Christopher Melby, Interim Department Head, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Dr. Donald L. Mykles, Director, University Honors Program

Dr. Mary Pedersen, Provost and Executive Vice President

Ms. Deirdre Sullivan, President and CEO, United Way of Larimer County

Mr. Armando Valdez, Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System

Ms. Danielle Willis, College Marshal

Dr. Lise Youngblade, Dean

Sara Bovaird, ’22

Sara Bovaird is an Honors Program student, graduating magna cum laude with a B.S. in interior architecture and design and minor in global environmental sustainability. Sara cultivated her enthusiasm for learning and service through leadership at CSU. She held officer roles in two department student organizations and had an internship with the city of Sterling, Colorado, documenting historically significant buildings. Although her spring 2020 study abroad experience in Florence, Italy was cut short due to the pandemic, Sara made it an opportunity to align her passion for designing for human health and well-being with the world’s heightened health concerns for her senior capstone project and honors thesis. She hopes to continue in the healthcare field and looks forward to using design to create sustainable environments that foster growth, connectivity, and well-being.

Deirdre Sullivan, ’97
President and CEO, United Way of Larimer County

Deirdre Sullivan (B.S., human development and family studies, ’97) held student leadership roles and an internship, which led to her first job in social services, followed by work in direct services and policy efforts. She has shared her leadership and policy expertise through The Family Leadership Training Institute, a program of CSU Extension, and as a board member for The Family Center/La Familia and Health District of Northern Larimer County. She earned a Master’s in Public Administration from University of Colorado Denver and was named 2017 College of Health and Human Sciences Outstanding Alumna and 2019 Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Livingston Fellow. Today, leading United Way of Larimer County, she continues her work in collaboration and engagement for the nonprofit sector, philanthropy, and our community. Her life and career connect with nearly every program in the College of Health and Human Sciences.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2022

Matthew Bomar, Health and Exercise Science major with Health Promotion concentration and Biomedical Sciences minor. Thesis title: Influence of Edible Marijuana on Endurance Exercise.

Sara Bovaird, Interior Architecture and Design major and Global Environmental Sustainability minor. Thesis title: An Application of COVID-19 Design Precautions: Inserting Researched Design Methodologies into a Senior Interior Design Capstone to Explore Effective Solutions to Pandemic Design.

Anna Castro, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration and Spanish minor. Thesis title: The Life of a Climber of Color.

Lindsey Garchar, Social Work major and Languages, Literatures and Cultures major with Spanish concentration. Thesis title: Municipal Composting: Proposed Best Practices for Fort Collins, CO.

Elizabeth Gilchrist, Human Development and Family Studies major with Leadership and Entrepreneurial Professions concentration and Political Science major with U.S. Government, Law and Policy concentration. Thesis title: Backcountry Skiing in Summit County for the Novice: Precautions, Restrictions, and Suggestions.

Cabe Green, Health and Exercise Science with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation for First Responders.

Emily Grubb, Human Development and Family Studies major with Leadership and Entrepreneurial Professions concentration and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: Toxic Masculinity: Gaining a Better Understanding for the Detrimental Effects of Societal Influence of Men.

Sevi Harden, Health and Exercise Science with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: The Pressures of Greatness: An Investigation into Behavioral Health Disorders Among Athletes.

Ashley Herrera, Human Development and Family Studies major with Prevention and Intervention Science concentration. Thesis title: The Expensive to Be Poor: The Cost of Being Low Socioeconomic Status.

Sophie Matthews, Human Development and Family Studies with Early Childhood Professions concentration and Spanish minor. Thesis title: CSU as a Hispanic Serving Institution – Where We Are and Where We Can Go.

Courtney Mroczenski, Social Work major and Gerontology and Statistics minors. Thesis title: Salama. Shalom. Eirene. Peace.

Abbie Neuman, Health and Exercise Science with Sports Medicine concentration and Spanish minor. Thesis title: Military Brats: A Memoir of an Air Force Family.

Shelby Norris, Interior Architecture and Design major. Thesis title: Design and Efficiency of On-Campus Lab Design.

Thomas Oates, Health and Exercise Science with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Aerobic Exercise and Down Syndrome: Supports, Limitations, and Benefits to Participation in Aerobic Exercise Among Individuals with Trisomy 21.

Ashley Parra Lopez, Social Work major and Ethnic Studies minor. Thesis title: Strengthening Student-Teacher Relationships: Cultivating Culturally Sound and Safe Learning Spaces for Black, Indigenous, and Youth of Color.

Lana Razma, Health and Exercise Science with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: The Pathophysiology of Vascular Cognitive Impairment.

Peyton Robie, Health and Exercise Science with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Lilith, The Cancer Cell.

James Ross, Health and Exercise Science with Sports Medicine concentration and Nutrition minor. Thesis title: Effectiveness and Specificity of Agility Tests: A Literature Review.

Nalani Saeks, Human Development and Family Studies with Prevention and Intervention Science concentration. Thesis title: Association Between ADHD Symptoms and Insecure Attachment in Early Adulthood.

Jaime Stanton, Human Development and Family Studies with Pre-Health Professions concentration. Thesis title: All Hands on Deck: An Interactive American Sign Language Learning Tool.

Hunter Wilde, Human Development and Family Studies with Prevention and Intervention Science concentration. Thesis title: Analysis and Practical Application of the Reggio Emilia Approach.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2022

College of Health and Human Sciences

Dean Lise Youngblade


Human Development and Family Studies

Gilchrist, Elizabeth Diane + #


Apparel and Merchandising

Coldrick, Chloe Denise *

Ferguson, Emily Grace ^

Ferry, Alexa Jade

Hoag, Mckenzie Grace

Hoops, Remi Sutton * #

Humphreys, Colin Edward

Kendree, Amy M. *

Mashburn, Catriona Anne

Melusky, Krista Lee #

Michael, Catherine Leigh *

Miner, Sarah G.

Murray, Gabriel John *

Novelli, Tessa Rose *

Nuss, Hayley Megan

Perry, Ryan Robert *

Phillips, Logan Tugwell *

Pietro, Alexandrea Paige *

Quast, McKailyn Elisa *

Ranson, Lauren Cassidy

Remias, Madeleine Burke *

Reorda, Paige Elizabeth *

Rhody-Lundstrom, Madyson M.

Terral, Casey *

Tew, Charles Clarence

Veit, Kristen Claire

Vittorio, Emily Jeanne

Wharton, Molly C. *

Wilson, Susan Elizabeth Yu Yun

Wyman, Jordan Parker

Construction Management

Albrecht, Logan Nicole *

Alfone, Alexander David *

Arnold, Dan

Badger, Karina Elizabeth *

Bailey, Nathan Scott

Bartlett, Mason W.

Beard, Avery R.

Bizzigotti, Jason Peter *

Blackman, Aidan Burke

Breidenbach, Jacob Douglas *

Brockway, Matthew James *

Brouillette, Matthew James

Burlar, Aaron Dean

Cacich, Hunter Geoffrey *

Carr, John T.

Chung, Justin

Citrino, Conor Robert

Cole, Hayden McInnis *

Copperman, Terry Robert

Costello, Derek Kellen

Crespin, Mateo R.

Cross, Keegan Alan

Daghlian, Paul Curtis

Dawson, Andrew James

Dominguez, Eryn Kate

Doran, Graham Thomas *

Dorrian, Evan James

Dozier, Austin Henry

Durbin, Briggs R.

Egan, Jackson Plunkett

Engel, Cole Maxwell

Espinosa, Estefan J.

Evans, Nicholas

Fillion, Jared J.

Finn, Shawn

Flores, Oscar

Foreman, Kaleb R.

Fraire Larios, Gerardo Fidel

Frenette, Benjamin S.

Funk, Gabriel Robert

Gallegos, Rylee Autumn

Gerstberger, Tanner Dade

Gilpatrick, Ryan Shane

Gomez-Lopez Jr., Horacio

Gray, Bowen C.

Hammock, Gunter R.

Hansen, Derek D.

Harlin, Joey

Harrell, John Tully

Harris, Benjamin T.

Harris, Edward J.

Hatzenbuhler, Reed C.

Heeren, Logan Michael

Hernandez, Anthony E.

Hernandez, Gustavo G.

Hodgkins, Peter M.

Howell, Morgan Lea

Jensen, Andrew G. *

Johnson, Clay Dwayne

Johnson, Turner J.

Jones, Jackson Robert

Kammer, John Thomas

Kiefer, Marissa Anne ^

Lambert, Matthew Tyler

Lindsay, Ryan Scott =

Mailander, Cody R.

Martin, Nicholas J.

Matthews, Ashley Mariah

McMurry, Lincoln Chase * ^

Mogren, Spencer Robert

Moody, Patrick Ryan

Morgan, Benjamin Christopher

Morris, Brandee Renee

Munoz Sanchez, Cesar Daniel *

Nicholson, Michael S.

Osthoff, Dillon K.

Pascarella, Dominic L.

Rebis, Jeffery David

Rojas Sanchez, Luis A. *

Roubidoux, Zachary Russell

Rusch, Jackson Allen

Silerio Gurrola, Celso V.

Speicher, Jake Robert *

Suntken, Brittany K.

Thuerk, Jesse Allen * #

Tyus, Jonathan C.

Voshage, Mackenzie Nichole

Westerheid, William Peyton

Williams, Denzel Lee

Early Childhood Education

Banuelos, Ariel Nicole =

Bert, Alyssa Renee

Bourgain, Emma Rachel

Doty, Melanie Elizabeth

Gonzales, Megan Irene

Green, Kendall Nicole #

Guilfoyle, Selene Lisa

Hairgrove, Kelsey Joy #

Hasselbach, Hannah Ruth *

Hendrix, Ashlyn Renee *

Hughes, Sophie Marilyn #

Marty, Leah Patricia #

Miller, Madison Sara ^

Nash, SonJia C.

Ostrander, Julia ^

Oury, Katherine Marguerite

Padilla, Madison Paige ^

Peralez, Marissa Leigh

Phelps, Haylee Elizabeth

Ries, Teagan Elizabeth #

Roter, Rachel L.

Routh, Madysen Denae ^

Sheeks, Lauren Ravelle * ^

Simon, Patrick C.

Wisneski, Kassia K. =

Family and Consumer Sciences

Chen, Yuqing

Moon, Gihoon

Nguyen, Monet Lauren

Olsson, Isabella Rain

Sorzano, Anna Maria

Fermentation Science and Technology

Colwell, Alexandra Renee

Denenberg, Jonathan Aleksander

Elliott, Parker John

Galindo, Leonel Martinez

Goldstein, Sam Eli *

Gonzales, Mckenzie Sammantha

Hussung, Nathanael Lee *

Martin, Andrew James

Ortega, Tyler James *

Patterson, James

Piehl, Tyler Thomas ^

Raynes, Chance

Scherff, Matthew W. 

Watts, Hunter Gordon

Health and Exercise Science

Adams, Jessica Audrey

Aggrey, David

Antillon-Bencomo, Itzel

Avila, Mason C.

Baca, Xelah Rain

Bacerdo, Janelle Crispina

Barela, Zaeleigh Rae

Bascom, Georgia Louise * ^

Berard, William Paul

Boe, Madison Paige *

Boehner, Paul E.

Bolin, Rachael Lynn

Bomar, Matthew C. *

Bourn, Macy McKenna

Bowman, Noah Kaleb-Daniel

Boyd, Amanda Katherine ^

Browne, Macie Lane

Butler Kinney, Mayaih Nicole

Butterklee, Hannah Michelle

Chesson, Jasmine Symone

Chu, Jiun-Yeh

Cialone, Jessica Marie

Clayton, Dawson James

Colombo, Sasha * =

Courtis, Hailey Nicole

Craig, Elizabeth

Crepeau, Kendall Ann

Curnutte, Catherine Rose Joanne ^

Derix, Sydney Ann ^

Dillard, Brent Michael

Dryer, Brandon M.

Elges, Brooke Elizabeth *

Emory, Lauren N.

Fegurgur, John Thomas

Freitas, Hannah Madeline

Frye, Elizabeth C. #

Fulton, John Russell

Glasco, Jakiyah J.

Green, Cabe K.

Gustafson, Laurel Jaylynn

Hamel, Griffin Leon

Hammon, Alyssa A.

Hansen, Grace Elizabeth

Harden, Sevi Dee

Hardesty, Tara Marie

Herceg, Georgia Rae

Hofferber, Tyler J.

Hoyer, Corey Lynn

Hoyer, Sarah Jane *

Hrvojevic, Lidia 

Huerta, Ryan M. *

Jackman, Kathryn Kristen

Jesser, Jillian Christine * ^

Johnson, Brieann Elise

Johnston, Rachelle Faith

Kay, Carina L.

Kissler, Kristen

Konowal, Halina *

Krueger, Jaycelyn Glen – Rose

LaBar, Megan Rylee

Latham McGraw, Dylan

Leonard, Katherine Grace * ^

Lesh, Michael David *

MacFarland, Cara Lynn Helen

Maloney, Jacey Ralyn *

Maly, Logan Hays

Mancey, Jessica Sierra

Mathias, Evan ^

Matl, Anna Marie

Matsuura, Rena Sophia *

McIntosh, Joseph Scott

McVay, Madalynn Rose

Molenaar, Catherine Grace * =

Moran, Sean Patrick *

Morrissey, Alexis Nicole

Mrla, Megan Elaine

Nelson, Daniel Dean *

Nicholas, Braedyn W.

Nielsen, Emily Rose

Oates, Thomas Alexander

O’Brien, Emma

O’Lena, Jacob M.

Oliver-Miller, Tallulah M.

Parga-Martinez, Brayan Mauricio

Patterson, Catherine Lynn

Peacock, Christian Joseph

Pelley, Megan Malia

Perez, Eleny Maria

Petty, Madison Summer *

Pittman, Cole Massett ^

Poe, Jaclyn Marie

Polenz, Brookelyn Renee

Powell, Makaela Breelynn

Razma, Lana Kristina

Richards-Randall, Jason Scott #

Riden, Sean Colin

Ross, James W. * ^

Sabel, Colton Shane

Sarconi, Nicole Marie *

Seier, Jonathan Robert *

Selberg, Erika Hayden

Self, Bennett James Ontiveros

Selinger, Christina Lynne *

Sosa Salinas, Luis Emmanuel *

Stewart, Morgan Lorenz *

Talavera-Bermudez, Alejandra

Van Liefde, Jacqueline Saundra * #

Varlow, Sophia D.

Vosoughi, Sara Elizabeth *

Wade, Grant Michael

Wagner, Leeann Lynn ^

Wagner, Megan Michelle #

Walker, Sydney Ann

Warner, Lyndi Anne

Weig, Mason Eric * ^

Williams, Charlie

Williams, Taylor Alexis

Wood, Aubrey Kathleen

Zettl, Paxton Ellen Marie Goetz #

Zhang, Rongyi #

Zidbeck, Matthew P.

Hospitality Management

Barnett, Lauren Nicole *

Beezley, Kelsey Marie *

Brewer, Alexandra Ruth *

Brunswig, Sarah Ann

Campbell, Taylore L. *

Carlson, Morgan Kathleen *

Chandler, John Wesley

Cropper, Hana Parker *

Hoffman, Nicholas Robert

Judkins, Marina

Kiser, Madison Grace *

Klinefelter, Chris

Maras, Tessa Michele

McMillen, Caeley Rhyann *

Mickelson, Gabrielle Marie

Paradise, Taylor Jo *

Pierce, Evan Scott *

Sasaoka, Chandler Elizabeth *

Schirle, Cameron G.

Shi, Ying *

Smith, Ryan Andrew *

Soto Villezcas, Jenyfer Arleth *

Trevino, Christian

Vieyra, Christopher Jordan *

Walsh, Marc James *

Wilson, Jessica Renee

Human Development and Family Studies

Abel, Kristen Ann ^

Ada, Lorna L.

Adebayo, Aderonke Oyindamola

Amann, Elizabeth Catherine

Andrade-Serrano, Nailea

Armstrong, Gracie Pierce

Ashcraft, Sydney *

Aske, Jadyn

Avalos Lopez, Michelle

Barker, April Joy * #

Bashore, Jordyn Lee *

Bauer, MacKenzie Anne * #

Bazrbachi, Bashir 

Billig, Wendy M. ^

Bousquet, Cathryn Louise

Campagnola, Jessica D.

Campanale, Iliana Olivia

Carbajal, Oliveth *

Cartwright, Cassidy Chase

Champine, Casey Shae

Choitz, Brieanna F.

Choma, Nicole Anna

Clark, Jenniffer

Coleman, Evelyn

Cooper, Armani Alma Lee

Cornwell, Anna Rose * #

Craft, Kyrieanna L. *

Cromwell, Sarah Elizabeth *

Dao, Thuy-Tien

Davidson, Nicholas J.

Davis, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Dingmon, Taylor D.

Donohue, Catharine Ruth +

Drake, Peyton Doraine *

Drouhard, Emma Beatrice

Dydell, Karina S.

Ellingson, Cassidy Kay

Estacuy Ixcot, Yoselin E. *

Estep, Kendall Ashley

Finley, Jenna Michele

Finn, McKenna * #

Funkhouser, Mary Ragan * ^

Gabriel, Jamil Allas

Gale, Lauren Lois *

Garcia, Taylor Lynn

George, Haylie A.

Gibson, Heather Camille

Gilchrist, Elizabeth Diane + #

Gilmore, Taylor Rose *

Girard, Isabella Sumner

Gonzales, Ivy Kirin

Gonzalez, Vanesa Isabela

Gonzalez-Castro, Allison Alejandra

Goroski, Leah Suzanne

Green, Jordan S.

Gross, Elly Taylor

Grubb, Emily Elizabeth * ^

Hanesly, Whitney Brooke

Harrell, Kelsey S.

Harris, Emily Grace

Herrera, Ashley Shannon-Marie

Herrera Prado, Paulina *

Heuck, William N. *

Hutchinson Jr., Richard A.

Jestes, Hope Elizabeth

Johnson, Dylin Lee *

Jurysta, Eliana Rachel

Karr, Kaitlyn Danielle

Kenyherz, Alexandra

Kerr, Kaylee Rae ^

Kesslin, Drew Madeline =

King, Jessica C.

Kochanski, Mackenzie J.

Kohlenberg, Makela A.

Kruger, Kathryn Elizabeth

Laguet Parra, Maria Guadalupe

Le, JolieDuyen M.

Lee, Camille

Lengel, Baylie Adison

Leonard, Tessa Alyona

Leslie, Morgan Taylor

Letner, Kelli

Lewis, Erin Joyce #

Leydens, Kiara I. #

Lindemann, Bren Raine

Lindenmeyer, Carly

Litteken, Elsa Marie

Lopez Lara, Aranza Lizbeth

Maloney, Maggie J. *

Maly, Nicole B.

Malynn, Grace Ann ^

Manuel, Amaya Marie

Marmor, Amanda Juila ^

Mathis, Elizabeth Guinevere

Matsutani, Jocelyn Jane

Matthews, Sophie Louise * =

McMurry, Mariana Bianchi

Meza Galvan, Renato Emmanuel

Miller, Megan Nicole *

Miller, Sarah Renee ^

Mueller, Hannah N. ^

Mullen, Lindsay K.

Mulugeta, Beimnet Yonas

Murphy, Katelyn Ann * ^

Musler, Abigail Brooks

Nelson, Camryn Michelle ^

Ngo, Tina Tran

Odstrcil, Jordan Yvonne

Odstrcil, Lindsey S.

Olivas, Jennifer Mae

Olivieri, Nicole ^

Olmedo-Vigil, Dulce N.

O’Rourke, Kiley E. ^

Ortega, Alicia Margaret

Ortiz, Yesenia *

Owenby, Abbey Paige

Owens, Ashley Brooke

Pacheco, Jazlyn

Peterson, Devon C.

Peterson, Hanna Helene *

Pisano, Hadley G. ^

Putman, Tanajha N.

Raubolt, Claudia

Rencher, Laura A.

Rinow, Kindree Mykl *

Rosas, Madison *

Roth, Cassandra Anne

Roth, Kenedy Taylor

Rudolph, Sarai Janae

Russell, Chloe Lynn

Ruybal, Amanda Marie

Saeks, Nalani Rose #

Saenz, Angela Abigail

Salazar, Mariana Lobato * ^

Salomón, Yesenia Ivonné

Sammon, Kennedi Margaret #

San Agustin, Lauren Elizabeth

Schmidt, Avery Kachinski *

Schneible, Kristina L.

Schneider, Madeline ^

Schubring, Devin Elizabeth

Schulte, Katherine Kennedy

Slevin-Dotson, Ally

Sombers, Halston M.

Sprouse, Rowan Magdalena *

Stanton, Jaime Marie

Stein, Ania Joy #

Stevens, Tovah Rose

Steward, Mollie E. *

Sullivan, Breanna R.

TeKrony, Sophia Dawn #

Throop, Cynthia L.

Tran, Lilly Le

Ulrych, Isabella Grace #

Urich, Kyle John #

Vail, Mia Taelor *

Valdez Benavides, Darlene *

Van Note, Lauren Paige * ^

Vargas, Vanessa Raquel +

Vazquez Diaz, Lizeth Del Carmen

Vieregg, Sara * =

Walker Perez, Sabrina Chantel

Warner, Michael C.

Waufle, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Wicks, Brenna D’Allen * #

Wilde, Hunter Shawnaseigh Grace ^

Wilson, Erica Lyn

Ye, Holly

Interior Architecture and Design

Archuleta, Shelby Leah * ^

Aster, Julie Hyun Kyung

Avila, Yesenia

Axtell, Emmalyne Louise #

Bergeron, Lauren E. *

Bovaird, Sara Victoria * #

Choksey, Renee Janelle * ^

Dreiling, Crystal Rose ^

Dyer, Meghan Carew

Glover, Gailie C. ^

Johnston, Jeremy DesRoche

Jorgensen, Tia Elizabeth

Larsen, Charmaine *

Moore, Chloe *

Norris, Shelby Rae

Quick, Makenzie Ann *

Redus, Samantha Lee

Sanchez, Tailor Rose *

Schell, Danielle M. *

Urresti, Cynthia Ariane *

Vigil, Jenna Renee * ^

Nutrition and Food Science

Calvert, Hayley R. #

Carter, Kara

Cutting, Emma Genevieve

Eaden, Larissa Rose #

Fricke, Hanna M.

Gavello, Joseph Thomas

Hauffman, Sydney Erin

Irwin, Ian J.

Jasper, Trevor Wayne ^

Jaten, Zoie N.

Kalogeras, Caitlin Ann

Laine, Kenneth T.

Lalor, S. Lynne

Lewis, Braeden Hope

Mador, Alison I.

Matheu, Lauren Taylor

McDowell, Heather R.

Pivonka, Autumn A. *

Reed, Blake Ann

Roberts, Danielle Nicole

Robinson, Emily Carolynn

Schwartz, Taylor Michelle *

Wagner, Leah Nicole

Weaver, Sterling Claudette ^

Yurov, Victor


Social Work

Aretos, Anna Grace

Arriaga, Diego Miguel

Askins, Lydia Kathlene

Balsamo, Dehlia Jade *

Baray, Leslie Valeria

Buhaenko, Gemma Powner *

Butler, Ashley Jennifer #

Cabrera, Emily Torres

Chavira-Nieto, Mircia Daniela *

Collins, Brynna ^

Connell, Jessica Christianna #

Contreras, Samantha Jazmin ^

Corral, Natalia

DeLong, Julia

Drumm, Alana Clare

Fabela-Diaz, Gabriel Abisahi

Fizer, Sarah Frances ^

Flowers, Brittanie Taylor

Garchar, Lindsey Reanna + #

Goldstein, Micah Samuel

Graves, Sophia Ann

Greene, Abagail Ann ^

Guest, Karley McKell

Haberkorn, Jordan Taylor

Hancock, Taya Kathleen *

Hardwick, Sara Erin

Helmstetter, Erik D. *

Hernandez, Miranda Angel

Hopper, D’Mia Ranee Ann *

Jensen, Sarah Joan

Jimenez-Chino, Liscenia * ^

Kazi, Jessmine Joy *

Kropp, Ryan Benjamin

Lantzy, Taylor E.

Marsden, Emily Margaret

Millard, Alyssa Ann *

Molina, Hunter M.

Mortimer, Brooke Anna

Mroczenski, Courtney Alexandra * #

Parra López, Ashley * #

Peck, Molly J. * ^

Romero, Hallie Irene

Salat, Amina

Schade, Elisabeth Anne +

Schobinger, Bree Alexis *

Schroder, Ruby Catherine

Shedd, Jenna Elisabeth ^

Slayton, Trinity Raeln

Tomlinson Jr., Brian K.

Turmo, Alyssa A.

Twenhafel, William Justice

Valencia Gonzalez, Samantha Michel

Welborn, Robert William

York, Madisyn E. ^

Zeitler, Livya Y. *

College of Health and Human Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2022

College of Health and Human Sciences

Dean Lise Youngblade


Apparel and Merchandising

Astudillo, Jasmine Paz

Billis, Connor McCoy

Carter, Sarah Elizabeth *

Clagett, Katherine Hill

Foley, Blake Alexis

Green, Paisley Rose * ^

Hackett, Maxwell Levi

Hadjis, Elise Nicole +

Hoagberg, Abigail Marie *

Howieson, Zoey Yongfang ^

Lockard, Katherine Gwynne *

Luettgen, Kami Nichole *

McIntire, Abby

Montgomery, Elizabeth L.

Morales, Sara A. *

Mrogheim, Hailey Marie

Norwick, Claire Marie *

Rodriguez, Cynthia Marie Rose

Ross, Ryan F.

Sheffels, Kaylee Emma +

Smith, Ethan Robert

Tarzian, Jared John =

Teichert, Amanda Rose *

Thompson, Quatia Cymonee *

Watson, Brittany Louise 

Zielske, Leslie Ellen

Construction Management

Franey, Conner M.

Linza, Matthew Decker

Family and Consumer Sciences

Dumler, Lindsey

Fermentation Science and Technology

Britton, Matthew E. *

Makuissu, Audrey

Health and Exercise Science

Banker, Clair Elizabeth

Bennett, Wayne Sidley

Bergquist, Alexandra Eleni

Billips, Madison Renee

Booth, Bailey Cheyenne

Bradsby, Paulina Erika

Brindl, Evelyn Juliet

Castro, Anna Leonor *

Colby, Andrew Richard Kingsbury

Dekleva, Alayna Joy Arras

Dekleva, Madeline M.

DeSantis, Peter James

Elliott, Charles Douglas

Franklin, Paige Nicole

Gault, Brianna Marie

Gonzalez, Sandy

Gonzalez Arcos, Julio Abdiel

Hanneman, Michael Alan *

Hansen, Peter Bae

Hartje, Carson J.

Kayne, Brendan Trevor *

Kiefer, Megan Victoria Rose

Klusza, Caroline J.

Knoll, Jacob Gregory

Lewis, Nicole Rae

Lewis, Zachary James

Montoya, Tyson R.

Moore, Dylan Rae

Naseman, Cameron M.

Neuman, Abbie May *

Nguyen, David Hieu

Pardee, James K. *

Pierson, Zachary James

Pietrafeso, Jessica Trudy *

Rasco, Leah Marie

Robie, Peyton M.

Ruth, Emily A.

Ryan, Sophia Marie

Santini, Jacob Thomas

Secord, Michaela Alene

Siemens, Emma Nichole

Simione, Ashley E.

Smith, Connor S.

Stewart, Joshua Daniel

Street, Christopher D.

Tejada, Ricardo Jeram

Von Sprecken, Matthew Aron

Waisanen, Annika Lowry * ^

Wilson, Sebastian H.

Hospitality Management

Campbell, Jack Stanley

Clarke, Avery Jane *

Esposito, Rebecca Miriam *

Giguere, Elizabeth Y.

Keller, Zach Taylor *

McGarva, Cecelia Marie + *

McLelland, Delaney Kimball *

Morehead, Sydney Maren

Rascon, Julio A. *

Stettler, Alec Chester

Young, Sophia Grace *

Human Development and Family Studies

Altobelli, Jessica Kay 

Archuleta, Felicia Rae

Avila, Isaiah

Battiato, Amber Rae

Bohart, Grace Leigh

Bustamante, Maricarmen *

Bustos, Brittany Leigh Roberson

Byron, Carley Lee

Canfield, Emily Rose *

Cannella, Sophia M.

Cashman, Jake *

Castillo, Jamilyn Dumlao *

Conejo, Vianney Victoria *

Cummings, Madison P.

Duby Peplinski, Coty J.

Duran, Lindsey Ellen

Fenton, Kaley Nicole

Fessler, Megan Christine * #

Gallegos, Kyla Marie

Gierhart, Brooke Marie

Gollob, Christopher H.

Guardado-Ruiz, Rodolfo *

Haefele, Sara Ryan

Hernandez, Christina Mary

Hettinger, Jana E.

Horwitch, Hannah Elaine

Houghton, Jennifer Michelle

Hoyer, Lillian M.

Hvidevold, Siri A.

Jayne, Madison Brooke

Kerwin, Kirsten Elizabeth

Kling, Madeline Rose + #

Kozmata, Sophia Marie *

Landor, Tanara N.

McCurdy, Emma Madeline

McNiece, Larissa A.

Meining, Jaylin Suzanne

Michalik, Shavaun Breann

Mills, Phyllis L.

Musgrave, Shannon Leigh

O’Leary, Abbey Marie

Onken, Jessica Dawn *

Peterson, Amelia Brynn ^

Potkanowicz, Sydney Elise #

Roberts, William D.

Rodarte, Amanda J.

Rodriguez, Lea DeLaLuz

Sanchez, Cinthia Gissell

Sena, Isabelle C.

Soleimanpour, Sara

Tomasini, Emily A.

Torres, Alexia

Tower, John P. *

Ward, Olivia Teresa

Williams, Rachel Elizabeth

Wright, Chloe Maxine

Interior Architecture and Design

Dai, Yuxuan

Martinez, Karina Michelle *

Nutrition and Food Science

Coleman, Carolyn Virginia

Niedermann, Daniel A.

Rogers, Kendall Quinn


Social Work

Arellano Rangel, Gloria Cristina

Dailey, Sarah K. ^

Delaney, Claire Michelle

Graveman, Timothy Jacob

Kuhn-Romero, Raylynn C. K. *

Verost, Kristin Mary +

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously