140th Year of
Spring 2024

College of Liberal Arts Commencement

May 11, 2024

Order of Ceremony

Processional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Welcome – Interim Dean Elissa Braunstein

Presentation of Colors – Army ROTC Color Guard

National Anthem – Kristy Shuck

Introduction of Platform Party – Interim Dean Braunstein

Recognition of Undergraduate Students – Dr. Michelle Stanley

Introduction of Student Speaker – Dr. Ellie Light

Graduating Student Speaker – John Argenio

Commencement Speaker – Martha McGee

Congratulatory Remarks – President Amy Parsons

Presentation of Class – President Parsons

Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees – Betsy Markey

Distribution of Diplomas – Department Chairs

Closing Remarks – Dr. Stanley

Alma Mater – Kristy Shuck

Platform, Faculty, and Student Recessional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Members of the Platform Party

Amy Parsons, J.D., President, Colorado State University

Betsy Markey, CSU System Board of Governors

Dr. Blanche Hughes, Vice President of Student Affairs

MAJ Adam Graetz, Assistant Professor of Military Science, Army ROTC

Capt Robert Butler, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC

Martha McGee, CEO, NINE dot ARTS

Dr. Elissa Braunstein, Research Associate Dean and Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Ryan Claycomb, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Dr. Ellie Light, Assistant Dean for Student Success

Dr. Rosa Martey, Faculty Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dr. Michelle Stanley, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Mica Glantz, Chair, Department of Anthropology and Geography

Dr. Ellie Moseman, Chair, Department of Art and Art History

Dr. Greg Dickinson, Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Dr. Sammy Zahran, Interim Chair, Department of Economics

Dr. Louann Reid, Chair, Department of English

Dr. Sushmita Chatterjee, Chair, Department of Ethnic Studies

Dr. Robert Gudmestad, Chair, Department of History

Professor Kevin Foskin, Program Director, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Dr. Marilee Long, Chair, Department of Journalism and Media Communication

Dr. Jonathan Carlyon, Chair, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and Interim Director of International Studies

Dr. Dan Goble, Director of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Dr. Matt Mackenzie, Chair, Department of Philosophy

Dr. Bob Duffy, Chair, Department of Political Science

Dr. Michael Carolan, Interim Chair, Department of Sociology


Dr. John Slater, Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Dr. David Wolfgang, Associate Professor, Journalism and Media Communication

Dr. Dom Stecuła, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Dr. Janelle Viera, Assistant Professor, Sociology

College Faculty Marshals

Dr. Andrew Du, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Geography

Dr. Ziyu Long, Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Dr. Ted Fabiano, Instructor, English

Dr. Jim Lindsay, Professor, History

Professor Gina Robinson, Instructor, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Professor Erin Carignan, Assistant Professor, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

College of Liberal Arts

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2024

Reham Abdunabi, Political Science major and Legal Studies minor and International Development minor. Thesis title: MENA’s Unheard Stories.

Emily Amato, Sociology major and Mathematics minor with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: A Criticism of Current Education Programs in U.S. Juvenile Detention Centers.

Liam Bureau, Liberal Arts major and Spanish minor and Global Environmental Sustainability minor. Thesis title: Approaching Environmental Transition Through Intergenerational Dialogue.

Delaney Card, Liberal Arts major and Art History minor with Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies certificate. Thesis title: Egyptian Philosophy: Entangled in Mythology, Texts, and Art.

Melanie Chaffey, Journalism and Media Communication major and Political Science minor. Thesis title: Narrative Short Movie: Garlic Confit.

Rose Delaney, History major with General History concentration and Psychology major with General Psychology concentration. Thesis title: “To Run Straight for the Finish Line, Unswerving”: The Triumphant Life of Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher.

Vanessa Duarte-munoz, Sociology major and Legal Studies minor with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: Immigration Policies and Practices: Affects Immigrants and First-Generation Children.

Keegan Dunnington, Political Science major and Philosophy minor. Thesis title: The Market and Degrowth: Two Approaches to the Climate Crisis.

Maddie Engeman, Theatre major and History minor with Costume Design and Technology concentration. Thesis title: Rendering to Costume: An Exploration of Design.

Peyton Farnum, Art major with Printmaking concentration. Thesis title: The Perpetual Paws Memorial Project.

Grace Feuerborn, Communication Studies major and General Sociology minor. Thesis title: The Intersectionality of Communication and Health for Intimate Young Adult Relationships.

Kyle Grumet, History major with General History concentration and International Studies major with Latin American Studies concentration and Languages, Literatures and Culture major with Spanish concentration. Thesis title: Coatlicue and Ancient Aztec Gender Construction.

Thalia Gustina, International Studies major with Middle East and North African Studies concentration. Thesis title: International Made Local: Student and Administrator Responses Since October 7.

Taylor Harr, Political Science major and Media Studies minor. Thesis title: Establishing Identity as an Upcoming Professional Sports Organization.

Thomas Hasler, Philosophy major and Music minor with General Philosophy concentration and Political Science major. Thesis title: Substance and Perception as Force: What a Force Ontology Reveals About Leibniz’s Philosophy of Mind.

Tanner Holbrook, Art major and History minor with Drawing concentration and Graphic Design concentration. Thesis title: Kill Money – A Brand Development Project.

Izabelle Hood, English major and Global Studies minor with Creative Writing concentration. Thesis title: Burnt Songs.

Jessica Hughes, English major and Criminology/Criminal Justice minor with Literatures concentration and Creative Writing concentration. Thesis title: Media Romanticizing Criminality.

Hannah Hurst, Art major and Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor with Graphic Design concentration and Art History certificate. Thesis title: American Modern Art – A Children’s Book.

Anya Kaplan-Hartnett, Political Science major and Music minor and Environmental Affairs minor. Thesis title: The Campus Speech Ecosystem: Challenges and Opportunities for Deliberation.

Devin Kircher, Economics major and Legal Studies minor with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration and Sociology major. Thesis title: The Economic Impact of Taylor Swift.

Paeton Lesser, Journalism and Media Communication major and Sports Management minor. Thesis title: Reviving the Aurora Sentinel and Other Local Newspapers with the Listen Local Campaign.

Elle Lewis, English major with English Education concentration. Thesis title: Let’s Get Creative (Writing).

Kathryn Lopez, English major with Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy concentration. Thesis title: Microbial Geomorphology and Climate Change: A Rhetorical Analysis.

Anais Markwood, English major and Arabic Studies minor with Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy concentration and Creative Writing concentration. Thesis title: Veiled Beauties and Vicious Brutes: Gender in Orientalist Literature.

Brynn McCall, English major and Religious Studies minor with Creative Writing concentration. Thesis title: Working Words in Red and White: Knitting Narratives of Sexual Assault and Sisterhood in Ovid’s “Tereus, Procne, And Philomela.”

Hannah Prinzi, English major and Global Studies minor with Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy concentration and Political Science major with Global Politics and Policy concentration. Thesis title: Creating and Preserving Affordable Housing in Fort Collins: A Housing Policy Portfolio.

Abigail Robitaille, Communication Studies major and Legal Studies minor. Thesis title: Support for Ukraine: How the Fate of One Country Lies in the Hands of Many.

Sophie Russell, Sociology major and Business Administration minor with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: No More Silence: Comparative Research of Sexual Misconduct in College Universities.

Emma Sherrets, Art major and Business Administration minor with Graphic Design concentration. Thesis title: Designing for Community.

Dallen Simske, History major and English minor with General History concentration. Thesis title: Mistruth In Education.

Sarah Smith, Sociology major with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration and Psychology major with General Psychology concentration. Thesis title: The Experiences, Attitudes, and Recommendations of Undergraduate Students at Colorado State University Pertaining to Academic Accommodations Through the Student Disability Center.

Tanya Sopkin, Sociology major and English minor with General Sociology concentration. Thesis title: Landmarks of the Heart: Exploring Nature’s Significance in the Rockies.

Isabella Stumpf, Sociology major and French minor with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: A Scoping Review of American, English, and Scandinavian Prison Systems.

Tori Thompson, Languages, Literatures and Cultures major and Zoology minor with French concentration. Thesis title: An Exploration of the Breeding, Training, and Impact of Service Dogs.

Evan Wilusz, Sociology major and Business Administration minor with Criminology and Criminal Justice concentration. Thesis title: Human Trafficking, Education, and Resource Effectiveness on a College Campus.

Ewan Wummel, Journalism and Media Communication major and Japanese minor. Thesis title: Boogie Wonderland.

Peyton Wyman, Communication Studies major and Film Studies minor. Thesis title: Cinematography Video Essay.

Callan Zink, Art major and Business Administration minor with Drawing concentration. Thesis title: The Effects of Art in the Public Landscape: Community-Directed Mural Creation.

College of Liberal Arts

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2024


Interim Dean Elissa Braunstein



Brandon, Lorinda

Carter, Kimberly J.

Clark, Madeline Ruth *

Coons, Kaitlyn Nicole

DeLong, Emma Germaine

Fillweber, Jackson Patrick *

Fritsch, Kathryn Rose

Hall, Hannah Elizabeth

Hooker, Caden Paul

Jedlicka, Andrew J.

Kacsh, Cameron Michael *

Kipp, Arthur Flint

LeBlanc, Tara N.

Lehman, Lydia K. #

Macchietto, Isabella K. #

Martin, Allison E.

Miller, Catherine Grace

Miller, Noah Todd + *

Myers, Alyssa Ann *

Newman, Amelia Ann Huotari

Obuna, Helen W. +

Owusu-Sampah, Vivienne *

Pikoff, Joshua R.

Potts, Kathryn Kimbell *

Sathiakumar, Abhishek H. =

Sims, Hunter T. *

Steinig, Ian Michael *

Stubbs, Kira Renee

Wallace, Natalie Katy-Ana

Weege, Julianna H. *

Winter, Rachel Elizabeth

Wojniak, Abigayl Lauren *

Wolff, Olivia Genevieve Harmsworth

Wynstra-Cope, Nancy G. * ^


Fahrenbruch, Elisabeth Anne

Frado, Jack David *

Frazier, Lauren Ann *

Goik, Sophie Madelyn *

Holt, Nicholas Yao-Wen *

Hutches-Fetyko, Traeli Shona

Ku, Peyton Kaiya Kanani *

McGill, Tre’Lani *

Messmer, Grace Elizabeth *

Morse, Madeline E. *

Obika, Akua Rashida *

Paul, Catherine Rose *

Pedersen, Rory Quinn *

Rakes, Brooklyn Danielle *

Rannalli, Alison Noelle

Rupp, Ella Minerva * ^

Steele, Chantae Renee

Walters, Ryan P. *

Communication Studies

Aguiar, Cameron J. *

Alcon, Jaclyn Alicia *

Anderson, Claire Louise *

Argenio, John Patrick *

Baker, Jocelyn Rose *

Baker, Mona * ^

Barnes, Emerson Elizabeth *

Bennick, Annalese * ^

Bergman, Porter *

Biggerstaff, William Ehren *

Bricher, Paige Alexandra *

Budaj, Taylor Grace *

Burkett, Grant Stephen *

Bushara, Allam Awad *

Cardenas, Kylie Jensen *

Davied, Emily Margaret *

Davis, Andrew McKenna *

DeBerg, James *

DeRose, Sofia Danielle * ^

Elliot, Kallin Jamie *

Elmore, Sophia Marciel *

Engbers, Jaidyn D. *

Ernst, Andrew D.

Feuerborn, Grace L. *

Fisher, Karli Kristian *

Formento, Dylan Matthew *

Fox, Nicholas Anthony *

Gardner, Jacob O. *

Gutierrez, Dylan Michael Adolph *

Guzman, brandon Khaleel *

Hammond, Nicholas J. *

Henry, Isabel Grace *

Hoover, Lailah R. *

Jones, Devyn Reily *

Jones, Julia C. *

Kramer, William A. *

Kusler, Tommy * ^

Larson, Jack J. *

Leazier, Emilie Nicole *

Levy, Olivia Irene *

Longo, Joe Mark *

Lusk, Iris E. * ^

Maes, Lucas Antonio *

Marqua, Catherine Ann *

Marquez, Daniel Antonio *

Martinez, Nicolas Danilo *

McNeal, Caitlyn Marie *

Miller, Nina Frances *

Moore, Aaron Alexander *

Odle, Joshua Timothy *

Olguin, Elle S. *

Pearson, Gary Allen *

Peñaloza, Eric *

Peterson, Hannah M. *

Pyle, Caden Reid *

Ray, Travis Christopher *

Reynolds, Averi Marie *

Sampson, Lillian Rae * =

Schweid, Brandon maxwell

Simpson, Leah Olivia *

Slavin, Riley K. *

Sperry, Anthony Coehen *

Stott, Austin William *

Strehlow, Josie Lyn *

Swerer III, Robert Warren *

Taormina, Brayden Luke *

Thompson, Erica Lynn *

Torres Villarreal, Sofia *

Vaughn, Miles Nathaniel *

Wallace, Brooks Carter *

Weemes, Katelyn Lauren *

Wilson, Olivia Wilson *

Wood, Ethan Matthew *

Wyman, Peyton Aaron *

York, Ashley Shea *


Brock, Faith Marie *

Sickels, Briana R.


Adams, Sterling Justice *

Al Barwani, Ammar *

Andersen, Jacques Sinclair *

Bartos, Jackson T. *

Bridges, Janae’ Andril

Brown, Daniel *

Broxson, Andreas Lewis *

Caldwell, Gabe *

Cano-Wilson, Danielle Angelique *

Cazares Garcia, Briany *

Delgado, Ronnie *

Egbert, Sarah Elisabeth *

Fagehi, Fawaz M. *

Fahrenkrug, Kyle J. *

Gomez, Jack Harrison *

Hanks, Guillaume David *

Hayward, Zoe *

Hensley, Ethan Michael *

Hernandez, Omar *

Kambesis, Jacob Kenneth *

Keszler, Charles Daniel *

Khan, Arham A. *

King, Alexander T. *

Kircher, Devin Ann + * =

Larm, Declan *

Lowry, Brianna F. *

Ma, Wei Tse *

Marshall, Edward Luke *

Martin, Nyah M. + ^

Mason, Jared Allan *

Mauldin, Madison Nicole *

Maxfield, Shane C. *

Munoz, Ian Andrew *

Murcray, Macie Christine *

Nogueira, Luiz Gustavo M. +

Owens, Austin P. *

Patel, Dev R. *

Pathak, Ashaka A. *

Soraca, James Owen *

Stuker, Randall Gary *

Sullivan, Claire Elizabeth + * #

Suresh, Sudiksha *

Trujillo Miller, Addie Marie * ^

Tuller, Jack Thomas +

Vo, Cindy Thi * #

Vu, Giang Ha *

Wagner, Matthew Ryan +

Young, Haley Michelle *


Almquist, Kailey Brianne *

Barnett, Mitchell R.

Barrowcliff, Alan Jason *

Benjamin, Megan Mckinsey

Bennett, Andrew Timothy

Carmenate, Gabrielle L.

Cassel Durr, Nicolas

Escobar, Bianca A.

Frascella, Lauren Veronica

Green, Jackson Edward

Guardado, Saul E. * ^

Gunderson, Brier Anne * #

Hanson, Ethan *

Hembach, Madison Emily *

Herrera, Jack

Holt, Kodiak N. *

Hood, Izabelle Sheryl Marie * ^

Huckaby, Paris Lane *

Hughes, Jessica Lynn *

Jensen, Nicholas James

Johnson, Emma Katherine *

Jussila, Kate Elizabeth

Kampbell, Cameron Nailea *

Kavanagh, Shannon Alexa

Kingsbury, Jordan A.

Kline, Brianna Corrine *

Lewis, Shelby Faye #

Lopez, Kathryn M. ^

McCall, Brynn Taren

McCallum, Colin James

McCone, Kyra A. *

McCoumb, Ellie L.

McCrae, Ashley L. +

Molai, Alex Peter

Nason, Adelade Nevaeh *

Norway, Despina P. *

Prinzi, Hannah M. + * =

Rampone, Alexa Marie *

Rumrey, Maddison Rae

Simmons, Amelia Marie

Stephen, Emmet Michael

Tenorio, Alexander Russell

VanMeveren, Olivia Grace *

Ward, Emma Louise * #

Watson, Marguerite Elizabeth *

Wilson, Ryan Keith

Ethnic Studies

Lopez, Delilah Marie *

Maierle, Greta Hoagland *

Martinez, Liliana *

Rogoff, Chloe Marie


Adam, Matthew James

Baker, Shelby Nicole *

Bartels, Isabella Victoria +

Branson, Benjamin A.

Deatherage, Kathryn Wyatt *

Delaney, Rose Noelle + =

Eisenberg, Boaz Kashmir *

Farley, Theresa Anne

Gibbons, Clay Robert *

Grumet, Kyle Sophia +

Hall, Madeline Elizabeth ^

Hixson, Jayden +

Honegger, Gage

Johnson, Annabeth Kathryn =

Lammers, Sarah Nicole

Lehman, Monica Nicole

Linn, Larissa Shay *

Loman, Molly *

Ludan, Ivan R. + *

Lujan, Nicomedes

Madrid, Kiela Janai +

McMullen, Ashton Gregory =

Miller, Morgan S. *

Monroe, Amanda Kate *

Nelson, Sean Mykhal Davis *

Oppy, William H. *

Rippstein, Taylor Lee

Romero, Christian C. + *

Ross-Rodriguez, Anais Xochil *

Sands, Jillian Ward *

Smith, Eva Naomi +

Stegall, Hailee Nicole *

Stratford, Connor *

Tallman, Leo Bergan

Vanek, Ashley Joy

Wanecek, Cameron Michael *

Weber, Josiah Thomas

Woodruff, Stephen Zachary

Wykstra, Connor T.

Young, Gabrielle Victoria *

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Bates, Jenna M. *

Beauchamp, Ellie Sophia *

Bureau, Liam Caden * =

Burg, Kaitlyn E. *

Card, Delaney Sylvia *

Chinski, Taylor L. *

Cisneros, Elayna Michele *

Clark, James A. *

Conklin, Cody Austin *

Dale, Carson A. *

Dvorak, Morgan Paige *

Freeman, Olivia Grace *

Gates, Molly Loraine *

Godinez-Avila, Oscar *

Goldenberg, Grace Ella *

Grace, Kyl Travis *

Graham, Autumn Kathleen *

Higgs, Elizabeth R. * =

Hurley, Nicole M. *

Jurgens, Gillian E. *

Lee, Elsa Gesina *

McMahon, Erin Adair *

Mehrtens, Lauren E. *

Nieves, Rachel E. *

Nuanez, Nestia Nicole *

Nwaneto, Lilian Chiamaka *

Reisman, Emily *

Rhodes, Dorothy Winslow *

Sandoval Bravo, Axel Osmar

Szczech, Jenna Randazzo *

Trumble, Susan M. *

Whittle, Manda Rose * ^

International Studies

Alvarez, Idaly Andrea *

Ashmore, Kira Noel

Brink, Elizabeth L. + *

Chilton, Kathleen Tevis

Congdon, Isabelle Jean *

Gustina, Thalia L. * ^

Guzman, Amber Marie + *

Handy, Marie H. * ^

Heydman, Victoria Aeryn +

Kahler, Philip Arthur

Lange, Devin Charles *

Le, Truc

Lund, Justin William *

Motherwell, Johnathan A. *

Palbaum, Macy Eva *

Simonsen, Christian Lars *

Snyder, Madelyn *

Spearman, Kyle William *

Stephens, Trevor *

Titterington, Blake Nathaniel *

Uchima, William Toshitaka

Urrutia, Ashley

Villalobos, Veronica

Weimer, Julia Lynn *

Journalism and Media Communication

Acosta Perez, Zail * ^

Allsop, Maxwel M.

Arellano, Sierra Marisol *

Aserlind, Toril Liv *

Austere, Alexis N. *

Azzaro, Tyler Anthony *

Bandel, Brighid *

Beresford, Brooke Noelle *

Bernal Medaleno, Antonia Marie * #

Bieling, Sierra Jessica *

Bohan, Molly Mae

Borik, Tomer *

Brewer, Josie *

Caccamo, Emily

Capper, Caden Nathanial *

Castle, Hailee Carol *

Chaffey, Melanie Jane * ^

Clucas, Andrew James *

Davis, Madeline Campbell * ^

Day, Jaeden T.

DeForest Colvig, Clara Shea *

Dinkel, Dani

Drotar, Shannon Elizabeth

Fehrenbach, Michelle

Finch, Hailey M.

Finetto, Lily Anne

Garcia-Magaña, Cindy *

Gentle, Samantha *

Gentry-Funk, Halle Tanner

Gladstein, Milo

Gottsegen, John

Gradisar-Jansen, Sydney Jaye

Hayman, Zoe Lee

Heckman, Abigail *

Hessler, Annie Eliza *

Hogan, Aja Joann *

Holder, Emily Nicole

Jackson, Jaylen E.

Jewett, Micah Jayde *

Johnson, Anoushka Marie *

Kayser, Ruby June *

Lesser, Paeton Kaye * ^

Lister, Annika Louise ^

Marr, Avery Rose *

Medley, Samantha Lee *

Meyer, Sarah Elizabeth

Miller, Jack Miller E.

Mora, Milo L. *

Mroczko, Grayson Colwyn * =

Newbury, Carolyn Elizabeth *

Nguyen, My Ha *

Nourse, Braidon C.

Pallemaerts, Lauren Jane * ^

Patla, Robbie E. * ^

Paugh, Shelby Roselynn *

Paul, Natalie Jo *

Petr, Anna K. *

Porter, Kaden Q. * ^

Primeau, Owen J.

Purser, Sophie Frances

Rangel Gomez, Cidney Nicole *

Reinsberg, Shelby Ann *

Schachterle, Benjamin Daniel *

Schapira, Ben

Seay, Madison *

Secrest, Ivy Grace *

Seitzinger, Elizabeth

Sekera, Kristyna N. =

Semotuk, Julianne M. ^

Shearin, Katherine Olivia

Silalahi, Matthew *

Stern, Sophia Francesca * ^

Thompson, Aleta M. *

Touchard, Alexa Danielle *

Tyler, Jordan Rene’

Volz, Sterling Kathleen *

Weaver, Abigail Kenna + * ^

White, Lucie Erin

Windley, Carissa E.

Wines, Harper Marie *

Wummel, Ewan Jacob *

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Alpizar-Calixto, Giselle *

Bergman, Ryan Dominik Jagmin

Brooks, Lennon Burke *

Carty, Griffin Story

Fleming, Jaydn Mariah + ^

Lester, Taylor Penn

Long, Mackenzie Sierra + *

McCoy, Melanie Marie + ^

Rivera-Rivera, Leslie Esmeralda +

Thompson, Victoria Elizabeth *

Zambrano, Nicolas Diego *


Allen, Hunter Autumn *

Flaherty, Connor L.


Hall, Brandon M.

Hasler, Thomas Steven * =

Janssen, Emma Lee Grace *

Krzyzowski, Trenton Cass

Nielsen, Aaron

Rhoads, Ashley Nicole

Ryan, Ahja Grace *

Schaefer, Conrad Eichorn Keigan *

Smalley, Brent A.

Political Science

Abdunabi, Reham Ramadan * ^

Al-Khaldi, Joseph Bandar +

Alvarez III, Henry J. + *

Amidon, Grace *

Athey, Ariadne Callista *

Baker, McKayla Marie *

Barron, Alicia Roxana *

Bashkin, Zoe Reen *

Berhe, Huldah S.

Bilson, Pearl Awura-Akua *

Binder, Jamie Lynn * ^

Bond, Matt *

Brooks, Arianna * ^

Cain, Sophia Anne + *

Carroll, Phoenix Lee *

Caster, Abigail Kayeann *

Charbonneau, Marceline M. *

Click, Jack Thomas *

Collins, Daniel Francis *

Coons, Max *

deGuzman, Sullivan Elijah *

Dodge, Austin Harper *

Dorscheid, Alexandra Lillian +

Dunnington, Keegan Graham *

Duran, Joshua J. *

Emsing, Madison L. * #

Gaiser, Lauren Marie + * ^

Garcia Morales, Mateo *

Garrido, Kobe M. *

Glick, Aaron C. +

Harr, Taylor Ashton *

Haynes, William +

Hazel, Jacquelyn Helen + ^

Hochheimer, Nikolaus Alexander *

Iglesias, Miguel J. +

Ihrig, Preston D. *

Imgarten, Gunnar Stephen +

Kaplan-Hartnett, Anya * #

Kennedy, Kaley Danielle *

Kozak, Taylor Josephine + *

Long, Daniel Carmine *

Lovestrand, Eric Wayne *

Mayer, Jade Arora *

McElroy, Mara Rose *

McIntyre, Chloe Jillian *

Montelongo Madera, Fernando
Manuel +

Moody, Macy Ashton *

Neumann, Michayla J. *

Obinger, Hollan Todd *

Parman, Addison + ^

Pauley, Hannah Marie * =

Pearse, Annie I. *

Pfeiffer, Mitchell Brooks *

Pickering, Ashlyn Casey + *

Pierce, Clara Marie * ^

Poole, Kylie Danielle *

Radney, Luke houston *

Reese, Theodor Andres * ^

Riotte, Makenna Anne *

Salazar Salas, Daniela L. *

Sanchez, Samantha Savannah *

Semere, Alexander *

Shea, Paige Elizabeth *

Simony, Eric Ryan *

Sit, Karalee Myrl + *

Smith, Jaggar C. *

Snell, Christopher J. *

Solis, Shelby Marie *

Stebbins, Caitlyn Aubrey *

Steinhilber, Chloe Lorraine + *

Stroup, Madalyn Grace *

Szuch, Kalie M. *

Torres-Doxey, Benjamin E. *

Tourault, Nicole Kate *

Traynor, Joseph Michael *

Truxal, Alayna Renee * =

Walther, Claire E. + * #

Weber Alatorre, Isabel Kathleen *

Welch, Evan M. *

Westerman, Sarah C. *

WhiteBull-Delgado, Brindy Dolores *

Wilbanks, Reagan Alexandria *

Wright, Roylyn Joy *

Young, Zachary J. *


Amato, Emily Mary *

Anderson, Abigail Elizabeth Parker

Aschenbrenner, Emily Ann

Bagwell, Kitty A. *

Bariteau, Cameron Mitchell

Bebo, Luca A.

Bellendir, Hunter Thomas

Biesiada, Conner J.

Borrelli, Tyler Thomas

Brown, Gabrielle Grace

Burns, Alison

Burton, Edward Alexander *

Busnardo, Jaden Andrue *

Butchart, Henry James *

Chavez-Cazarez, Angelita *

Cholas, Josilyn Renee * =

Clark, Abigail Mae

Cobb, Duncan Celeste

Conner, Nicholas A. ^

Cordova-Johns, Hailey Ariel

Croteau Jr., Roch Allen *

Derdich, Eleanor Madden

Dolan, Jordan B.

Dougherty, Cadence Seana

Dryden, Matthew Nicholas

Ellsworth, Morgan Victoria

Enney, Madison Clara

Feher, Makena *

Franco Vasquez, Nalleli

Gallatin, Sydney Diane

Gomez, Bria Amber

Gonzalez Rios, Itzel

Gormley, Alaina Elizabeth

Green, Taylor Jo + =

Gunnels, Patrick *

Hammond, Benjamin

Hanek, Samantha Elizabeth *

Hatz, Ryan Eduardo *

Heinze, Drew Daniel

Hendrix, Chiara Ysabella

Herschberger, Kylee Briana

Hoar, Rebecca Rose *

Holub, Riley Joseph

Ingram, Jordin Katrina *

Jakel, Keelin A. + ^

Jelosek, Joelle Catherine

Johnson, Sidney Ann * ^

Johnston, Kendall Velez

Jones, Anna Maria *

Kientz, Cooper Matthew *

Lane, Kolby Richard

Lien, Grace Elizabeth

Lopez, Antonio Luis

Lorash, Skyler M. *

Mamo, Bethlehem Taye

McAnally, Parker Lin

McPherson, Caleigh Jordan

Means, Taylor Nicole * #

Michalec, Ava Katheryn =

Moller, Jack R. +

Moore, Nicholas P.

Morris, Leo N.

Nevarez, Alexia

Nicholas, Olivia Jeanette

Patterson, Kylie Lynn

Pederson, Jessica Ann

Pham, Maliyah Ngoc-Thuy

Porche, Konner Joseph

Rae, Natasha

Rau, Ashley Estrella

Reinke, Abigail Faye

Rember, Anna Leigh

Runyan, Jaymie *

Russell, Sophia Anne *

Saxon, Rachel Grace *

Schaub, Daisy Rae +

Scheve, Matthew W.

Sepanik, Gavin S. S. *

Slama, Lindsey Nicole ^

Smith, Sarah Catherine + #

Sopkin, Tatyana * =

Speroff, Camille Eve

Springer, Tyra M.

Stutzman, Keldan Martin #

Sund, Jaiden Louise

Towne, Megan Lynn ^

Trout, Samuel L. *

Trujillo, Daniel

Vansickel, Aurora F. ^

Washington, Erin E.

Wells, Savanna Marie *

Wilusz, Evan Sam *

Wren, Andera


Berman, Matthew Winter *

Bowen, Ethan Jeffrey *

Buckley, Faith

Campbell, Amber Leigh

Chaney, Kaleb Grant * ^

Engeman, Madeline J. *

Hennen, Annie

Jasper, Aleiah Nicole +

Juarez, Britney A.

Justis, Nyssa J.

McKercher, Kelsey Marie *

Middlebrook, Patrick Tyler ^

Miller, Katlin Marie

Noble, Alaina Marie

Ranisate, Danielle *

Rudman, Avery Noelle

Schountz, Ashley L. + *

Sutherland, Adeline Bea ^

Vildibill, Lauren T. *

Walters, David Robert *

Wilson, Rebecca Jordan + * ^

Young, Peter M. *

Zertuche Jr., Eric Vince * #

Women’s and Gender Studies

Fordyce, Parker Mckenzie *



Hance, Hunter +

Vyas, Sanskar Rajesh Kumar +



Amaya, Daniela

Anderson, Peyton Nicole *

Boyles, Payton

Christian, Maddie J. #

Cohen, Charles J. *

Conlisk, Jessie Ann *

Conover, Greyson Theodore *

Crocker, Owen L.

Damario, Madeline Mary

DiPietro, John Anthony

Espin Labra, Fatima *

Farnum, Peyton Tinsley =

Forzani Garrison, Elijah N.

Frangella, Madalyn Hope *

Fresques, Abigail

Garcia, RayAnn Jacqueline Naomi * #

Haller, Madeline Kaye *

Herman, Acacia Alexandria

Holbrook, Tanner W. *

Honea, Logan Kyle * #

Hurst, Hannah J. * ^

Ibarra, Vicktoria

Johnson, Hannah Andrea

Jones, Jakobe K.

Keeler, Teagan Lee

Kellogg, Hailey Michelle

Lee, David Hyun *

Leslie, Alexandra Dawn

Levitt, Sophie Taylor

Lopez, David Eduardo

Markey, Bella Kate

Martinez, Juana-Elizabeth C.

McWilliams, Morgan Jane *

Noble, Lydia Joan *

Noe, Caitlyn Leigh *

Norton, Aurora Noelle

Pak, Song J.

Paquette, Claire M.

Pierce, Alicia Rose * ^

Quinn, Hannah P.

Ramirez Lopez, Sara Isabel

Romero Trevizo, Jose Alfredo *

Sherpa, Tenjing S.

Sherrets, Emma May * #

Shrode, Julianna Rose

Sims, Nikky M. + ^

Strong, Ethan A. +

Svendsen, Ashley Ann ^

Thompson, Grace LaVonne

Tomlinson, Sydney N. + ^

Walsh, Sarah Rose *

Yax, Julia Elizabeth

Zdenek, Kailynn J.

Zink, Callan H. *


Bertrand, Barbara E.

Fair, Tamia Adriana *

Faulhaber, Cassidy Danielle ^



Barrett, Enzo Lafferty * #

Beyer, Katherine Ann

Brandt, Lincoln Joseph

Coulter, Ethan Donald +

Gamble, Charles Mitchell

Hougnon, Kaylea Belle

Laborde, Olivier Henry Noel *

Lang, Lauren Grace

Martinez, Daniel

Premo, Jarred Michael

Reno, Maya Katrina

Robitaille, John Wittman

Rutten, Andrew M. ^

Tabor, Matthew George

Tagestad, Kjellina M.

Thompson, Jalen Jamal



Cramer, Colton Clete *

Holmes, Kamden Kristopher

Mohn, Justin Alexander

Rude, Carolyn E. *

Wilson, James Avery

College of Liberal Arts

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2024


Interim Dean Elissa Braunstein



Brown, Kaylie A. * ^

Cameron, Jack A.

De Luca, Theresa Renate

Denney, Everette

Espinoza, Juan Antonio

Flynn, Katharine Franzese

Harlan, Jaden May

Lee-Smith, Rachel E. +

Mason, Xanthe R. *

Parker, Travis Lafayette

Weiland, Tianna J.


Rivero, Mia Dakota *

Communication Studies

Beckish, Jakob D. *

Cera-Herrera, Christopher *

Clynch, Campbell Teague *

Crockett, Keaton John *

DeLuca, Jacob Seven *

Duffey, Dylan Thomas

Felix Navarro, Serán *

Gaspari, Chiara L. *

Go, Yun *

Hammerschmidt, Hunter James *

Lewis, Ashley Grace *

Lockett, Annabel Margaret *

Luster, Denim Taylor *

Macias, Cinthia *

Malloy, Erin E. *

Miller, Ayden Elizabeth *

Mitchell, James A. *

Moore, Tristan N. *

O’Brien, Brendan Michael *

Parker, Beau James *

Parker, Jazmine Artulia *

Peluso, Sarah Abigail *

Ray, Tyler Charles *

Sanders, Cole *

Schoenborn, Jack Richard *

Spencer, Kaija Isabelle *

Swanson, Zachary J. *

Wallace, Riley B. *

Weinzetl, Zachary Anthony *

Wunder, Julia K.


Militare, Morgan V. +

Stwalley, Julia Rae

Zavattaro, Mikayla +


Alraisi, Isra *

Constant, Cooper Jetter *

Corpuz, Marc Joseph *

Dickhausen, Joshua *

Garcia, Brandon N. *

Gonzalez, Sebastian A. *

John, Andrew Christian *

Kazda, Brandon *

Kilmer, Thomas Martin *

Krispin, Garrett James *

Lester, James E. *

Matto, Casey John *

Parvin, Kourosh *

Petersen, Hallie M. *

Seiler, Teagan Allen *

Sokolov, Gleb M. *

Sylvester, Anthony Maxwell *


Carr, Cairn Page =

Clark-Johnson, Cayden Robert

Glover, Mitchell

Inglis, William D. +

Lauderdale, Christina Marie *

Mccraw, Alexander Charles

Monteau, Taylor Cree Skye *

Owokoya, Adedimeji Temitoyosi *

Parks-Briceno, Sophia Valentina *

Rugh, Casey James

Waters, Payton C.

Ethnic Studies

Abuya, Breonna Sharmeon *

Day, Shaelyn Hunter

Manquera Marquéz, Isis Guadalupe *


Adcox, Caleb Andrew

Ahaneku, Princewell Nnamdi *

Alvarez, Brett Michael

Banuelos, Isaac A. *

Bates, Andrew Alexander *

Cash, Jessica Michelle

Cocanower, Evan Michael *

Cohen, Courtney J.

Cooper, William Berry *

Evans, Haley Mahan

Flock, Alec James *

Fredericksen, Joseph Richard

Gottlieb, Jack Adin

Loock, Mark William *

West, Lillian Anya

Worthem Cumming, Jaron T.

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Bunker, Hannah Elizabeth

Carmosino, Megan R.

Cawthon, Jayna E. *

Collins, Zackery Owen *

Cook, Samuel Morrison *

Dangerfield, Thomas *

Duran, Abria Genell *

Evilsizer, Ruth Josephine *

Farr, Chloe G. *

George, Nicholas Andrew *

Grayson, Tyrell Deshaun *

Harris, John Allen *

Horton, Tory *

Kokron, Thomas *

Laffey, Brian William

Mazzei, Kelsey Noelle *

Mills, Brandi Maxine Holland *

Moreira Vaz, Joseana Patricia *

Morrow, Avery Cortay *

Murad, Zahra B. *

Nern, Grace E.

Raymond, Taye L. *

Scott, Joel isaac Blad *

Sollami, Jayden Josephine *

Zand, Aviva

International Studies

Ciezadlo, Ava Margaret *

Grant, Andrew Collin +

Hsia, Jessica L. *

Journalism and Media Communication

Altenborg, Christopher A. *

Buckle, Roxolana Daria ^

Castillo Garcia, Kimberly Xiomara *

Caudle, Shelby Lynn

Chaney, Lentheus Raynard

Cline, Macayla Evonne *

Cramer, Camden Moss *

Davis, Lauren Kate *

Fairly, Benjamin D. +

Hickey, Lauren *

Hojnowski, Luke W.

Isaacson, Zachary C.

Jackson, Charles Comp *

Kelley, Olivia Grace *

Lenz, Davis Bradley *

Mandzi, Ryan Shea *

Marks, Zachary S.

Monticue, Amanda Michelle ^

Murphy, Sean *

Piccolotti, Nicolo Valentine

Razo Flores, Emmanuel

Roke, Jared M. *

Schaberg Mather, Rowan *

Schoen, Madeline Grace

Seiffer, Alli L.

Shadle, Sydney E.

Templeton, Alexiss Eleanor ^

Vestecka, Erin *


Carrillo-Loya, Edwin Sebastian

Political Science

Adrian, Javier A. *

Barrett, Jack Ambrose *

Cassady, Elena L. *

Goldstein, Tyler A. *

Graham, Sonjia R. *

Granados-Prieto, Jessica Damaris +

Hinrichs, Marah Nicole * ^

Kelley, Maximilian James *

Lambert, Cosette Giselle *

Lester, Zachary Henri Aaron * ^

Mattson, Eric Ennis *

Raymond, Emily Christine *

Smith, Brennen Monroe *

Tweeton, Audrey Elizabeth

Watson, Matea Hope *


Andel, Brooke Mackenzie

Andrews, Laura Michelle *

Carey, Daniel Wyatt

Clayton-Stankowski, Nel Weston *

Duarte-Muñoz, Vanessa *

Espinoza, Saul

Grajeda, Nayeli M.

Musset, Sylvia Haydan-Sophia

Pellegrino Guardado, Alexandra Ann

Pennie, Hazel Emilia Autumn *

Rice, Shaelyn *

Saavedra, Andrea

Sanchez, Alyssa Dani

Sanchez, Justin Ray

Sanchez-Ruiz, Natalia *

Shopmaker, Lexi Rae *

Stumpf, Isabella Marie * ^

Wailes, Madison Quinn


Bush, Samuel Matthew James *

LaFontano, Courtney Logan

Wieland, Caitlin R.

Women’s and Gender Studies

Gonzalez Garcia, Vanessa Ivette *



Becerra, Liliana Yanet

Benton, Lucy A. *

Carter, Grace

Congdon, Kaylee Nickol *

Coppin, Caleb R.

Dimulu, Miriame M.

Fojut, Jackson *

Gonzalez-Collazo, Candy Miroslava

Heller, Sarah Kamalei #

Meyer, Kelsey Blair

Slick, Jessica L. *

Torres Anariba, Carlos Daniel

Weber, Sarah Ashley #

Wilkes, Kelsi Kristine



Benson, Brigitte Q. ^

Cunningham, Claire Marie

Fling, Brookelynn Rose

Gamble, Charles Mitchell +

Gilbert, Ethan K.

Kahan, Floren Adeline ^

McReynolds, Stacy Linder #

Moretti, Chloe C. ^

Morin, Raemi Anderson

Olivera, Jacquelyn Nancy ^

Spencer, Andrew David

Tyrcha, Amanda Valerie

Watanabe, Kie Jennifer

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously