139th Year of
Fall 2022

College of Health and Human Sciences Commencement

December 17, 2022

Order of Ceremony

Processional, “Pomp and Circumstance” – Associate Dean Jennifer Aberle/Colorado State Brass Quintet

Presentation of the Colors – Wing Walker Honor Guard

National AnthemMainstreet A Cappella

Land AcknowledgmentAssistant Dean Michelle Foster

Introduction of Platform GuestsAssociate Dean Aberle

Dean’s WelcomeDean Lise Youngblade

Provost’s RemarksInterim Provost Jan Nerger

Recognition of Students

Presentation of Degree CandidatesDean Youngblade

Conferring of DegreesMr. Armando Valdez

Charge to the ClassMr. Brian Kingsley

Honorary Societies – Associate Dean Matt Hickey

University Honors ProgramAssociate Dean Hickey

Announcement of Newly Commissioned Officers – LTC Mathew L. Tillman

Individual Recognition – Dean Youngblade and Department Heads/School Directors

Welcome to the Alumni AssociationMr. Ben Bongers

Alma MaterMainstreet A Cappella

ClosingAssociate Dean Aberle

Recessional, “Pomp and Circumstance” – Associate Dean Aberle/Colorado State Brass Quintet

On the Platform

Dr. Jennifer Aberle, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Dr. Albert Bimper, Interim Chief of Staff

Mr. Ben Bongers, Academic Success Coordinator, Center for Educator Preparation

Dr. Barry Braun, Department Head, Health and Exercise Science

Dr. Julie Braungart-Rieker, Department Head, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Charlotte Bright, Director, School of Social Work

Dr. Susan Faircloth, Director, School of Education

Dr. Michelle Foster, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

Dr. Christopher Gentile, Department Head, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Dr. Paul Goodrum, Department Head, Construction Management

Ms. Alison Herman, Assistant Professor, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Matthew Hickey, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Dr. Karen Hyllegard, Department Head, Design and Merchandising

Mr. Kenzo Kawanabe, Member, Board of Governors, Colorado State University System

Mr. Brian Kingsley, Superintendent, Poudre School District

Dr. Dawn Mallette, Coordinator, Family and Consumer Sciences

Dr. Janice Nerger, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

LTC Mathew L. Tillman, Army ROTC

Mr. Armando Valdez, Vice Chair, Board of Governors, Colorado State University System

Ms. Danielle Willis, College Marshal

Dr. Lise Youngblade, Dean

Brian Kingsley, Superintendent, Poudre School District

Brian Kingsley, who has 24 years of experience in public education, became Poudre School District’s superintendent in July 2021. Since then, he has worked with the PSD Board of Education and district staff to begin development of a district strategic plan, to guide PSD’s collective work from 2023-2025 – and beyond. The plan – and all work in PSD – is rooted in the district’s priorities of literacy, mental health and belonging, school safety, and graduation with options. Before his time in PSD, Kingsley served as the chief academic officer of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina, the 18th-largest school system in the U.S. He has worked with others to close racial and economic opportunity and achievement gaps for students in his roles as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and chief academic officer at some of the nation’s largest and most diverse school systems. An alumnus of the Chiefs for Change Future Chiefs program, Kingsley earned a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. His recognitions include Florida’s 2014 Middle School Principal of the Year and Broward County’s Principal of the Year in 2013.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Fall 2022

Mitchell Ballew, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Alternative Physical Therapy Treatment Approaches to Peripheral Neuropathy.

Satya Davis, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Examining the Impact of One Week of Time-Restricted Eating on Leptin, Ghrelin and Peptide YY.

Darby Easterday, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Treatment of Inguinal Adipocytes with Skeletal Muscle Derived CD81+ Extracellular Vesicles Enhances the “Beige” Adipocyte Phenotype in Vitro.

Amelia Malone, Social Work major and Criminology, Criminal Justice minor. Thesis title: Criminalization vs. Legalization: A Comparative Look at Professional Attitudes and Potential Impacts of Prostitution in the United States.

Eric Meyer, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Success in Health and Exercise Science: An Experimental Course for First-Generation Undergraduate Students.

Peyton Robie, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Lilith, The Cancer Cell.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Fall 2022

College of Health and Human Sciences

Dean Lise Youngblade


Human Development and Family Studies

Dodge, Isabel G. + ^

Samayoa Ramos, Ana Lucia +


Apparel and Merchandising

Apel, Amanda Marie * ^

Arellano, Diego Robert

Astudillo, Jasmine Paz

Barden, Sophie Jane *

Burk, Brittania Autumn

Cahill, Keana D. *

Converse, Bella Skyy *

Drnec, Blake Andrew

Green, Paisley Rose * ^

Hoskins, Tiaria Makayla *

Howieson, Zoey Yongfang ^

Lehnhausen, Summer Rose Yuli

Lockard, Katherine Gwynne *

Loy, Micah ^

McGeddy, Madison Faye *

Moldauer, Sundo Jong Man

Mrogheim, Hailey Marie

Norman, Joshua Friend *

Olsen, Sydney Elle

Olvera, Valerie *

Ortiz Morales, Alondra *

Pecoraro, Paige Marie *

Stevens, Zachary Edward

Thornton, Jason Luke *

Veve, Abigail Q.

Watson, Brittany Louise

Construction Management

Addis, Eric Richard

Agnew, Alexander James Dennis

Becker, Michael John

Bemelen, Vander King

Berg, William Neil

Bowles, Lukas Richard

Campbell, Dayton Patrick

Conejo, Ivannia Yvette

Diamant, Lincoln Franck

Duncan, Randall Douglas

Espin Ocampo, Omar

Fish, Cayden McClain *

Friend, Jacob P.

Gallegos, Luke Chuck

Gifford, Peyton Dee

Goodiel, Lucas Victor

Gray, Clayton James

Griffin, Brelan Trey

Haefeli, Jake

Haller, Johann Markus

Hammitt, Mac Devern *

Hartley, Heidi N. ^

Hebert, Todd D.

Hector, Nolan D. *

Hefner, Maxwell Paul

Helm, Griffin A.

Herstedt, Jacob D.

Jeffryes, Drew J. *

Keaser, Owen

Kramer, Alden Eugene

Krueger, Cody Norman #

Laing, Kelin Robert

Lepke, Trevor Edward

Logan, James Karl

Lukasiewicz, Kyle Darryl

Manning III, Seth T.

Margolis, Molly Kate

McConnell, Shane Patrick *

McCoy, Harry W.

McElvain, Jenna Leigh

McLaren, Owen Matthew

McNamer, Elizabeth M. *

Mecham, William

Miller III, David Nathaniel

Milligan, Mason Coleman *

Mines, Kyle Morgan *

Morgan, Rylan James

Nelson, Bryan Todd

Oberg, Andrew * ^

Osthoff, Dillon K.

Pannunzio, Thomas James

Paquette, Carter John

Patel, Sharvil S. *

Patten, Sean O. ^

Pendleton, Blake T.

Perry, Luis Bryant

Poage, Chase M.

Pocs, Elena Marie ^

Pojar, Miles Winfield

Ralh, Lovepreet *

Revesz, Benjamin

Robertson, Theodore J.

Rodrigue, Christian

Rosen, Lucas David #

Sanders, Tyler James

Seby, Patrick *

Thomson, Riley Castle

Torres Payan, Raul

Van Buskirk, Brandon Dean

Wamagata, George Njenga

Welch, Mackenzie Paul

Whipple, Chase T.

Wiedemeier, Samuel Paul

Wiggin, Maxwell Parker *

Winter, Paul C. *

Family and Consumer Sciences

Jenkins, Kaiya Avery

Wills, Morgan Marie ^

Fermentation Science and Technology

Britton, Matthew E. *

Lyons, Kaleb Cole *

Makuissu, Audrey

Munoz, Tomas

Pfutzenreuter, Robert A.

Schreiber, Keaton Erik

Swenson, Nicholas Alexander

Health and Exercise Science

Allingmon, Johan Peter

Alvarez, Sophia Amalia

Ballew, Mitchell Philip

Bartke, Brandon T. * #

Bauer, Nicholas A.

Bobby, Jenna K. ^

Browne, Macie Lane

Brundage, Mitchell R. *

Busick, Mackenzie Leigh

Crume, Isabelle Avery *

Davis, Satya J.

Dekleva, Madeline M.

Deroos, Marco Elbert

Easterday, Darby

Eaton, Petra *

Egbert, Emma Marie ^

Feeley, Micah Lynn ^

Fehrer, Jonathon J.

Freeman, Erin Michele *

Freiheiter, Kate Elizabeth Newton +

Garner, Sapphira

Ha, Kevin Q.

Hantgin, Taylor Lynn

Hartje, Carson J.

Hartman, Domenic Edward =

Hert, Paige Caroline

Hock, Isabella Iris

Hughes, Abigail Grace

Jackson, Dylan Lane

Jones, Malia Isabella

Jozwiak, Rebecca Brienne

Kayne, Brendan Trevor *

Kenney, Summer Rose

Khazanovska, Veronika

Knoll, Jacob Gregory

Kronkright, Colton Walker

Lynch, Ryan

Machen, Jaymeson Ryland

McClain, Tia M.

Metcalf, Karlee M.

Meyer, Eric Tod

Nehme, Gabrielle Jane

O’Connell, Delainey K. #

O’Connor, Colin Michael

Oliva, Matthew Lee *

Palda, Grace M. ^

Panish, River Sterling

Phillips, Samantha F.

Piwowar, Mitchell J.

Poduska, Maxwell John

Richter, Benjamin J.

Roccaforte, Nicholas Anthony

Ryan, Sophia Marie

Santini, Jacob Thomas

Schroeter, Ian Anderson

Skillington, Jared Bernard

Smith, Allison

Styer, Kennedy Alexis *

Swiler, Bess *

Talavera-Bermudez, Alejandra

Tejada, Ricardo Jeram

Vignola, Nicholas Eugene

Waisanen, Annika Lowry * ^

Yadao, Clarissa Jlynn Puuwaialoha

Hospitality Management

Beairsto, Lacey N. *

Bennett, Lydia Rose * ^

Burns, Katherine Ann * ^

Cochran, Tess Rian *

Druse, Madison Marie

Frazier, Sarah Elizabeth

Green, Kally Rae *

Hoffman, Nicholas Robert

Ludwig, Ryan James

Morehead, Sydney Maren

Price, Kathryn Bailey

Sangyai, Kanyapat

Sengupta, Priya Eliana

Smikahl, Delaney Jade *

Smith, Ryan Tichy

Stone, Katherine Abigail *

Sweeney, Spencer David

Valenzuela-Catano, Aida Evelin *

Ziegler, Aiden

Human Development and Family Studies

Aragon, Alejandro ^

Archuleta, Felicia Rae

Arroyo, Ashley Nikole *

Barisoff, Megan

Bennett, Jessica Lynn

Boardman, Molly A.

Boje, Alyssa Marie

Bossow, Abby Lynn

Brieske, Emma Claire * ^

Broderick, Kyla Colleen

Cárdenas, Alexis Brianna

Centeno, Victoria *

Cheroske, Jessie Erin * ^

Chouaf, Aaron Dean ^

Cooper-Moore, Jhasmyne Monét

Dickson, Samantha Jayde *

Domingo Oriol, Montserrat =

Engle, Kye Mitchell *

Fehrnstrom, Grace Anne

Felipa, Reyna S.

Fletcher, Lauren Renee

Gaytan, Victor M.

Gethmann, Brooke Marie =

Grimm, Emma K.

Guinn, Lindsey Elizabeth

Hampson, Alexis M.

Harpole, Elisabeth L.

Herrera, Ashley Shannon-Marie

Hill, Jasia Kiri

Houghton, Jennifer Michelle

Jewell, Elizabeth Clair

Jouzapaitis, Sara Elizabeth *

Kara, Evelyn Ruth

Kastner, Lerin Ingrid

Lamb, Kylie R.

Layman, Blake Ashleigh

Leak, Samantha Renee

Lopes, Lauren Anne

Mercado-Silva, Maria Leticia

Mercer, Ashley Kathryn ^

Moreno, Shaylee Jeanice

Muniz, Anaiz Marie

Ortiz, Zeanna Marie * ^

Petersen, Sarah Michelle

Purdy, Maia Helene

Reyes, Vanessa

Robertson, Brooke E. #

Rogers, Marissa Smith

Rosenstein, Kara L.

Sanders, Macy Kelley

Sanfacon, Megan E.

Schnell, Jennifer M.

Schoendube, Hannah Amethyst

Sherrill, Reagan Leigh *

Smith, Marissa Elaine

Soleimanpour, Sara

Steel, Elizabeth

Stein, Taylor Nicole

Sullivan, Sara Joanne

Thogersen, Krista Lynn

Torres, Alexia

Trotter, Hannah Bailey

Uhrick, Theone K.

Ward, Olivia Teresa

Westphal, Kaleigh Ashton *

Witte, VeAnna Carline

Zadrozny, Sydney J. #

Interior Architecture and Design

Baek, Jaehwan (David)

Bridges, Kierston Lila *

Cappanno, Martha Colleen #

Dai, Yuxuan

Dennis, Katelyn Rose *

Dodin Thévenau, Cathy Emmanuelle *

Drees, Autumn Carolyn * ^

Gallegos, Chloe Rose ^

Graese, Rebecca Rose

Gwa, Isaiah *

Humphreys, Brooke Mackenzie *

Kruse, Kasey Patricia * ^

Lumsden, Kirsten Michelle

Mathew, Johanna Lea * #

Montera, Kamryn Skye *

Mundy, Natalie K. *

Noonan, Kristen Michelle

Roscoe, Kenna M.

Sensenig, Julia Jacqueline * ^

Shultz, Brinley Grace Marie *

Tomlinson, Brooke Megan

Vanderhoof, Kaitlyn Mae

Woodard, Kailani Marie-Yung

Young, Leah Alexis #

Nutrition and Food Science

Bibeau, Matthew D.

Carrozza, Felicia A.

McAdoo, Hayden Scott

Niedermann, Daniel A.

Nyangao, Lisa Natasha #

Postle, Garett Evan

Weiberg, Carissa Rene #

Whitcomb, Jessica Regan *


Social Work

Bartell, Mira Rose + * ^

Brewster, Ashley Catherine *

Brown, Madeline Grace

Davies, Sydney + ^

Delaney, Claire Michelle

Epperson, Caroline Alexis ^

Fowler, Annette Eloysia

Haney, Elissa Rae

Lanning, Alison Kirsten * #

Leavenworth, Tamra Leigh ^

Long-Shore, Lena Christine * #

Lover, Adam W. ^

Malone, Amelia Marie * =

McClellan, Chloee Leora

Parra Carmona, Valeria

Rahalewich, Taylor Nicole #

Rodriguez, Kiana J.

Schneider, Courtney Joye ^

Tremelling, Taylor Rose

Valencia Gonzalez, Samantha Michel

College of Health and Human Sciences

Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded
Summer 2022

College of Health and Human Sciences

Dean Lise Youngblade


Apparel and Merchandising

Billis, Connor McCoy

Carter, Sarah Elizabeth

Clagett, Katherine Hill

Foley, Blake Alexis

Hadjis, Elise Nicole

Hoagberg, Abigail Marie *

McIntire, Abby

Montgomery, Elizabeth L.

Morales, Sara A. *

Norwick, Claire Marie *

Rodriguez, Cynthia Marie Rose

Teichert, Amanda Rose *

Thompson, Quatia Cymonee

Construction Management

Franey, Conner M.

Linza, Matthew Decker

Family and Consumer Sciences

Dumler, Lindsey

Health and Exercise Science

Banker, Clair Elizabeth

Bennett, Wayne Sidley

Bergquist, Alexandra Eleni

Billips, Madison Renee

Brindl, Evelyn Juliet

Castro, Anna Leonor *

Colby, Andrew Richard Kingsbury

Dekleva, Alayna Joy Arras

Dennerlein, Justin Ryan

Elliott, Charles Douglas

Glasco, Jakiyah J.

Gonzalez, Sandy

Gormly, Tyler Michael *

Hamel, Griffin Leon

Hanneman, Michael Alan

Hansen, Peter Bae

Jatsek, Dalton Nicole

Kiefer, Megan Victoria Rose

Lewis, Nicole Rae

Lewis, Zachary James

Matsuura, Rena Sophia *

Mendoza-Werner, Triston R.

Naseman, Cameron Michael

Nguyen, David Hieu

Pardee, James K. *

Pierson, Zachary James

Pietrafeso, Jessica Trudy *

Ruth, Emily A.

Secord, Michaela Alene

Smith, Connor S.

Stewart, Joshua Daniel

Street, Christopher D.

Von Sprecken, Matthew Aron

Hospitality Management

Clarke, Avery Jane *

Esposito, Rebecca Miriam *

Giguere, Elizabeth Y.

Keller, Zachary Taylor * ^

McGarva, Cecelia Marie *

McLelland, Delaney Kimball

Young, Sophia Grace *

Human Development and Family Studies

Altobelli, Jessica Kay

Avila, Isaiah

Battiato, Amber Rae

Bohart, Grace Leigh

Bustamante Nuñez, Maricarmen

Byron, Carley Lee

Canfield, Emily Rose *

Cannella, Sophia Marie

Conejo, Vianney Victoria

Cummings, Madison P.

Duby Peplinski, Coty J.

Duran, Lindsey Ellen

Fenton, Kaley Nicole

Fessler, Megan Christine * #

Gallegos, Kyla Marie

Garcia, Taylor Lynn

Gierhart, Brooke Marie

Gollob, Christopher H.

Guardado-Ruiz, Rodolfo

Haefele, Sara Ryan

Hernandez, Christina Mary

Hettinger, Jana Esther

Horwitch, Hannah Elaine

Hoyer, Lillian Mary #

Hvidevold, Siri A.

Jayne, Madison Brooke

Johnson, Olivia Hope *

Kerwin, Kirsten Elizabeth

Kling, Madeline Rose #

Kozmata, Sophia Marie *

McCurdy, Emma Madeline

Meining, Jaylin Suzanne

Michalik, Shavaun Breann #

Mills, Phyllis L.

Musgrave, Shannon Leigh

O’Leary, Abbey Marie Felici

Onken, Jessica Dawn *

Peterson, Amelia Brynn #

Potkanowicz, Sydney Elise #

Rodriguez, Lea DeLaLuz

Schneible, Kristina L.

Sena, Isabelle Caitlin

Smith, De’Janay Elaine

Tomasini, Emily Ann

Tower, John Patrick *

Vazquez Diaz, Lizeth Del Carmen

Vidunas, Alexys Jade

Williams, Rachel Elizabeth

Wright, Chloe Maxine


Social Work

Arellano Rangel, Gloria Cristina

Dailey, Shiloh K. ^

Graveman, Timothy Jacob

Kuhn-Romero, Raylynn *

Turner, Hadley Katherine

Verost, Kristin Mary +

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously