139th Year of
Fall 2022

College of Natural Sciences Commencement

December 16, 2022

Order of Ceremony

Processional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Commencement Emcee – Interim Associate Dean Darrell Whitley

Presentation of the Colors – Wing Walker Honor Guard

National Anthem – Mykayla Fitzpatrick and Audience

Introduction of Platform Party – Interim Associate Dean Whitley

Dean’s Welcome and Introduction of Commencement Speaker – Interim Dean Simon Tavener

Commencement Address – Professor Emeritus James Bamburg

Remarks and Conferral of Degrees – Interim President Rick Miranda

Diploma Distribution – Interim Dean Tavener and Department Chairs

Alumni Welcome – Associate Dean Lisa Dysleski

Closing Remarks – Interim Dean Tavener

Alma Mater – Mykayla Fitzpatrick and Audience

Recessional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Announcer: Dr. Jacob Roberts, Chair, Department of Physics

Marshals: Drs. Steve Benoit, Edward Delosh, Joseph DiVerdi, Martin Gelfand, Carlos Olivo-Delgado

On the Platform


Mr. Greg Luft, Interim Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Mr. Brendan Hanlon, Vice President for University Operations/Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Rick Miranda, Interim President, Colorado State University

Dr. James Bamburg, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Simon Tavener, Interim Dean

Dr. Darrell Whitley, Interim Associate Dean

Dr. Lisa Dysleski, Associate Dean

Dr. Santiago Di Pietro, Associate Dean

MAJ Ryan Raleigh, Army ROTC; Assistant Professor, Military Science

Col Gregg Johnson, Air Force ROTC; Professor, Aerospace Studies


Dr. Laurie Stargell, Chair, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Deborah Garrity, Chair, Biology

Dr. Matthew Shores, Chair, Chemistry

Dr. Craig Partridge, Chair, Computer Science

Dr. Alexander Hulpke, Chair, Mathematics

Dr. Jacob Roberts, Chair, Physics

Dr. Don Rojas, Chair, Psychology

Dr. Haonan Wang, Chair, Statistics

Dr. LeRoy Poff, Biology, University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Meena Balgopal, Biology University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

Dr. Deborah Crans, Chemistry, University Distinguished Professor

Faculty Representatives

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Drs. Aaron Sholders, Farida Safadi-Chamberlain, Paul Laybourn, Tom Santangelo

Biology: Drs. Kim Hoke, Kristen Ruegg, Tanya Dewey

Chemistry: Drs. Christopher Ackerson, Anthony Rappé,

Computer Science: Drs. Ewan Davies, Marcia Moraes

Mathematics: Hillary Freeman; Drs. Chris Peterson, Emily King, Henry Adams, Jeff Achter, Jennifer Mueller, Liz Arnold

Physics: Brian Jones; Drs. Joshua Berger, John Harton, Kristen Buchanan, Mingzhong Wu

Psychology: Drs. Danielle Gardner, Gwen Fisher, Josh Prasad, Tracy Richards

Statistics: Drs. Dongzhou Huang, Chenlu Shi

Dr. James Bamburg, Commencement Speaker

Dr. James Bamburg first discovered his passion for research as an undergraduate student. In his senior year he joined a lab group studying complex carbohydrates. This experience combined with a class on microbial genetics set in motion the rest of Dr. Bamburg’s career. He is now excited to share that story with the graduating class of the College of Natural Sciences – and, to encourage them to find and pursue their own passions.

Dr. Bamburg, who recently celebrated his 51st year at CSU, has had a storied career with many notable achievements. After graduating with his Ph.D. in 1969 and completing a post-doctoral research position at Stanford University Medical School, Dr. Bamburg began his career at Colorado State University in 1971 as an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry, becoming full professor in 1981. He served 5 years as the interim chair of the department and, later, 14 years as the director of the Program in Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Neurosciences, for each of which he received an Oliver Pennock Distinguished Service Award.

Among many awards and honors, Dr. Bamburg is the proudest of the Guggenheim Fellowship that he was awarded in 1978, the two Senior International Fellowships with the National Institutes of Health Fogarty Center in 1985 and 1992, receipt of CSU’s two highest research awards, the Scholarship Impact Award in 2006 and the Established Individual Impact Award in 2015 and his recent recognition as a Fellow in the American Society for Cell Biology.

Dr. Bamburg is well known for his research that led to the first characterization of the ADF/Cofilin family of proteins. These proteins play a key role in the cell’s cytoskeleton and have been linked to brain dysfunctions including stroke and dementia, as well as kidney disease and cancer. His work has resulted in publications that have been cited more than 20,000 times.

College of Natural Sciences

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Fall 2022

Jacob Ahrenholtz, Zoology major. Thesis title: Bacteriophages as a Solution to Combat Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.

Katherine Badwey, Zoology major. Thesis title: Assessing the Impacts of Elevation on the Flight Altitudes of Migratory Birds.

Asa Davis, Computer Science major with Software Engineering concentration. Thesis title: Composing a Video Game Soundtrack.

Adrienne Doran-Stout, Psychology major with General Psychology concentration. Thesis title: Attraction to the Inanimate: A Review of Objectophilia and Fictiophilia through a Psychological Lens.

Kira Douglas, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: A Workbook for BMS 300: Principles of Human Physiology.

Peyton Harper, Zoology major and Conservation Biology minor. Thesis title: Coral Reefs in the Caribbean.

Hailee Hurtado, Psychology major with General Psychology concentration and Ethics and Society certificate. Thesis title: Polygenic Risk Scores for Depression and Brain Structure in Children and Adolescents.

Callan Knebel, Chemistry major with ACS Certified concentration, Music major with Performance concentration and Natural Sciences major with Chemistry Education concentration. Thesis title: Ternary Metal Nitrides: Synthesizing MgWN2.

Emma Paul, Zoology major. Thesis title: The Importance of Understanding Cytauxzoon felis.

Sarai Ramnani, Zoology major and Horticulture, Biochemistry and Mathematical Biology minors. Thesis title: Elucidating the Cause of eYFP variation after Induction in an Episome Based Expression System of Phaeodactylum tricornutum.

Maya Vitrano, Computer Science major with Computer Science concentration. Thesis title: GAN You Tell How Hot I Am.

Brooke Yeatts, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Susceptibility of Rainbow Trout and Cutthroat Trout to Renibacterium salmoninarum.

College of Natural Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Fall 2022

College of Natural Sciences

Interim Dean Simon Tavener



Keller, Allison Jane +

McCone, Kendra Taylor +


Applied Computing Technology

Connors, William Seth *

Miao, Tiffany

Pappas, Austin J.

Sequino, Michael John

Strande, Jordan Lange

Tapia-Garcia, Eric

Waddle, Alex Michael


Bunyard, Rachel Kaye

Elkins, Liam Christopher

Featherstone, Knoll Ridge

Gillespie, Johannah Rose *

Harbison, Mitchell R.

Hoffman, Luke V.

Johnson, Blake Mitchell

Lamson, Alec K.

Leavitt, Jacob S. =

Martin, Annemarie Yvette *

Rockwood, Teagan P. * =

Schnurr, Clayton Paul

Short, Winston *

Verdugo, Nikki Precious

Walker, Courtney B. *

Wermers, Matthew J. *

Biological Science

Abraham, Logan Nathaniel

Abrams, Samuel David

Aguilar, Enrique

Allen, Morgan Grace *

Amendola, Maria Rose ^

Anderson, Erin *

Arthur, Lelia C.Y.

Bieker, Katelyn J.

Bonham, Taryn Anne *

Cabrera, Kevin A.

Carlson, Andrew Michael

Clinton, ThuyTrang N.

Courington, Holden J. *

Cruz, Jackeline

Dossett, Elizabeth Stanton

Douglas, Kira Wenfei * ^

Gerwing, Ashley M. *

Gurgens, Emily N. *

Hathaway, Sara Catherine

Hauritz, Meghan Claire

Hawes, Danielle

Hoang, Jenny Nhi #

Inglis, Kara Lee

Kelly, Emma Sage

Laisure, Madeline Eileen

Largo, Faith Noelle

Leonard, Emiy Caroline *

Letson, Maggie Mae

Lin, Grace Mei-Ling

Linder, Brock Michael

Linn, Nika Akrivi +

Maisells, Allison Anne

Marcoe, Emily Ruth

Maxam, Jesse Lee ^

Maynard, Matthew Elijah

Mays, Braden Dennis

McCarthy, Iris *

McPherson, Amanda G. ^

Mehta, Dhruvi Ketan *

Nichols, Violet

Novak, Samantha Lee

Ortowski, Leah Ashley

Overby, Shawna Kathleen

Peritt, Adelaine Yori

Price, Grace Katherine *

Reeser, Jordan Aradhana

Rincon, Evelyn P. *

Smith, Clara Louise

Stephenson, Tanner

Stevens, Madelyn S. *

Toureene, Shaley Sky

Turner, Elissa M. *

Twitty, Alyssa K.

Veath, Abigail Bonnie

Williams, Hunter C. *

Williams, Jeffery Thomas *

Wilwerding, Anna Marie * #

Yeatts, Brooke de Loraine =


Bruegger, Hannah Jane

Knebel, Callan A. + ^

Liu, Kunhao *

Overbey, Jasper Denton *

Sauer, Willa Jean *

Thompson, Libby

Computer Science

Al Farsi, Ammar

Al Rashdi, Al Warith

Albin-Davis, Rebecca Qin Fang

Anderson, Ryan Truman

Barton, Tyler Michael

Bennabhaktula, Pragjnasri *

Birlingmair, Joshua C.

Blakeborough, Cole Robert *

Cahill, Mallory Jayne *

Casey, Dallin

Cluett, Caleb D.

Craig, Tyler Jacob

Daknis III, William Robert

Daley, Maxwell Hughes

Davis, Asa

de Paz, Daniel Joseph *

Dees, Mitchell Martin

Dietz, Christopher Steven * #

Eyre, Drew Alexander

Fisher, Brock Moran

Forrey, Evan #

Fout, Mason

Fuchs, Zachary E. =

Garcia, Lorenzo Daniel

Garner, Mark Shane

Gebremedhin, Yosief G.

Goldstein, Nathan T.

Grove, Luke Allan Francis

Hall, Rachel Siena

Haro, Crispin

Hinderer, Nicholas Paul

Hossain, Furkaan Muhammad N.

Hughes, Vanessa Jayvie

Ide, Evan P. #

Jenkins, Daniel Kei

Jones, DeAnn Marie

Kaess, Brock Dillon *

Kelley, Cayce Daniel

Kilborn, Aaron M.

Kowalczyk, Nicholas Peter

Lacrete, Moise Breville

Lee, Shannon *

Liang, Guirong

Martin, Blake

Martin, Eric Burton Samuel ^

Martin, Tucker Steven

Muller, Kalen C. *

Munoz, Sean Eric

Murphy, John Martin

Myzer, Garrett Alan

Newfield, Richard U.

Nielsen, Lindsey Rebecca *

Novus, Zyn

Olsen, Garrett A.

Paschke, Jack Robert *

Patterson, Tobin J. *

Patton, Garret Robert *

Pimenta Giudice, Joao Henrique

Raissi, Amir Hossien *

Recor, Daniel

Rothert, Tyler D.

Schraeder, Benjamin Reid

Schroeder, Travis P. *

Shay, Alexandra Grace *

Snyder, Ian Renno

Soriano, Aaron David

Stoehr, Shannon E.

Subedi, Shashank

Thompson, Connor Benjamin

Thompson, Jeremy R.

Tucker, Emily Katherine

Venkatesha, Videep *

Vitrano, Maya Margareta

Wallace, Wesley Witt

West, Erik W.

Wu, Tianyu

Yost, Ryan

Young, Matthew Branley =

Young, Michael A.

Yousifauni, Fores

Zhang, Zhongze

Data Science

Alsadeed, Hawas Asaad Hawas Kanaan

Boyd, Matthew Kevin

Koonmee, Nat *

Perkins, Logan Zane

Schoenberger, Kolbron Von


Ashurst, Lia Michelle

Boltman, Emily S. + =

DeBuhr, Heidi

DePonte, Brenner D. *

Elliott, Danya Mae

Finkbeiner, Zack W. *

Johnson, Kael L. +

Klinitski, Tarryn *

Leautaud, André Karl + #

Opper, Christian S. *

Parham, Riley Marie

Parra-Arreola, Daniel

Perez, Elyssa Scout

Natural Sciences

Billups, Joshua Carl *

Gray, Sarah Rachel

Jurenka, Brooke Lynn

Nelson, Robert Hunter

Ridley, Samuel James


Arndt, Brenden Michael *

Awoitauw, Andrey Sakharoov

Prevatte, Clayton Powell *

Taylor, Connor Dean *


Alarcon-Avila, Fernanda * ^

Alimam, Raneem

Allen-Collins, Mikayla A.

Alrahbi, Razan

Barker, Joshua Kenneth

Berg, Olivia Christen

Bjercke, Danielle

Blackwell, Kiera Fay *

Brown, Hannah Rose

Carroll, Mackayla D.

Chaffin, Austin Nelson

Clark, Asia Regan

Dixon, Thomas Sean

Doran-Stout, Adrienne Malinda

Dykes, Carissa Kohana *

Eliasen, Carson C. *

Ellis, Chloe Antonia

Fields, Abigail Jo *

Fish, Rylan William

Fitzgerald, Danielle Alexandra

Ford, Caroline Rose

Gallagher, Roz A. #

Herider, Kaetlyn Mackenzie

Hernandez, Brianna Alexa #

Hurtado, Hailee Ellen

Johnson, Benjamin Jordan

Kanter, Lauren Elizabeth

Kidd, Kaylee Nicole

Kretschmer, Sophie Marie

Lambert, Caitlin Marie

LaMere, Henri W. *

Lane, Ryan James *

Maloney, Teagan Sarah

Martindale, Madison Elizabeth

Martinez, Alora Andrea *

McCawley, Connor Dale *

Meissner, Sydney Allison * #

Munoz, Valerie M.

Mutlu, Yaren Umay

Nelson, Catey Lucille +

Olson, Lauren Claire

Pacitto, Antonio

Parker, Sarah Elizabeth

Patten, Zoe R.

Preuss, Arianna Vivian

Rawoas, Hanan

Rivera Garfio, Michelle *

Robinson, Verena Elaine

Rodriguez, Stephen A. ^

Rohner, Claudia Haen *

Rouse, Ethan Smith

Salazar, Ivette

Santoyo, Bianca D

Schriner-Garcia, Destiny Lynn *

Seaver, Nicholas Corwin

Spring, Montana Lee

Sulse, Bryn T.

Tucker, Emma Shandiin *

Ufferman, Austin Matthew

Urushima, Mira Allison *

Vazquez, Alejandro R.

Wasinger, Danielle Nicole

Whitenack, Lily Lyons

Wilmot, Andrew S.

Wright, Tianna


Hinds, Mark Andres *

Kipp, Levi William *

Laposata, Daniel

Wang, Danni

Zeng, Kailing


Ahmed, Bassil D.

Ahrenholtz, Jacob Robert

Aldridge, Amber Jolene

Anderson, Taylor Anne *

Badwey, Katherine Flora =

Cockrell, Ariana M.

Cook, Dorienne Renia

Dang, Theresa Yen Thi Vu *

Glenzinski, Nicole L. *

Goebel, Ana Clara

Green, Talis Bay *

Hampton, Kaitlyn

Harper, Peyton Elizabeth * ^

Landry-Murphy, Westley O. *

Mauerman, Keith J. * #

Maxwell, Halle Rose

Michalec, Macie Patricia ^

Naves, Brett A.

O’Neill, Heather Nicole

Paul, Emma Rosa

Rainwater, Kendall O’Connell

Ramnani, Sarai Jeannie *

Reyes, Pedro Jose

Schneider, Emily

Scott, Cassandra L. *

Shavit-Lonstein, Naomi

Sorrell, Dulcinea Marie +

Thorkildsen, Amanda Christine *

College of Natural Sciences

Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded

Summer 2022

College of Natural Sciences

Dean Janice L. Nerger


Applied Computing Technology

Garcia, Michael C.J. *


Distel, Catherine Renee

Eshbaugh, Sarah M.

Garcia, Sara Ashley

Hollenbach, Jordan N.

Nyenhuis, John J. *

Biological Science

Bailey, Calvin Charles *

Bower, Brendan Jacob

Briscoe, Hunter Thomas

Chubb, Ian Andrew

Ciniglio, Francesca

Delnevo, Louisa Elizabeth

Duff, Katherine Lorraine

Garza, Taylor Grace

Gonzalez, Jazmin G. *

Haile, Rahiel Etbarek

Keller, Hannah Christine

Mantilla, Diana Maria *

Meriwether, Victoria Elizabeth

Miller, Paul Matthew

Moss, Liana Sophia

Murray, Rachel L.

Nance, Laurel Anne

Neujahr, Dalton C. *

Olson, Sasha Marina

Parsons, Rachel Lauren *

Perez, Angelica Denise *

Sabel, Anthony James

Stahl, Jesse Lee

Strider, Isaac Harrison

Tompkins, Trinity Marie


Hadjis, Elise Nicole

Computer Science

Dziak, Lauren Anne

Egues, Michael Shelton

Espy, Michael D. ^

McCracken, Derek

Mismas, Jake

Petterle, Jacob Phillip

Reynolds, Daniel Lee * #

Seefried, Ethan Jon

Temple, Wyatt J.

Trcka, Jordan Ross

VanHook, Alexander Nicholas


Burns, Angela Renee *

Flynn, Samuel Klein *

Rodriguez, Paige Andrea

Walter, Buzz A. *

Natural Sciences

Snow, Kelsey Jordan


Byars, Benjamin M.

Seefried, Ethan Jon

Walter, Buzz A. *


Adair, Joseph Ryan

Aguilar Guillen, Anajely *

Aleksiev, Hannah Marie

Babbitt, Maurice Jacob *

Balcombe, Siobhan Jonquil

Burlingame, Bryson M.

Charneskie, Avi Mia

Chastain, Camille RR

Connor, Zoe A.

Foster, Haley Elisabeth

Fuhr, Dylan Michael

Gomez Garcia, Karla Daniela

Groce, Rachel Claire *

Henderson, Francine Elizabeth *

Hundertmark, Anna Kathryn

Jungmann, Catherine Nicole

Kelly, Tess Elizabeth

Kugel, Mikaela Rose =

Levy, Michelle

McGarva, Cecelia Marie *

Means, Jessica Olivia

Merriweather, Victor Shane

Mielke, Jacqueline Ann

Mohamed, Hagir

Montoya, Mariya Benita

Moore, Bryan J.

Mora, Jared Nehemiah *

Munk, Kennedy Erin

Narvaez, Mikaela

Peña, Crystal Alicia

Potter, Emily Rose

Roth, Brittany Lee

Samperi, Alexandra C.

Sechrist, William Anderson ^

Stark, Megan Caroleen

Terrazas, Eunice Idaly

Thomas, Riley Kaye

Trejo Cabrera, Flabia Michell

Van Sertima, Alexander

Vargas, Itzael Omar *

Villa-Baeza, Nohely

Villezca, Jose Rodolfo

VonWeller, Shilo Kelsie *

Walterman, Amy Cherie

Ward, Carly

Webber, Haley Kay

Wipke, Rose Elizabeth * ^

Withem, Jonina Jeanette Kristin

Zoolakis, Ara Andreana *


Andales, Daniel Flores


Adams, Abigail

Bautista, Anna Isabel * #

Billings, Madison R.

Dienstbier, Anna Grace *

Fulk, Renata Fang Fukuhara

Ghiazza, Kelly Paige

Gillespie, Corbin Scott

Guerrero, Tatiana Ashley

Liao, Pei-ru *

Marcial-Rodriguez, Ashley Yamilet *

Mosal, Grant Wayne * ^

Schneider, Avery Nicole *

Schuyler, Lauren

Sieps, Amanda Kay

Steinebrey, Emma Grace

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously