138th Year of
Spring 2022

College of Business Commencement

May 13, 2022 

Order of Ceremony

Processional 1 – The Colorado Brass Ensemble

Presentation of Colors – Wing Walker Honor Guard

National Anthem 2 – Ms. Mykayla Fitzpatrick

Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Ken Manning

Recognition of University Honors Program Graduates and Graduates with Distinction  – Dr. Paul Mallette

Recognition of Graduate Programs LEAD Award Recipient – Dr. Travis Maynard

Dean’s Remarks – Dean Beth Walker

Student Speaker – Ms. Allie Saeger

Presidential Remarks – President Joyce McConnell

Charge to the Class – GEN James Dickinson

Conferring Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees – Dean Walker and Armando Valdez

Presentation of Diplomas – Department Heads and Dr. Maynard

Alumni Association Remarks – Ms. Lynn Shore

Alma Mater 2 – Ms. Fitzpatrick

Recessional – The Colorado Brass Ensemble

On the Platform

Dr. Ken Manning, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty

Mx. Patrice Palmer, Assistant Dean for Social and Cultural Inclusion

Dr. Lisa Kutcher, Chair, Department of Accounting

Dr. Leo Vijayasarathy, Chair, Department of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Hilla Skiba, Chair, Department of Finance and Real Estate

Dr. Laura Jensen, Vice Provost for Planning and Effectiveness

Dr. Blake Naughton, Vice President for Engagement and Extension

Dr. Susan Golicic, Chair, Department of Management

Dr. Dave Gilliland, Chair, Department of Marketing

Major Blake Friend, Airforce ROTC, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

LTC Matthew Tillman, Army ROTC, Professor of Military Science

Mr. Armando Valdez, Board of Governors, Colorado State University System

Ms. Joyce McConnell, President, Colorado State University

GEN James Dickinson, Alumnus, Commencement Speaker

Dr. Beth Walker, Dean

Dr. Paul Mallette, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Ms. Allie Saeger, spring 2022 Graduate, Student Speaker

Dr. Travis Maynard, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Dr. Lynn Shore, Alumnus and Clinical Professor of Management


Dr. Jonathan Zhang, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing

Ms. Jennifer Vancil, Graduate Career Counselor and Instructor


Dr. Ken Manning, Grand Marshal

Dr. James Stekelberg, Accounting

Dr. Jose Valdes, Computer Information Systems

Dr. Garrett Schaller, Finance

Mr. Chris Stein, Financial Planning

Dr. Troy Mumford, Human Resource Management

Mr. Charlie Ebert, Marketing

Dr. Asad Aziz, Organization and Innovation Management

Dr. Lee Sanning, Real Estate

Dr. Marat Davletshin, Supply Chain Management

Dr. Derek Johnston, Master of Accountancy

Dr. Ramadan Abdunabi, Master of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Rob Schonlau, Master of Finance

Ms. Catie Rohloff, MBA and Impact MBA

Ms. Tonja Rosales and Mr. Shawn Utecht, Faculty and Staff

General James Dickinson, Commencement Speaker

U.S. Army General James H. Dickinson is the Commander, U.S. Space Command, the 11th and newest unified combatant command. As Commander, he is responsible for defending U.S. and Allied interests in the space domain while providing space-enabled combat effects to joint warfighters around the world. He exercises combatant command authority over 18,000 Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Guardians operating ground and space-based systems around the world that provide satellite communication, space domain awareness, offensive and defensive space control effects, and position, navigation, and timing services.

General Dickinson is a native of Estes Park, Colorado and commissioned from the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at Colorado State University in 1981 where he received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His graduate degrees include a Master’s of Science in Operations Research and Systems Analysis from the Colorado School of Mines and a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College.

General Dickinson has commanded at every level in the United States Army from Platoon to Combatant Command and is the Senior Air and Missile Defense Officer in the Department of Defense.

1 Audience remain seated

2 Audience please stand

College of Business

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2022

Emily Baller, Business Administration major with Organization and Innovation Management concentration. Thesis title: Pragmatic Political Partners: Exploring Colorado’s Political Consulting Market and How a New Firm Can Thrive.

Lincoln Barker, Business Administration major with Financial Planning concentration. Thesis title: Fitness Brand Business Plan: Protamorph, LLC.

Casey Bradley, Business Administration major with Finance and International Business concentrations. Thesis title: Understanding Factors that Influence Student Debt Usage and Levels.

Charles Cox, Business Administration major with Information Systems concentration and Mathematics minor. Thesis title: A Cost-Effective, Efficient and Environmentally Conscious Data Center: Is This Practical.

Jacob Garrels, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration, Sports Management minor and Market Research and Data Analytics and Marketing Communication and Branding and Customer Experience Management certificates. Thesis title: Examination of Culture Influences on Attendance for Sports Organizations.

Aimee Grech, Business Administration major with Accounting concentration. Thesis title: Elizabeth Holmes: Evaluating the Role of Masculine Traits on Women in Business.

Konrad Hendley, Business Administration with Information Systems concentration. Thesis title: Financial Planning Web Application for College Students.

Adam Hodgson, Business Administration major with Finance concentration and Economics major. Thesis title: The Cost of Slowing Climate Change, and Why Some Aren’t Willing to Pay.

Alexandra Hunter, Business Administration major with Finance concentration and Entrepreneurship certificate. Thesis title: Financing Alternatives for Sustainable Public-Private Partnership Participation in Low-Income Housing.

Christopher Lahey, Business Administration major with Supply Chain Management concentration and Information Technology for Business Professionals certificate. Thesis title: Risk Mitigation: Onshoring Semiconductor Chip Production.

Ryan Lencke, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor. Thesis title: How Buyer Behavior is Influenced by Sustainability.

Haley Mayr, Business Administration major with Finance and Marketing concentrations and Marketing Communication and Branding and Market Research and Data Analytics certificates. Thesis title: Chateau Venue Business Proposal.

Megan McCarthy, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and Natural Resource Tourism with Natural Resource Tourism concentration. Thesis title: The Intersection of Climate Change and the Ski Industry: Actions and Adaptations Taken.

Jake Mismas, Business Administration with Marketing concentration and Computer Science major with Computer Science concentration and Market Research and Data Analytics certificate. Thesis title: Dispelling the Magic of Acquisition: Identifying Key Factors of a Successful Technology Startup Acquisition.

Andrea Morales Dubon, Business Administration with Organization and Innovation Management and International Business concentrations. Thesis title: The Great Resignation: A Look at Current Voluntary Turnover Tendencies and Its Impact on The Retail and Hospitality Industry.

Brynn Peters, Business Administration major with Organization and Innovation Management and International Business concentrations and Leadership in Organizations certificate. Thesis title: An Entrepreneurial Mindset: Designing and Implementing a Faith-Based Wellness Retreat.

Caleb Posey, Business Administration major with Finance concentration and Economics major and Leadership Studies minor. Thesis title: Social Movement Activity’s Effect on the Stock Market: The Correlation Between Twitter and the VIX.

Robert Reiter, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and Technical and Scientific Communication minor and Market Research and Data Analytics certificate. Thesis title: Effects of Behavioral Biases on Financial Decision Making and Consumer Behavior.

Natalie Renfrew, Business Administration major with Organization and Innovation Management concentration. Thesis title: Nat Creates.

Allison Saeger, Business Administration major with Marketing and Supply Chain Management concentration and Market Research and Data Analytics certificate. Thesis title: Improving the Supply Chain for the Food Bank in Larimer County.

Maya Siegel, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor. Thesis title: Space to Speak: Creating a Sustainable Business Model.

Aline Thongvanh, Business Administration major with Finance concentration and International Business certificate. Thesis title: How Video Games Serve as an Escape Mechanism in Adolescents.

Sariya Vafina, Business Administration with Accounting concentration and Spanish minor. Thesis title: Supplements-To-Go.

Xiaoran Wang, Business Administration major with Finance concentration. Thesis title: The Company Valuation Report of General Mills.

Christopher Warren, Business Administration with Supply Chain Management concentration. Thesis title: Reframing Business Ethics for Supply Chain Management.

Benjamin Woosley, Business Administration major with Finance and Financial Planning concentrations. Thesis title: The impacts of COVID-19 on the Hospitality Industry.

College of Business

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2022

College of Business

Dean Beth Walker


Business Administration

Abbas, Ali * ^

Adhikari, Ayush #

Ahl, Julia Renea

Ahlstrand, Abigail Genevieve

Al Maskari, Aisha Saleh

Alhasni, Abdullah Saleh

Allegretto, Sam Acres

Almanza-Lozano, Mariam De Jesus

Almutawa, Sulayman *

Alsaif, Faisal Akram

Amanti, Michael Joseph *

AmRhein, Nicholas Frederick * #

Anderson, Kaden M.

Angers, Ryan Gil

Arevalo Armendariz, Steven

Armstrong, Jack James

Arsenault, Noah Anthony

Bacon, Walter Miguel

Baldwin, Tarrah Rose

Baller, Emily Lauren + 

Balsley, Jack William *

Banks, Tyler Christian

Barker, Lincoln James

Barnish, IvyRose M.

Bates, Savannah J.

Baum, Brandon Herbert

Beatty, Lauren Elizabeth

Bechtel, Cole Henry

Beck, Jamie Nicole

Bednar, Kevin Charles

Beloff, Garrett Edward *

Benson, Brian Z.

Bieda, Rebecca J. *

Blaylock, Seth J.

Boldt, Hunter Jacob

Bradley, Casey WenLu Bryant ^

Briley, Case Marshall

Brock, Kaylee H.

Brown, Katherine

Bryant, Davis Middle

Buchinski, Sarah Emily

Buck, Evelyn Michael Pascalle

Bucklar, Charlie L. *

Burba, Andrea Lee

Burns, Jacob Douglas *

Burns, Liam M.

Butler, Simone G. *

Byers, Sarah N. =

Byrns, Brianna M.

Campbell, Arianna *

Campbell, Ethan Craig

Canova, Tristan Michael

Caraway, Nathanael S.

Carusone, Gabriella Elise

Cassidy, Sean Michael =

Castellanos, Claire A. *

Cavazos, Tabitha Lauryn

Cen, Samantha Paige Fu Jie * ^

Chacon, Tyson R.

Chadwick, Tacionna Hannah ^

Chambless, Annie Jean + ^

Cheesman, Sammi *

China, Michael Omura

Ciotoli, Nicholas Alexander #

Clark, Xavier J.

Clarkin, Kelly Sabrina *

Compean-Avitia, Jesus David

Coryell, Tameryn Rose *

Cowen, Bodie J. * #

Cox, Charles Jacobus Joseph *

Cox, Michael Charles

Crawford Jr., James Ernest

Dale, Alia Renae

Dasent, Pierce Adrian

Davis, Ashlyn Lorene

Davis, Jordan Elizabeth

Decker, Bryan Robert

DeFilippi, Ryan Thomas + #

DeForge, Braden Andrew

Del Vecchio, Demarie Rose

DeShon, Trevor R.

DeWolf, John Scott *

DeYoung, Stacy Amber

Demarest, Cole Jeffrey *

Dhakal, Ishma

Dickens, Connor

Dickey, Julia E.

DiIorio, Chase P. ^

Dir, Charley Thomas *

Doidge, Brodie W.

Doke, Jesse

Dominic, Drew Daniel

Dooley, David Dean

Dorn, Shelby Jean

Douglas, Joseph A.

Dugger, Rachel Mae + ^

Dwelle, Makayla Jean

Eck, Charles R.

Egan, Zachary Thomas

Engelbrecht, Amanda Kaye

Engelkins, Pierce Patric

Erholm, Amanda Lynn

Esau, Andrew J.

Estill, Caitlin Sofia

Everhart, Duncan

Fairchild, Chloe Megan

Felton, Taylee Kalei Michele *

Fine, Trey W.

Fish, Wayne Wyatt

Fluegel, Sierra

Franck, Madison Nicole

Frieders, Alyson Nicole ^

Gailitis, Blaine Alexander *

Gallo, Allie *

Garcia, Chance

Garrels, Jacob D. *

Garrett, Nathanael L.

Gendreau, Spencer C.

Gerber, Kiya Elizabeth

Gibson, Glenn Dalton

Gillum, Jacob C.

Gloe, Audrey Nelle

Goldsmith, Taj Edmund

Goldstein, Maxfield T.

Goldstone, Brent C. *

Gonzales, Alec Michael *

Gonzalez, Bianca Francesca ^

Gonzalez Oliva, Nelly R.

Gormish, Sean Brennan

Gray, Alex Brien

Grech, Aimee Marie

Green, Jamie Nicole *

Green, Rachel Marie

Greig, Nicole H.

Griffin, Siera Nicole

Griffith, Collin Cruz *

Grubbe, Owen Keliimaikai

Gruenhaupt, Samuel John

Guerra, Tyler R.

Gunaratna, Vihan Nivan

Guo, Chunxi

Guo, Xiangxin

Gurnett, Cory

Hagen, Quinlan S.

Haight, Colton Alexander

Haile, Simon G.

Hall, Kylie Sue ^

Haller, Josephine A.

Hamilton, Carolyn Noor Amber

Han, Jong Woo

Hancock, Connor Reed

Hansen, Natalie V. ^

Harkins, Joshua Lewis

Harrison, Mika Shaelene

Hartshorn, Nicolas Michael

Harwood, Daniel S. =

Hatfield, Heath *

Hayden, Madeline Joyce

Hayden, Taylor Jane ^

Haynes, Bennett McCaa

Heesemann, Matthew James

Hendley, Konrad Austin

Hepp, Joseph J. *

Hernandez, Julian Alonso

Hernandez Barrera, Monica

Herrera, Jacob T.

Herron, Taylor J.

Hess, Jackson C.

Hill, Noah Lee

Hipp, Tobias J.

Hitchings, Grant William

Hladik, McKenna Lee

Hodgson, Adam W. +

Holloway, Aidan Homer ^

Hood, Christopher Emerick ^

Hoopes, Lauren Ann

Householder, Blake G. *

Howell, Avery Lee

Howell, Kaitlyn Alyce =

Hudson, Michael A.

Hunter, Alexandra Jean =

Hurley, Riley Ann *

Huth, Jessica Paige *

Huynh, Randy Chi Thanh

Incandela, Nicholas Anthony

Ivory, Colton W.

Jablonski, Michaela M.

Jackson, Nathan Robert

Jackson, Samantha P. ^

Jergensen, Tyler

Johnson, Brooke Elizabeth

Johnson, Cole Gunnar *

Johnson, Jacob W.

Johnson, Megan Elizabeth * =

Johnson, Tiffani Christina

Jones, Caden Michael

Joshi, Saru

Juhlin, Robert Thor

Kahn, Haley Ann

Kaiser, Jonathan Michael

Kamara, Joseph

Kaplan, Brett Ryan

Kathol, Noah =

Kaufman, Sarah Jane *

Keating, Kaybree Loren

Keenan, Matthew R.

Kelley, Elaina Ariel

Kennedy, Jacob R. *

Kerr, Alexander David

Kerr, Noah Lee

Kim, Alexander Jarrard ^

Kim, Noah Kaleikaumaka Ho * ^

King, Owen D.

Kipper, Ally Kathryn *

Kirkutis, Colton John

Kirmaier, Kayla Rose

Kirschman, Ethan R.

Knees, Benjamin D.

Kok, Aaron Jan *

Krier, Noah Kenneth ^

Krusemark, Kayla M.

Kubilus, Emily E.

Kuklinski, Kyle Gregory

Kunugi, Sam Henry *

Kurtz, Meredith Audrey

Kuzma, Samuel Dayton

Kwarteng, Alex Dwomoh

Lacey, Quinn

Lahey, Christopher

Laing, Jacqueline Elise *

Lake, Sophia

Lamberty, Erin Nicole * ^

Layfield, McKenna Noelle

Lee, Adaline Harper

Lee, Doran Mason

Leeper, Preston F.

Lencke, Ryan James *

Lenny, Griffin James

Levy, Quinn J.

Lewinson, Jacob Andrew *

Li, Lok Yin

Litton, Madison Nicole

Lium, Dylan Bryan

Lockett, Alexander James

Lonardo, Matteo Pietro +

Lopez, Valarie M. *

Lorsbach, Lindsey E.

Lowe, Connor Thomas

Lui, Mikayla Kanani

Lujan, Daniel

Lundeen, Nickolas James

Lutz, Sophia Mae

MacVean, Benjamin William +

Magee, Garett Davis

Malek, Kaylee Nicole

Malone, Matthew Robert *

Maloney, Jack Winslow #

Manka, Maxwell Eugene

Manno, Nicole

Manriquez, Alec Dean

Marcelo, Jesse R. *

Mares, Maxx Alexander

Markel, Reese Honeycutt

Martinez, Carmen Manuelita

Martinez, Eva Sofia *

Martinez, Martin

Mater, Bryce

Matsuura, Takuma R.

Mayoss, Isabel Lilian *

Mayr, Haley J. =

McAllister, Amelia L. *

Mccoy, Alex Thomas

McDonald, Meghan Elise

McDonough, Liam C.

McGuire, Solomon Harold

McMahan, Sabrina Nicole ^

McMillan, Cameron Michael *

Meek, Jaxson Allan

Meis, Caleb Mark

Mekonnen, Joshua Mesfin

Mellin, Madison Nicole

Meltzner, Joel Dalton +

Mendicino, Bailey Marie

Merandi, Nicholas Christian *

Meredith, Kyle Robert

Metcalf, Madison Leigh

Meyers, Brandon Patrick

Miller, Cameron Thomas

Miller, Taylor E.

Minnick, Joshua Edward

Montanes, Matthew Blake

Montes Tapia, Nataly

Montgomery, Eric Todd

Montoya, Damian Joseph

Moody, Eric Justin

Moore, Andrew James * ^

Morey, Lily A.

Morris, Mia M.

Mott, Bryce Dermot

Mueller, McKenna Nicole *

Mullins, Austin William

Munn, Zack

Murphy, Brendan Roone

Murphy, Kelsey Megan *

Murphy-Brandt, Kacey M.

Myers, Brittani Alexandria *

Navarro Mejia, Bryan Alexander

Neff, Kathleen #

Negasi, Mikael G.

Ngo, Viet H.

Nguyen, Lynn D. +

Norwesh, Michael Edward #

Nugent, John Richard

Oberholtzer, Casey James

Oda, Matthew D.

Offerman, Lauren J. *

Ogden, Robert Grant *

Ordonez, Giezi

O’Rourke, Benjamin R.

Palaschak, Hannah Lee *

Palles, Alexander

Palmieri, Francesco

Palusa, Karthik *

Panagos, Nicholas Andrew

Pendleton, Elizabeth Ashley

Perea Merino, Emanuel

Perez Rodriguez, Jorge Airam

Peters, Brynn T.

Petta, Ethan Christopher

Pfister, Julia M. *

Pickens, Holly

Pieske, Ashley E.

Pietrafeso, Gianna Marie

Pisenti, Grant Maxwell

Plum, Andrew Michael

Pond, Jarred Charles

Pooler, Daniel Harlow 

Posey, Caleb Matota + * ^

Pratt, Aaron J.

Prieto Lopez, Christian

Quade, Cameron Basil

Quintilone, Megan Nicole

Rahaley, Richard Henry

Ralston, William M.

Ramirez-Tapia, Nazary D. +

Rdzak, Jami Nicole

Reba, Alexander Jacques ^

Reese Jr., Michael Dylan

Reinhardt, Jackson Henry

Reiter, Robert Corbin *

Remy, Ryan Andrew *

Renfrew, Natalie A. #

Rich, Matthew W.

Ricker, Timothy Sewall

Rinaldo, Melissa Glory

Rios, Ariana Nava Bighorn

Rivera Barron, Jacqueline Noelia

Roan, Katherine Pippen *

Robinson, Olivia M.

Rocha Salazar, Emer Alfredo

Rodriguez, Matthew Christopher

Romero, Paul

Rouse, Kenneth Cole

Rufran, Adonis Nelson

Ruiz Soto, Roberto C.

Rule, Ian

Rutt, Alexander Jerad =

Ryan-Lobato, Donovan Alberto *

Rykovich, George R.

Saeger, Allison Nicole #

Salazar, Kieanna D. *

Sandrock, Anja

Schechter, Alana A. *

Scheidt, Preston James

Schick, Lauren

Schmidt, Tyler Brian

Schroeder, Parker Evan Keanu

Schroeder, Sally Gene

Schwarz, Andrew Alan

Schwerin, Dane R.

Seamons, Jordan

Segrist, Jaylee Raye

Segura, Andrea Noel

Semmens, Brennen Cade

Semmens, Ethan Gabriel

Setterquist, William Keene

Shae, Hailee Anne

Shao, Yichao

Shea, Kyler C.

Sheehan, Jared Jason

Shockley, Conor L.

Showe, Blake Andrew

Siegel, Maya C. * ^

Simpson, Kevyn Thomas James

Singer, Samira ^

Sipes, Scott Thomas

Slater, Gregory Seth

Sleboda, James Henry

Smith, Molly Rose

Smith, Spencer M.

Smith, Zane C. *

Smithbaker, Spencer

Smucker, Emma

Solomon, Dailey J.

Stalker, Bria Christina =

Stearns, Sophia Michele

Steigelman II, John M.

Steinbeck, Alan J.

Stephens, Kelley M.

Stibley, Brycen Scott

Stock, Seth Alan *

Storaci, Olivia Claire

Stout, Connor William

Street, Brian William *

Strickland, Juliana FuChao Doyle

Stromer, Emily Breanne

Stuart, William Stephen

Studt, Samantha Danielle

Sung, Alessandra Rae

Sutton, Daniel L.

Swanson, Garrett David

Sweet, Eliana Danielle *

Sweetman, Quinnlen Michael

Swoboda, Brendan Tyler

Syarisah, William

Tackett, Andrew D. *

Teegarden, Nicholas A.

Tenney, Aubrie

Thiem, Kaitlyn A.

Thistlewood, Adam Reese

Thompson, Maya F.

Thongvanh, Aline Y.

Thorn, Hunter Ray * ^

Tilger, Adam Mitchell

Tillapaugh, Jordan M.

Toomey, Jonathan Edward

Torres, BreAnna Alyssa *

Toussaint Weber, Melissa Rene’ =

Tran, Jennifer Phuong * =

Tran, Kelsie Thi

Trautman, Katie Beck ^

Trotter, Matthew Nicholas

Truesdale, Kobi Dakari ^

Tuccio, Ashley Mary Lynn ^

Tyler, Lucas S.

Tynan, Brady J.E.

Utic, Jacob Thomas

Vafina, Sariya * ^

Valentine, Peyton Kay

Van Hattem II, John Jacob #

Vega-Chavez, Isela Ivette

Venrick, Willson Matthew

Walin, Alissa Lei Kaumaka

Wang, Xiaoran =

Wardroup, Zachary O’Neal

Warren, Christopher Alan ^

Warren, Oliver Holmes

Waters, Savannah Lynn

Weber, Cole Gary #

Weber, Owen Wayne

Wessling, Baillie Ann *

Wester, Jackson Cam

Whannel, Ryan R.

Wheatley, Connor ^

White Jr., Andrew Dwyer

Whittemore, Lauren N.

Wilkins, Nathan Daniel *

Williamson, Annie Paulele

Williamson, John Koa

Willner, Drisana Judith *

Woosley, Benjamin John

Wright, Jonathan Reagan

Wubbena, Taylor Nicole

Yanke, Jonah Scott *

Yepez-Ramos, Francisco

Young, Ian

Young, Trevor David

Younger, Cole H.

Younis, Malak Harith

Ziemer, Ashley Elizabeth *

Zirl, Benjamin Frederick

Zuklic, Lydia Catherine ^

College of Business

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2022

College of Business

Dean Beth Walker


Business Administration

Alkhatib, Ahmad Jamal

Bechtel, Samantha Lynn

Bernsten, August James *

Crabtree, Donovan William Morse

Dempsey, Kilie Shae

Domashevich, Dennis V. +

Glynn, Courtney Paige-LaDeau

Harris, Jessica Lynne

Klomparens, Connor Allyn

Lawton, Luke Jonas

Mancini, Nicholas Welsh

Mather, Liam Raymond

McCarthy, Megan Tierney + *

Mismas, Jake +

Morales, Andrea

Peña Conde, Brenda Nallely *

Rakhmatov, Abdulaziz

Randolph, Alexander

Reddy, Cameron M.

Reynolds, Andrew J. *

Rivera-Valencia, Grant Elway

Robles, Marco Antonio

Sinclair, Samantha J.

Thach, Lena

Theodorakos, Grace Catherine

Thomas, Christian Tyler

Tostanoski, Bohdan

Traughber, Ryan Michael Matthys

Trevenna, Evan Michael

Villalovos-Estrada, Matxalen
Yannedith *

Weiman, Tyler A.

Willer, Hannah Oliviah

Woodworth, Dillon Taylor * #

Wu, Yuhe + ^

Zavala Ratti, Geronimo

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously