139th Year of
Fall 2022

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering Commencement

December 17, 2022

Order of Ceremony

Processional 1 – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Presentation of Colors – Wing Walker Honor Guard

National Anthem 2 – Lucy Logan and Audience

Welcome and Introductions 1 – Dean David McLean

Announcement of Newly Commissioned Officers – Capt Corey DeGroot

Recognition of First Generation GraduatesDr. Karan Venayagamoorthy

Recognition of Honorary Society Members – Dr. Venayagamoorthy

Recognition of University Honors Program Scholars – Dr. Carmen Menoni

Introduction of Speaker – Dean McLean

Commencement Address – Mr. Michael Martinez

Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees

Presentation of Class – Dr. Venayagamoorthy

Conferring of Degrees – Interim President Rick Miranda

Diploma Distribution – Dean McLean and Department Heads

Charge to the Graduates – Dean McLean

Welcome to the Alumni Association – Dr. Jessica Baker

Closing Remarks and Announcements – Dean McLean

Alma Mater 2 – Lucy Logan and Audience

Recessional 1 – Colorado State Brass Quintet

On the Platform

Dr. Dan Baker, Teaching Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Jessica Baker, Environmental Engineering – Water and Wastewater, Jacobs

Dr. Melissa Burt, Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. V. Chandrasekar, Associate Dean, International Programs

Dr. Edwin Chong, Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. David Dandy, Department Head, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Capt Corey DeGroot, Operations Flight Commander, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

Dr. Laura Jensen, Vice Provost for Planning and Effectiveness

Dr. Sonia Kreidenweis, Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs, Dean of the Graduate School

Dr. Kevin Lear, Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering

Mr. Michael Martinez, Vice President of Space Engineering, Maxar

Dr. David McLean, Dean, Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Dr. Carmen Menoni, University Distinguished Professor, Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Dr. Rick Miranda, Interim President, Colorado State University

Dr. Christian Puttlitz, Department Head, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Kenneth Reardon, Associate Dean, Research

Dr. Charles Shackelford, Department Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Karan Venayagamoorthy, Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

Mr. Michael Martinez, Commencement Speaker

Michael Martinez currently serves as Vice President of Space Engineering for Maxar, where he is responsible for the satellite ground development, integration, launch and operations of the satellite constellation mission. 

Michael has been in the commercial remote sensing industry for more than 20 years, joining Space Imaging in 1997. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, Space Imaging eventually became part of Maxar. Prior to joining Maxar, Michael held a variety of technical positions at the Naval Research Laboratory, McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed Martin, where he was responsible for satellite design and development, integration and tests and ground systems.

In addition to his work at Maxar, Michael serves on the Colorado State University’s WSCOE Dean’s Advisory Board and the World Economic Forum’s Space Global Future Council.

Michael earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University in 1986 and performed Post Graduate work in Aerospace from the University of Southern California.

1 Audience remain seated

2 Audience please stand

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Fall 2022

Gabrielle Cautilli, Mechanical Engineering major. Thesis title: Designing and Constructing a Mesocosm to Aid in the Study of Ivermectin Use Against the Spread of West Nile Virus.

Barak Farhi, Mechanical Engineering major. Thesis title: Hydrogen Compression and Storage.

Joshua Jones, Environmental Engineering major. Thesis title: Colorado State University Mountain Campus Trail System and Trailhead Expansion.

Lars Mitchel, Mechanical Engineering major. Thesis title: Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Integrated with an Internal Combustion Engine.

Jack Sorensen, Mechanical Engineering major. Thesis title: Mesocosm Design and Construction for Vector-Borne Infectious Disease Studies.

Conor Strizich, Civil Engineering major. Thesis title: CSU Mountain Campus Bridge Replacement.

Alexander Yung, Mechanical Engineering major. Thesis title: Force Modulating Dog Walker.

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Fall 2022

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Dean David I. McLean


Biomedical Engineering

Macha Astorga, Alfredo Felix +

Montoya, Travis Joseph +

Valdez, Isabel Anastasia +

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Elhaddad, Shehab A.

Fagan, Kenneth Patrick *

Kraljic, Bailey G.

Civil Engineering

Anderson, Noah Cole *

Curtiss, Autumn Kyah-Ray

Daly, Jackson R.

Domingue, Alexis Faith

Ericson, Luke Kelly *

Ferguson, Kolt William

Gaspard, Graham Meadows *

Hailemichael, Sirak T.

Hart, Sydney Renee

Hitchens, Luke Sumner

Jimenez Mendoza Jr., Arturo

Lopez Morales, Jose Enrique

Ludwig, Logan Connor

Maroney, Madison Louise

Marquez, Albert David

Niebur, Ireland Christine

Norman, Emma Noel

Ostrander, Ross Kingsley

Seger, Wesley Scott

Slatter, Quinn Nolan

Strizich, Conor T.

Tewari, Ishaan

Van Dyke, Christopher Dale +

van Leeuwen, Pieter Cornelis *

Vasquez, Julian Angel

Viala, Mathieu Hikmat Jacques *

Zscheile, Andrew Vincent

Computer Engineering

Batra, Giridhar Gopal *

Bovee, John Tyler O’Hara

Jacobson, Isaac Barrett

Kim, Myong Seob *

Lyon, Jacob O.

Olson, Karl Roger

Simon, Sean Edward *

Veldhuizen, Thomas Ignacio *

Electrical Engineering

Al Hadrab, Fawzi J.

Al-Mskry, Abdul Aziz Saleh Hashil

Bonilla Pantoja, Hector Daniel *

Bushue, Ryan C.

Claycomb, Brandon R.

Crisp, Brandon R.

DeLaet, Sarah Lois

Dukes, Shavauntay Chavez

Dunham, Trevor J.

Knee, Jonathan D.

Knee, Lesley-Ann *

MacEachern, Colin Fraiser

Macha Astorga, Alfredo Felix +

Shively, Drew Michael

Thompson, Corby Tay

Engineering Science and International Studies

Compton, Katherine Henley * ^

Koehler, Kelly G. * ^

Steel, Kamryn Leigh *

Environmental Engineering

Beaupre, Max William

Guzman Diaz, Florencio Junior

Jones, Joshua Reed

Karpinski, John

Perez, Catalina

Rogers, Reed T.

Tee, Swee Suen

Mechanical Engineering

Al Shuraiqi, Al Muaiyad Said

Alhinaai, Almukhtar

Anderson, Rudy James

Berardi, Vincent * #

Buffington, William Jeffrey

Campo, Matthew T.

Cautilli, Gabrielle Grace

Cocetti, Nicholas David Parker

Dowdy, Nathan

Dry, Seth Michael

Farhi, Barak Y.

Ferrer, Julian Llorens ^

Floyd, Samuel Nathan

Harwood, Maguire James

Huddleston, Shannon Marie

Jurisich, Ben Melco

Kern, Grace Mae *

Kim, Tristan S.

Lindell, Luke James

Moellenhoff, Reece C.

Montoya, Travis Joseph +

Prosser, Bailey John

Redman, Aaron Anthony

Samuelson, Tyler Jack

Shipe, Nicholas Chanchai

Sorensen, Jack Anthony

Spiegel, Sydney Charles *

Valdez, Isabel Anastasia +

Van Dorfy, Jake Evan

Wangata, Joel L.

Yoder, Flynn Samuel

Yung, Alexander K.

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded
Summer 2022

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Dean David I. McLean


Biomedical Engineering

Cory, Justice R. +

Hernandez, Michael A. +

Smith, Emily Mary +

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Al Mamari, Al Muataz Mohammed *

Almutairi, Nouf M.

Bailey, Philippa Josie *

Friederich, Julia Elizabeth ^

Smith, Emily Mary +

Civil Engineering

Al Abri, Salim Mohammed ^

Dilley, Trae Jacob

Montiel De La Rosa, Christopher

Computer Engineering

Malloy, Deagan Michael

Electrical Engineering

Durand, Sean Nikola

Environmental Engineering

Al Bahar, Bader Ebrahim

Mechanical Engineering

Al Hinai, Mazin Mahmood Khamis

Bock, Gage Bodaghn-Murphey

Cory, Justice R. +

Gustafson, Kara Sage *

Hernandez, Michael A. +

Petterle, Jacob Phillip

Templeton, Logan E.

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously