140th Year of
Spring 2024

College of Health and Human Sciences Commencement

May 11, 2024

Order of Ceremony

Processional, “Pomp and Circumstance” – Dr. Jennifer Aberle/Colorado State Brass Quintet

Presentation of the Colors – Army ROTC Color Guard

National AnthemMainstreet A Cappella

Land Acknowledgment – Dr. Aberle

Introduction of Platform Guests – Dr. Aberle

Dean’s Welcome – Dean Lise Youngblade

Provost’s Remarks – Dr. Marion Underwood

Recognition of Students

Presentation of Degree Candidates – Dr. Underwood

Conferring of Degrees – Betsy Markey

Charge to the Class – Ray Jackson

Honorary Societies and University Honors Program – Dr. Michelle Foster

Individual Recognition – Dean Youngblade and Department Heads/School Directors

Student Speaker – Rachel Washburn

Welcome to the Alumni Association  – Allison Hughes

Alma Mater – Mainstreet A Cappella

Closing – Dr. Aberle

Recessional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

On the Platform

Dr. Jennifer Aberle, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Brandon Bernier, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Dr. Barry Braun, Department Head, Health and Exercise Science

Dr. Julie Braungart-Rieker, Department Head, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Charlotte Bright, Director, School of Social Work

Brett Brown, Department of Construction Management, College Marshal

Dr. Michelle Foster, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Dr. Christopher Gentile, Department Head, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Dr. Paul Goodrum, Department Head, Construction Management

Kyle Henley, Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Dr. Matthew Hickey, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Allison Hughes, Diversity and Inclusion Alumni Engagement Specialist

Dr. Karen Hyllegard, Department Head, Design and Merchandising

Ray Jackson, Vice President of Player Development, Denver Broncos

Dr. Michelle LeRoy, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Dawn Mallette, Coordinator, Family and Consumer Sciences

Betsy Markey, Secretary, Board of Governors, Colorado State University System

Dr. Mary Pedersen, Interim Director, School of Education

Dr. Marion Underwood, Provost and Executive Vice President

Rachel Washburn, Outstanding Senior, Health and Exercise Science

Dr. Lise Youngblade, Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences

Ray Jackson, ’99

Vice President of Player Development Denver Broncos

Ray Jackson (B.A., social work, ’99), is an executive in the National Football League. Building on his standout football performance at Montbello High School in Denver and for the CSU Rams, Jackson was drafted to play cornerback for the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns. His post-playing career has included roles with the Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Broncos and three Super Bowl-winning teams. Jackson credits social work – his degree and calling – as the core of his success in supporting players with training and education to maximize their potential to achieve their goals on and off the field. Jackson and his wife, Natalie, have five children and four grandchildren. He is a member of the CSU Athletics Hall of Fame and the College of Health and Human Sciences Executive Leadership Council.

Rachel Washburn, ’24

Outstanding Senior
College of Health and Human Sciences

Rachel Washburn is graduating magna cum laude with a B.S. in health and exercise science and a minor in gerontology. She has applied her dynamic interdisciplinary passions into impactful action. Her interest in human aging inspired her to tailor her Honors thesis to focus on healthy aging, and to serve as a research assistant on a federally funded project aimed at empowering grandparents raising grandchildren. As president of the CSU Gerontology Club, Rachel has been the driving force behind innovative community initiatives, significantly enhancing aging education and fostering invaluable intergenerational connections. Rachel’s research excellence, dedication to community service, and academic achievement position her for continued success as she pursues her Occupational Therapy Doctorate at CSU.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2024

Stephany Ayala-Torres, Interior Architecture and Design major with Design Thinking certificate. Thesis title: The Limited Resources in Mountain Towns’ Impact on the Community Design Proposal.

Lauren Bardon, Interior Architecture and Design major and Construction Management minor with Design Thinking certificate. Thesis title: Sensory Well-Being of Users in Workplace Design.

Katja Behrens, Health and Exercise Science major and Nutrition minor with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Exploring the Influence of Plant-Based Proteins on Female Fertility.

Jackson Buresh, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: iPod Accelerometer Gait Analysis in Concussed and Non-Concussed Participants.

Erin Ellis, Early Childhood Education major and Spanish minor. Thesis title: It Takes a Village: Building Community in Oversized Classrooms.

Lillian Gruman, Health and Exercise Science major with Health Promotion concentration. Thesis title: The Science of the Marathon.

Clarissa Hernandez Jeppesen, Nutrition and Food Science major with Nutrition and Fitness concentration and Dietetics and Nutrition Management concentration. Thesis title: Analysis of Adolescent Alliance During Mindfulness Intervention Tasks: Implications for Promoting Nutrition.

Brianna Honeycutt, Human Development and Family Studies major and American Sign Language minor with Pre-Health Professions concentration. Thesis title: Sensory Processing, Temperament, and Maladaptive Behaviors in Children with Down Syndrome.

Kyndal Johnson, Human Development and Family Studies major with Pre-Health Professions concentration. Thesis title: Pamphlets for Stork Support of Northern Colorado.

Cecilia Kastner, Apparel and Merchandising major and Women’s Studies minor and Apparel Design and Production concentration. Thesis title: The Role of Apparel in Socioeconomic Subordination.

Anna Kenyon, Interior Architecture and Design major and Construction Management minor. Thesis title: Capstone Reflection.

Emma Kessel, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Creating Community in the Classroom Through Religious Literacy Education.

Katie Kilzer, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Youth Sports-Related Concussions: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention.

Kayla Miller, Early Childhood Education major and Human Development and Family Studies minor. Thesis title: From Learning to Read to Reading to Learn: How Early Working Memory Support Can Prevent the “Fourth-Grade Slump.”

Addie Pajor, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Evaluating the Adverse Effects of Fear-Avoidance Behaviors on Rehabilitation from Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Literature Review.

Taylor Reeves, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Oncology Healthcare Professionals and Cancer Survivors’ Perspective on Acute Effects of Exercise on Cancer-Related Fatigue.

Naomi Richman, Health and Exercise Science major with Sports Medicine concentration. Thesis title: Harnessing Human Motion.

Meghan Scaggs, Social Work major and Languages, Literatures and Cultures major with Spanish concentration. Thesis title: Undocumented Latiné Survivors’ Rights and Resources.

Lydia Sinanian, Nutrition and Food Science major and Spanish minor with Nutrition Sciences concentration. Thesis title: Functional Hypothalamic Amenorrhea: Pathophysiology, Outcomes, and Treatments.

Trevor Wahl, Construction Management major and Business Administration minor. Thesis title: Opportunities for Improving Water Efficiency on LBC Projects in Semi-Arid Climates: Colorado Case.

Rachel Washburn, Health and Exercise Science major and Gerontology minor with Health Promotion concentration. Thesis title: “Explore and Learn: Tech Skills for Older Adults” – A Class Series to Support Older Adults with Technology.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2024


Dean Lise Youngblade


Apparel and Merchandising

Aragão Stocco, Ingrid Angela *

Babyak, Juliet *

Birchby, Lauren Claire *

Chamberlain, Caelan M. *

Chavez, Julian J.

Cowden, Trent G.

Ertmann, Olivia

Everest, Kathleen Erin

Gifford, Megan Anne

Graham, Sydney Grace * #

Gross, Evan Sean

Guilfoyle, Meghan Ashley

Guynn, Helena R.

Hanes, Henry Wobst *

Kastner, Cecilia Gabriela * ^

Keefe, Caroline V. *

LaBorde, Ethan Joseph *

Mackin, Mackenzie Lynn

Medina, Larissa Rae

Morris, Priscilla Opoku

Mrogheim, Hailey Marie

Neel, Anais *

Olthoff, Mia Lauren *

Rivera, Leslie Jocleyn

Robertson, Alexandria J.

Rodriguez Ramirez, Louisa Fernanda *

Siddiqui, Kadin Ahmad

Smith, Shay Elizabeth

Stevens, Zachary Edward

Ulibarri, Samantha Kate

Construction Management

Adams-McDaniel, Makenzie Ann

Bills, Hayden Timothy

Bojaczko, Colton James

Boswell V, William Iverson

Bottoms, Lyle Bailey

Buhler, Avery Ann

Burlingame, BrookLynn Kristine *

Cheung, Ethan K.

Cheung, Mitchell David

Cominsky, Kaylie Marie

Diehl, Maclane David *

Domagala, A.J

Edwards, Braden Andrew

Esqueda, Andres J.

Faust, Creighton Charles

Felling, Brian James *

Fisher, Maxwell William

Fleury, Mason R.

Flint, Ayden Stearns

Florio, David Harrison *

Fooks, Evan Christopher

Frazier, Ethan Thomas *

Gates, Andrew Gregory

Gonzalez Mares, Carlos

Gregor, Matthew William

Haluza, Tyler Martin

Harper, Ryan N.

Hutcheson, Holly E. *

Ibarra, Joel

Jones, Camden Michael

Jones, Charles D.

Keigher, Maeson Rae

Lehmann, Zachary Thomas

Lest, Alicia Noel

Liljehorn, Gavin J.

Link, Samuel Caden

MacGuire, William Frederic

Matthews, Stephen J. * #

McClure, Caleb Richard *

McDevitt, Brennan G.

Molina, Luca Bradley

Moragne, Will

Morse, Donovan R.

Occhino, Nathaniel Aaron

Orstead, Wyatt J.

Prestwich, Evan James

Prieto, Santiago

Quintana, Jerome Anthony

Rieber, Cole Thomas

Ross, Thomas

Rutledge, Isabella Zoe

Salazar, Kaden

Salem, Connor Brett ^

Schmick, Ryan

Schmidley, Jacob Richard

Schulz, Grant Jacob

Sheesley, Jack William

Silance, Andrew William

Sitz, Jake

Soden, Trevor Campbell *

Sparrow, Brodie C.

Thompson, Colton Stephen

Tobey, Lauren A.

Vega, Reed S.

Wahl, Trevor James * =

Waufle, Jackson Thomas

Williams, Jacob W.

Wilson, Chase Francis

Young, Ethan J.

Early Childhood Education

Berlingeri, Olivia Marie *

Brassfield-Stewart, Brooklyn Kendell *

Burkett, Marlee June

Crothers, Melina Nicole * #

Deffner, Deanna Kay *

Disch, Delaney Sophia * ^

Ellis, Erin Renae *

Hanson-Skadberg, Rachel S. *

Kane, Meghan Elizabeth * #

Lucero, Erica Marie *

Luetkenhaus, Hannah-Marie *

Martinez, Celeste Ariana *

Miller, Kayla Renee * =

Minor, Avery Jordon * =

Morton, Gabriella Rose * ^

Oldham, Ellen Riley * #

Schmidt, Kaylyn *

Silvester, Libby *

Strickler, Alyson Marie *

Underwood, Saley *

Wilber, Brycce Edward

Family and Consumer Sciences

Emrick, Abigail Melanie

Leighton, Kenady Ellouise *

Nigh, Evion Anubis S. * =

Rex, Audrey Kathryn

Shanley, Mackenzie Marie ^

Fermentation Science and Technology

Brents, Conner Sanders *

Britton, Matthew E.

Coats, Rickey A. *

Dowling, Adam Thomas

Munoz, Tomas

Rivera, Elijah S. #

Rolph, Eric D. * ^

Yakobson, Logan Sabre *

Health and Exercise Science

Acosta-Soto, Christopher

Aldana, Christopher

Alvarez Rivera, Dayana Oliva

Ambraziunas, Max Owen *

Amsberry, Jared M.

Asmus, Miles C.

Banta, Calvin James *

Behrens, Katja Z. * ^

Beserra, Robert Colton

Bettis, Danielle Renee

Bishop, Delaney

Bojan, Cassidy Rae

Borini, Olivia

Briggs, Tommy R.

Brizic, Derrick A.

Brown, Blake Taylor

Brown, David M.

Browning, Sam Addison

Bukhari, Faraaz H.

Buresh, Jackson Bloome

Carlson, Garrick E.

Chen, Lea J.

Chianese, Catherine Charlotte =

Clark, Alexander Lee

Clark, Sydney Skye

Colagrosso, Anthony John

Corbett, Abigail

Crum, Allison K.

Cyphers, Reagan L.

Dailey, Nicholas Michael ^

Demski, Megan ^

Dicker, Nathan

Dionisio, Sidney R.

Duet-Champagne, Emery Anita

du Plooy, Destiny Rae

Etzler, Connor William

Farkas, William Daniel *

Finnegan, Lillian Maria

Flack, Tatum

Flood, Camryn Knudson

France, Alexander Khory *

Frank, Peyton Taylor

Fried, Sophia Devyn

Gonzalez, Katherine

Gooley, Allyson Mae

Gottlob, Logan Steven *

Grimes, Destiny Rea

Groves, Alyssa Marie *

Gruman, Lillian Ruth Angell ^

Hanson, Hailey Lynn

Haralambopoulos, Anastasios V.

Hartman, Heather Michael

Henderson, Kodi C. #

Herceg, Georgia Rae

Hile, Kendal Lynn #

Holst, Nicholas M.

Hoshide, Torie Ann Aiko

Iacovetta, Giuseppe Santino *

Jones, Paige Kim

Jordan, James Reed

Kaleb, Luel

Kane, Maya Rose =

Kaplan, Leana M.

Kasten, Paige Alexandra

Kessel, Emma Rachel

Kilzer, Kathryn Marie ^

Knox, Jordan A.

Koler, Jesse E.

Kwan, Lauren Elizabeth * ^

Lanning, Jordan Michelle *

Lauman, Rachel Elyse

Leeson, Sophie Rae

Liberatore, Anna Elizabeth

Lyon, Cassie =

Madenberg, Coby M. ^

Matsuura, Alisa Patricia

Meitz, Jozie Carren

Mendoza, Ruben

Milbourn, Madison Taylor

Miller, Madison N.

Mugisha, Mervielle

Mullin, Megan Audrey

Munger, Hanah Alyce

Olah, Megan Elizabeth

Olson, Benjamin Richard

Pajor, Addison E. M. ^

Paslay, Ashley

Peirce, Morgen

Perez-Campos Jr., Rodrigo

Perez Ruiz, Dafne Yessel

Portsche, Madisyn C. #

Powell, Lauren H.

Puchino, Susan Nicole ^

Rasmussen, Dane Edward

Rather, Caroline Christine

Reeves, Taylor Ann #

Reuth, Alexa Jordan *

Reynoso, Mya

Richardson, Ashlyn Adriana * #

Richman, Naomi Li Mei =

Robinson, Sydney Marie

Rogers, Tyler James

Ryan-Lobato, Kathleen Sofia +

Santos, Sarah

Sawaged, Michelle Shafeek

Saxton, Emma Clare

Schaefer, Kai Richard

Schreiber, Kevin Chase

Schwindt, Samantha Christine

Sefcovic, Kaylee Rose *

Serna, Danielle A.

Shirlaw, Rachel Jean

Smith, Allison Brett

Smith, Clayton Sterling

Smith, Dylan James

Stermer, Celyn Elizabeth *

Sullivan, Thomas Jack

Taylor, Jennifer Rey

Tesfaselassie, Simon

Tkachenko, Mila

Tucker, Tiara J.

Van Buskirk, Hannah M.

Warfield, Hannah F.

Washburn, Rachel Fernandez * #

Watson III, Andrew Collings

Wayne, Darius E.

Weber, Lindsay Ann *

White, Cameron S.

White, Hali’a Marie

Williams, Makayla Simone *

Woods, Channing Roman

Zack, John Donald

Zhadzinskaya, Viktoryia

Hospitality Management

Ball, Samantha Abigail * ^

Brooks, Emily Ann *

Brooks, Lillianna Marie *

Burton, Caleb J. *

Coyne, Maya Jessamine

Cunningham, Teresa Marie *

Espey, Kaiya Sloane *

Essegian, Alyssa B. *

Foster, Malia Cathryn *

Gambis, Nicolas Sebastian

Glassman, Katelyn Anne *

Hagelin, Brooke Courtney *

Holmes, Sierra Rose * #

Krause, Lauren Alexis *

Larsen, Katie

Lea, Peyton

Manta-Kennedy, Z. D.

Martinez, Cora

McEahern, Sienna Leigh *

Moreno, Amy Jasmin

Patel, Jaykumar T. *

Savar, Alexandria Rose

Smith, Corbin Leslie *

Warren, Liliana Michell

Human Development and Family Studies

Acevedo-Fonseca, Mayra

Acosta, Natasha

Acosta, Yamile *

Adame, Genevieve Guadalupe

Albert, Mia Lyn

Albrecht, Amanda Paige

Armendariz Figueroa, Melanin
Nahomi +

Attai, Ashley Kaitlyn * ^

Austin, William Eugene

Becker, Catherine Paige

Berger, Anna Lynn

Bond, Taylor V.

Bontemps, Nicole Renee *

Brendle, Elliana Grace

Brown, Dallas R.

Brown, Hayden

Burns, Cassandra J.

Burton, Gabriella J. ^

Campbell, Abbie Morgan ^

Canfield, Kimberly Ming-Feng

Cardona Carrera, Lizbeth

Carlson, Ellia J.

Carrasco, Crystal Yvette

Casillas, Ximena Liset

Channell, Hanna Meklit ^

Chock, Madison La’ikuokalani
Keanini * #

Cicione, Hannah Marie

Cline, Madysen Faith

Cobb, Katherine Reed

D’Ascoli, Sage Olivia

DeAgostino, Ollie Luz Clarita

Dean, Carly René * #

DelVillaggio, Owen Mitchell

Denninger, Madeleine Mary *

Eilers, Rachel Marie =

Emmerling, Morgan ^

Foust, Chandler James

Francis, Taylor Rianne *

Francy, Grace Paris

Gelwick, Evelyn Ann

Gibson, Amanda N.

Gilmour, Katherine Marie

Giorgi, Hope Lauren

Gonzalez, Daniela

Graves, Savanna A.

Hammerle, Amelia Katherine

Hanks, Raegen Elizabeth

Harelson, Lindsey I. * ^

Hart, Abigail E.

Hart, Gillian M.

Hause, Lena Maris *

Hays, Amanda Beth ^

Hoffman, Sophia Camille

Honeycutt, Brianna Christine * =

Hunt, Abigail Elizabeth * #

Hyman, Anna

Irrgang, Eden Sara * #

Johnson, Bailey Austin

Johnson, Kyndal Rose

Kaemingk, Anna ^

Keelan, Katelyn M. *

Kent, Rose T.

Kneessy, Mya Leraan

Lutey, Hannah Joelle

Madrid, Paige Ashlyn

Martenson, Emily Marie

McKelvy, Elizabeth Shepard

Miramontes, Nallely Lara *

Mittelstaedt, Alyssa Hope ^

Montano, Iliana Karisma

Naseman, Allison Paige

Neblett, Samihya Paris

Nelsen, Libby

Nguyen, Daisy Le

Nissen, Alyssa Jade

Noe, Mary A.

Normanleier, Saleena S.

Norris, Lily Marie

Nowlin, Olivia Louise

Oaster, Peyton

Olsen, Elizabeth Diane

O’Neill, Isabelle Megan *

Paez, Allison *

Patterson, Kylee Mae

Platt, Ava Corinne *

Publicover, Clare Julia ^

Putnam, Isabella

Ramos, Olivia Marie Steffan *

Read, Jessica

Rectanus, Kate Julia

Revilla, Estefany

Robinson, Adgema Camille

Ronne-Ackerman, Ashlynn Kalei *

Rubino, Gianna Marie

Rudin, Hannah Rose

Salvatore, Olivia

Sanchez, Alissa S. *

Sarno, Elisia Marie

Schmetterling-Lund, Kendra J.

Schnell, Jennifer M.

Schnell, Kendall Ryan

Shumway, Schuyler Marie *

Spindler, Sydney Elizabeth

Stern, Taylor J. ^

Stoller, Anne Elizabeth

Stovall, Hanna Ralls *

Swanker, Sydney Reese =

Triska, Karissa Alexandra

Turner, Heather Brooke

Uhlich, AveryLyn Rae

Valdez, Zantia Lynn

Van Auken, Halei Anne

Van Haselen, Zach R.

Vilchis Espinoza, Rosa Aide

Vu, LilyAnn

Ward, Amber Julianne

Weinkauf Talbot, Dana

White, Caleb R.

White, Patrick Deane

Wildt, Madeleine B.

Wolfe, Tyler J.

Wolschon, Abigail L. *

Young, Skylar

Zakrajsek, Madison Lin =

Zarate-Barron, Jenni

Interior Architecture and Design

Accetta, Valerie Simone *

Althoff, Sarah Olivia * #

Ayala Torres, Stephany ^

Bardon, Lauren Louise *

Beaver, Amanda Shea *

Capp, Cameron

Chambers, Ashlyn Paige *

Cook, Bailey Nichole

Coppock, Jenna Marie ^

Davis, Maya N. +

Day, Jimmy Lee *

Fox, Lauren Elizabeth *

Hayes, Raegan

Hopkins, Kera Chantel *

Hubbard, Macy Gabrielle #

Huggins, Madelynn Diane ^

Johnson, Grace Elizabeth *

Junge, Elise Rae ^

Kerl, Madison A. *

Kerl, Megan B.

Kitlowski, Ella Claire

Magana Orantes, Georgina A.

Oshiro, Alyssa H. * ^

Sage, Corinne Georgia * #

Soto Castañon, Joana J. *

Vong, Amanda * ^

Nutrition and Food Science

Averill, Lauren Marie =

Baird, Autumn

Beck, Brittany Jean

Bortscheller, Jack W.

Brooke, Riley Elizabeth #

Cavarra, Jaden Ranee

Eisele, Misha Marie =

Enriquez, Jessica

Fougerat, Arielle Carolina

Guillen, Nicolas James *

Hernández Jeppesen, Clarissa
Alejandra #

Houfek, Hannah Yu

Kota, Shritha Reddy

Ogle, Matt R.

Purvis, Willow McGregor

Schieman, Jennifer Halley

Sinanian, Lydia E. * #

Stebbins, Sam

Tang, Natalie

Tapia Bernal, Paulina ^

Wieck, Jordan Madison

Zaro, Eva Antonietta =


Social Work

Albright, Kaitlin Abbey =

Baisden, Lily Ruth

Baker, Samuel Godfrey

Brunner, Elisabeth Sarah Mae

Cavalier, Carly Anne =

Clark-Lee, Shannon L.

Coronado, Jazlyn Jade * ^

Darbie, Jamielee Walter

Do, Crystal

Dowdell, Miriah Leigh

Espinoza, Alyssa Lee

Garcia-Castaneda, Maria Guadalupe

Garner, Bridgette Marie

Gilmore, Nicholas

Gordon, Lewis Henry Joseph

Guzman, Madison Rae

Hale, Matteah S.

Hall, Katelyn Gari

Harrigan, Matthew Kenneth

Hurtado, Emilee Jean +

Hutton, Lauren Nicole +

Ingram, Diana Leigh #

Johnson, Phoebe Diana

Juarez, Aneliz

Katumbi, Immaculee

Knittel, Katie

Larsen, Thomas James Bradley =

Loomis, Jean Marie

Loupe, Lydia Sage

Maynard, Meghan Patricia

Morales-Fulford, Caroline

Morris, Ana Elizabeth

Musich, Anna

Naljahih, Kirstie Ann

Oredson, Emma Grace

Orsund, Sophie Beatrice *

Perea Vargas, Maria Fernanda

Perez Flores, Jose

Perez Nieves, Kamila Enid

Rodriguez, Monica

Rosas, Julian Lane #

Rouze, Madeline Mary =

Sanchez, Beatriz Micel ^

Scaggs, Meghan Elizabeth + =

Simpson, Kaiden Nicholas #

Smyth, Ciana Charlotte

Taggart, Roxanne J. #

Thompson, Ashley Skye

Torrez, Ryan M.

Tye, Isabelle Ann Michelle

Valle, Angel

Vander Knijff, Johanna Petra

West, Alexes L. #

Young, Darian Nicole #

College of Health and Human Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2024


Dean Lise Youngblade


Apparel and Merchandising

Dinsdale, Sadie Grace

Ford, Ashley M. *

Guilbeau, Angelle M. *

Hartel, Callie R. * ^

Johnson, Corina M.

Kanu, Isata Yala

Koeltzow, Daniel August

Kovacs, Matt

Laffere, Olivia N. *

Landwehr, Lillian Sue *

Lencke, Kara Elizabeth

Maes, Alyson Lilah

Ponting, James R. *

Shafi, Naema I.

Sjoberg, Clara Marie ^

Stull, Mackenzie N. *

Stumpe, Olivia Jean * ^

Walkowicz, Hailey Anne *

Zimbelman, Brittney Kay *

Construction Management

Courington, Connor Thomas

Geling, Jared David ^

Polhamus, Walker L. ^

Sullivan, Andrew Thomas *

Suppes, Trent M.

Early Childhood Education

Hill, Olivia Rose *

Fermentation Science and Technology

Taranow, Noah Philip *

Health and Exercise Science

Almanza-Delgado, Montserrat

Bahr, Ashley Marie

Barthelman, Reese Lindsay

Baugh, Jack William

Beecher, Allison N.

Bertrand, Megan M.

Booth, Bailey Cheyenne

Clow, Donovan M.

Cuevas, Kaylee G. *

Duarte, Samuel P.

Fadeyeva, VasiLisa

Flack, Tatum

Geiss, Karissa Noel

Giauque, Maryssa J.

Gregory, Marshal Douglas

Hanrahan, Aubrey Marie

Heringer, Lauren =

Hubbard, Hannah Patricia

Iraheta, Kimberly Stephanie *

James-Roxby, Jessica Susan ^

Johnson, Lily Marie ^

Kiland, Jacob Mac

Langlois, Chris M.

Lefevre, Jamie Lynn

Lomeli-Hernandez, Gage Eloy

Mahan, Sebastian Alexander

Menu, Tanner Adalyn

Montes Ramos, Emily Janeth

Montoya, Tyson R.

Morales Salinas, Emelyn Marlene

Murphy, Halle Elizabeth

Noone, Joseph James *

Orsini, Catherine Cloyd *

Pearson, Samantha Elizabeth

Pereyra, Eliseo

Phillips, Nicholas William

Pinner, Julia Rae

Pirnack, Erika Anne

Pitrat, Robyn Yvette

Pozzi, Peyton Dyan

Rangel, Jonathan L.

Rarick, Alexander Ivan

Rembisz, Kassie Ann

Ruben, Teya

Scheel, Cooper Clyde

Schlagel, Derek Scott

Starkey, Derek Joseph

Van Auker, Emma Mary +

Vander Waerdt, Griffin Michael

Waite, Ethan Luke

Webb, Connor B. * =

Wengenroth, Lindsey Elizabeth

Wolfe, Gennifer Anne-Marie

Zoldi, Lukas D.

Hospitality Management

Anderson, Sidney Claire

Asbra, Nicholas Joseph

Brown, Kyriaki Jordan *

Neles, Annie Marie

Schaner, Camellia Marie * ^

Wright, Joshua Christopher

Human Development and Family Studies

Anderson, Nicole M.

Arguello, Christina C.

Bachman, Rachel Marie

Brencis, Izabella Inga

Cheek, Tiana Jha’Teaya

Collins, Ava S.

Comer, Mackenzie Moore *

Enriquez-Trujillo, Viridiana

Evalle, Michelle

Evans, Cameron C.

Fizdale, Caden Jay

Gross, Cailey R.

Hansen, Ian Chandler

Iannello, Shannon Leigh

Jardine, Grace Cecilia

Jimenez Sanchez, Daniela Alejandra *

Kaufman Kuker, Sara Jennifer

McFadden, Troy Lee

Miner, Morgan Linae *

Montero, Sofia

Noeun, China Sudha

Ortiz, Camilia Dawn

Phillips, Nizhoni Rae

Pierson, Lauren C.

Ramirez, Leslie Elise

Roberts, William D.

Rubin, Quinn Martin

Ryan, Katelyn Clare

Schulz, Lauren F. *

Shanty, Dylan Wizbang

Smith, Katelyn M.

Spiekerman, Addison Mae *

Szczepanski, Lauren Steele

Warner, Macy Emily

White, Patrick Deane

Interior Architecture and Design

Bell, Francesca Lillian

Bott, Chloe Marie *

Cataldo, Maiana C. *

Kenyon, Anna Laurel * #

Mohr, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Poisson, Sydney Elizabeth *

Schoenborn, Samantha Rachel

Thuerk, Elizabeth Rae

Tousignant, Susanne Elisabeth May *

Weiss, Alexis Lauriece

Nutrition and Food Science

Benge, Mia Elise

Cannady, Katherine Rose

DeFilippi, Tess Antonia

Fritzler, Taylor Elizabeth

Herbin, Melanie Alina Marie


Social Work

Esparza, Beatriz P. +

Fehlmann, Krysta Lynn ^

Stover, Jennifer June

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously