140th Year of
Spring 2024

College of Business Commencement

May 10, 2024

Order of Ceremony

Processional 1 – The Colorado Brass Ensemble and The Denver and District Pipe Band

Presentation of Colors – Air Force ROTC Wing Walker Honor Guard

National Anthem 2 – Maddie Flanagan

Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Ken Manning

Recognition of University Honors Program Graduates and Graduates with DistinctionDr. Travis Maynard

Dean’s RemarksDean Beth Walker

Student Speaker – Ashton Rinow

Charge to the Class – Rich Tinberg

President’s Remarks – President Amy Parsons

Conferring Undergraduate and Graduate DegreesDean Walker and President Parsons

Presentation of Diplomas – Department Heads and Dr. Maynard

Alumni Association Remarks – Grace Wright

Alma Mater 2 – Maddie Flanagan

Recessional – The Colorado Brass Ensemble and The Denver and District Pipe Band

1 Audience remain seated
2 Audience please stand

On the Platform

Dr. Ken Manning, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty

Patrice Palmer, Assistant Dean for Social and Cultural Inclusion

Dr. Lisa Kutcher, Chair, Department of Accounting

Dr. Leo Vijayasarathy, Chair, Department of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Costanza Meneghetti, Chair, Department of Finance and Real Estate

Dr. John MacDonald, Associate Professor, Department of Management

Dr. Dave Gilliland, Chair, Department of Marketing

Dr. Cass Moseley, Vice President for Research

Brendan Hanlon, Vice President for University Operations and Chief Financial Officer

Amy Parsons, J.D., President, Colorado State University

Rich Tinberg, Alumnus, Commencement Speaker

Dr. Beth Walker, Dean, College of Business

Dr. Travis Maynard, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Ashton Rinow, Spring 2024 Graduate, Student Speaker

Grace Wright, Alumna and Assistant to the Dean for Sustainability Initiatives

Capt Allen Plack, Air Force ROTC, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

LTC Matthew L. Tillman, Army ROTC, Professor of Military Science


Keelin McGill, Facilitator, Impact MBA Program

Samuel Watkins, Instructor, Graduate Programs


Dr. Ken Manning, Grand Marshal

Dr. James Stekelberg, Accounting

Indy Hart, Computer Information Systems

Dr. Harry Turtle, Finance

Chris Stein, Financial Planning

Dr. Mara Waller, Human Resource Management

Kevin Kuhnen, Marketing

Bill Shuster, Management and Innovation

Pete Thrasher, Real Estate

Dr. Marat Davletshin, Supply Chain Management

Dr. Derek Johnston, Master of Accountancy

Dr. Ramadan Abdunabi, Master of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Hong Miao, Master of Finance

Crisann Hanes, MBA

Tonja Rosales and Shawn Utecht, Faculty and Staff

Rich Tinberg, Commencement Speaker

Rich Tinberg has served as president and CEO of The Bradford Hammacher Group Inc. for 39 years. The Group includes The Bradford Exchange Ltd. and its affiliates, which market a wide range of products, such as jewelry, gifts, collectibles, bank checks, coins, music boxes and apparel. It also includes Hammacher Schlemmer, the 176-year-old purveyor of a wide variety of innovative products deemed to be “the best, the unique and the unexpected.”

Rich came to CSU on a football scholarship and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business in 1972. He then earned a master’s degree in management from Northwestern University in 1975. Rich is also a certified public accountant.

From 1975 to 1980, he worked for Arthur Anderson & Co., where he was a manager in the closely held business division. In 1980, he joined The Bradford Exchange as director of new business development. In 1983, he was named president of Hammacher Schlemmer, and in 1984, he was named president and CEO of both The Bradford Exchange and Hammacher Schlemmer.

College of Business

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Spring 2024

Alexia Armatas, Business Administration major with Accounting and Finance concentrations and International Business certificate. Thesis title: Financial Frauds Through a Creative and Analytical Lense.

Emily Burg, Business Administration major and Legal Studies minor with Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Revocation Rates on Probation: What Causes Them and What Can Be Done to Reduce Them?

Carter Cape, Business Administration major with Finance concentration and Construction Management major. Thesis title: Comparing the eCO2 Emissions Effects of Two Slab-on-Grade Screeding Methods.

Melanie Carpenter, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Influence of Date Labels and Freshness Disclosures on Consumer Waste Prevention Behaviors.

Lynnea Doty, Business Administration major with Managing Human Resources certificate and Leadership in Organizations certificate and Entrepreneurship certificate. Thesis title: Perceived Organizational Support (POS): Effects of Employer Practices on Employees.

Aliya Getchell, Business Administration major and Economics minor with Marketing concentration and Marketing Communication and Branding certificate and Media Studies minor. Thesis title: Marketing Strategies Used in the World of Fine Arts to Convey Different Motifs.

Elizabeth Gumper, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and Business-to-Business Selling certificate and Youth Mentoring certificate. Thesis title: When There’s a Will There’s an “A” – But at What Cost?

Abbey Kelleher, Business Administration major with Management and Innovation concentration with Leadership in Organizations certificate. Thesis title: Exploring the Impact of Christian Identity on the Psychological Well-Being, Resilience, and Stress Management of Collegiate Athletes.

Ethan Kruse, Business Administration major with Organization and Innovation Management concentration and Entrepreneurship certificate. Thesis title: The Giving Game: The Complex Relationship Between Athletic Success, Endowments, Giving, and the Emergence of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) in College Sports.

Sam Lappin, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Community Outreach Program with Poudre Fire Authority.

Claire Lindsey, Business Administration major with Supply Chain Management concentration and Leadership in Organizations certificate. Thesis title: Exploring Generational Shifts in Consumer Values Through Gen Z Consumption of Apparel Items.

Victoria Mariano, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Honors Website Redesign.

Elizabeth Mayr, Business Administration major with Finance concentration and Human Resource Management concentration and Marketing Communication and Branding certificate. Thesis title: Significance of Student Engagement on Campus.

Marceli Ollervidez, Business Administration major and Legal Studies minor with Finance concentration. Thesis title: Constitutional Clash on Women’s Reproductive Rights: A Comparative Analysis of Roe v Wade and Dobbs and Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Daniel Pirbhai, Business Administration major with Supply Chain Management concentration and International Business concentration. Thesis title: Utilization and Improvement of Supply Chains to Improve Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Emma Rattie, Business Administration major with Organization and Innovation Management concentration and Marketing concentration. Thesis title: Make-A-Wish: The Impacts of Receiving a Lifechanging Wish.

Abigail Shaffer, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and Market Research and Data Analytics certificate. Thesis title: Non-Profit Marketing: A Qualitative Study.

Alison Sherwood, Business Administration major and Computer Science minor with Human Resource Management concentration and Management and Innovation concentration and Leadership in Organizations certificate. Thesis title: Unveiling Fairness: Exploring the Perspectives of HR Hiring Managers on Hiring Individuals with Criminal Records.

College of Business

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Spring 2024

College of Business

Dean Beth Walker


Business Administration

Church, Kade Douglas +


Business Administration

Alarid, Alyssa Lynn

Alcazar, Jeremy

Al-Farsi, Hood

Aljuryan, Abdullah Mohammed #

Al Kandari, Raghad Mohammed

Alkarzai, Fahad Abdulrahman

Alkhader, Jasem

Alsadan, Saud Saad

Alshahrani, Anas Saad

Alsultan, Faisal

Alwell, Hannah Marie *

Amble, Paige Riley

Anderson, Blake S. *

Anderson, Christian David

Anderson, Natalie Jane

Anderson, Rebekah Joyce

Antonio, Ethan L.

Archuleta, Santana India

Armatas, Alexia Areti #

Aslan, Nora Sani +

Atwood, Haley Kathryn

Avellaneda, Vince I.

Babar, Maham * ^

Banuelos-Galicia, Alex

Barber, Kendall Mae Louise

Barry, Andrew Robert

Baum, Hannah M.

Baumann, Ava Lee

Bawden, Joseph William

Beal, Hailey

BeAney, Ian

Beckum, Christopher Bailey

Begay, Darren Maranden *

Begley, Cayla

Benson, Lindsey Shea *

Benton, William Keenan

Berntsen, Kathryn Grace

Bhave, Suyash Sunil

Bingham, Graham D.

Blackburn, Henry J.

Blatt, Parker M. *

Blomquist, Bergen Joseph

Bobby, Nolan William

Boddicker, Keaton J.

Boldrin, Nicole M. ^

Bolin, Madison Renee

Bolivar Jr., Jesus A.

Borghi, Gigi I.

Boston, Jordyn Taylor

Bowers, James Rodney

Bowlin, Carson Everett

Bramer, Matthew Scott

Branson, Matthew Stephen

Breslin, Emma M. ^

Brewster, Cole James

Briggs, Catherine Savannah

Brockie, Matthew Stephen

Brown, Garrett W. *

Brown, Reese *

Brueckman, Joshua Thomas

Bruner, Eden Marie

Bryan, Tyler John

Bryla, Elliot

Bryner, Kaila

Buesser, Luke Hudson

Bump, Fiona Rose

Bunch, Natalie Elizabeth

Burg, Emily J. * ^

Burkes, Austin Henry

Burkhart, Seth Scott

Byrnes, Nolan Thomas

Cahill, John Francis

Cain, John A.

Campanelli, Nathan Paul

Campos, Dillon Robert *

Canales, Zachary Thomas Kuster

Cape, Carter D. + ^

Carabajal, Dylan

Caraballo, Nicholas James *

Cardoso, Victoria Martins Farhat +

Carlson, Joseph

Carroll, Nicholas *

Carrouth, Leah N. #

Casey, Lauren Elizabeth

Cash, Matthew James *

Castilian, Jameson S.

Castillo, Emma Celeste

Cereceres, Saira Alejandra

Chadwick, Joshua Alexander *

Chang, Etham Cort

Chindlund, John Luke

Christensen, Hunter Lewis

Chugh, Ashley Megan

Clark, Colby Binsannide

Clarkson, Tristan West

Coan, Nick P.

Cochran, Emma Claire *

Cockroft, Garrett M.

Collins, Grace Judith

Collins, Patrick Christopher *

Connell, MaKaila Noel

Copley, Matthew Riley

Cotts, Liam Nicholas *

Coutts, Maggie Rae ^

Cozart, Jacob M.

Craven, Corey S.

Cross, Joe Arthur

Cullis, Daniel James *

Culp, Kenneth L.

Cummins, Andrew Hunter

Cusick, Emma Ann

Czaplewski, Nicole

Dahleen, Katharine Grace ^

Dale-Ealum, Blake Allen

Danilov, Sergei

Davis, Andrew Craig *

Day, Scott R. ^

DeBusschere, Justin Mark

DeComa, Ronald William Green

Deeter, Amy ^

Delaney, Dylan J.

Deniston, Kyler M.

Dhatt, Justin Thomas

Dickhaus, Nathan Thomas

Domenico, Benjamin John

Domenico, Dominic Joseph

Dominguez, Kate

Dooley, Brianna

Doty, Lynnea ^

Downing, Tate

Doyle, Isabelle +

Draper, Miranda Rose

Driscoll, Sarah Bea

Drollinger, Khirgan Dade

Dudley, William Jacob

Duffield, Ashton Wagner *

Duffy, Sean Daniel

Duke, Gunnar

Duval, Jeffrey

Ebrahimi, Shayan N.

Eckhardt, Katherine Tess * ^

Eckhout, Caroline Christina

Edgar, Jacob Carey

Ednilao, Glen Cyrelle

Edwards, Caleb C.

Ellis, Michaela Morgan

Engstrom, Parker Chase

Espinoza, Yisel

Evans, Ethan H. ^

Famiano, Alyssa

Farber, Katherine Lorraine ^

Farr, Lillian R.

Ferguson, William J.

Fetzer, Kylan

Fidler, Joseph C.

Finger, Kayla Marie

Fitzgerald, McKenna Reese

Fletcher, Harrison Cruz *

Flynn, Jack Alexander #

Foltz, Morgan Elizabeth

Forrest, Anne D.

Foulke, Emily Paige

Frank, Gustave Charles

Frazier, Jay Clyde

Friebel, Hannah Elisabeth

Frostenson, Melanie L.

Fulkerson, Jesse Dale

Gailey, London James *

Gallahan, Jacob Richard

Gardner, Lucas David James

Garza, Edward R. #

Gebru, Bereket Alemayehu

George, Morgan Cecilia #

Gessert, Benjamin Jacob *

Getchell, Aliya Jadeyn Wuhan * #

Giacoletto, Nicholas R.

Gill, Spencer Joseph

Gilmore, Christopher Lee

Ginter, Justin Scott

Godfrey, Emily Diann *

Gognat, Leila Sophia

Goldstein, Nathaniel P.

Gomez, Andrew Gregory

Gonzales, Joshua Arlo Cantada

Gosch, Tyler Christopher

Greene, Justin Lee

Greven, Mallory K.

Griffith, Sean Paul

Groeger, Brian W.

Grollman, Jack A.

Guevara, Heydi Yamilet

Guiducci, Elizabeth Kaye =

Gumper, Elizabeth Michelle =

Gunsauls, Kayla Suzanne

Gurnett, Katelyn Lorene

Gutierrez, Aaron Todd

Guzman, Jack T.

Gysin, Shannon Elizabeth

Haffey, Olivia May

Hagans, Payton Dayle *

Hahn, Jessica Lynn

Hammers, Jacob

Hanchett, Chloe Michelle

Hanenberg, Nicolas Daniel

Hanley, Amanda L.

Hanlon, Charles J. ^

Hann, Jacob R.

Harig, Jackson M.

Harris, Nicholas J.

Hassell, Megan M. *

Hause, Tyler W.

Hayes, Liam C. +

Hebert, Caleb Joseph

Herken, Jason P. *

Hernandez, Juan Daniel

Hernandez, Mayro A.

Heth, Ethan Mitchell

Heywood, Drew A.

Hintz, Landon E.

Hoffmann, Christina Helen

Hohenegger, Galen Orion +

Holguin, Karina

Holland, Jake Weston

Hopkins, Adam R.

Hornbuckle, Katelyn Elise

Horner, Tanes Allen

Hourigan, Vincent Angus

Howe, Amy Cheng

Howeth, Kassidy Kaimilani

Hultman, Riley Judd

Hussein, Elmi A.

Hutto, Maxwell Scott * ^

Ibarra-Ruiz, Karla Judith

Ingalls, Jared Lance *

Jacobson, Brett M.

Jaquez Rivera, Jovanna I.

Jaworsky, Brooklyn Rose

Jensen, Levi R.

Johnson, Austin D.

Johnson, Ava Katherine

Johnson, Blake Andrew Jerald

Johnson, Taylor Stephen #

Jones, Richard Trey Eric

Joubert-Bousson, Logan

Kalchthaler, Charles Koehler

Kaster, Kevin P.

Kauffman, Kyra N. ^

Kaur, Nimrit

Keefe, Grant Michael

Keene, Piper Madison

Keime, Joseph Nicholas

Kelleher, Abigail Louise

Kelley, Carolyn Leone

Kessinger-Soto, Dakota C. * #

Kimber, Madison Jo

Kingsman, Helena Sydney *

Kis, Mariano

Kitterman, Andrew M. ^

Klebanov, Leeb Samuel

Klein, Maxwell Thomas

Knox Kelly, Thibault Herve Marie

Koessl, Karrick Johnathan ^

Kolarevic, Ethan Cormack

Konkel, Zachary Scott ^

Kozakis, Noah Lukas

Kraus, Ann Margaret

Kruse, Ethan

Kubosh, Dean Andrew

Lacewell, Kyler

Lamanna, Grace Elizabeth

LaMielle, Macy Elizabeth *

Landow, Spencer Eli ^

Lane, Macy

Langerman, Hunter Pierce

Lappin, Samuel Glenn

Larsen, Jacob Marshall

Lavertu, Alexander Biron

Lawrence, Hanna Grace

Laymon, Sierra Nicole

Leach, Devon Xavier

Leech, Justin Patrick ^

Lelli, Kaden

Lenderink, Hayden D.

Lesniak, George Walter

Levstik, Brenley G.

Lezama Mendoza, Bryan A.

Liddle, Kate Elizabeth

Lindsey, Claire

Lindsey, Megan Elizabeth

Listello, Drew Bailey

Litchfield, Megan Lee ^

Locke, John Bernard ^

Lopez, Precious Isabel

Los, Autumn Rose

Lowe, Trenten Michael

Luedtke, Augutus Ray

Lyles, Garrett Russell * ^

Lynch, Jonathan M.

Lynch, Macie Lane * #

Lyon, Johnathan Patrick

Maddox, Heath Wardlow

Madsen, Joseph I.

Mallett, Linus Severe

Mallot, Justin #

Mariano, Victoria L. =

Markworth, William Robert #

Marquez Loya, Jorge

Marquis, Caiden Henry

Marshall, Chandler Alexandra

Martel, Anna Rose

Martella, Mackenzie Blaire

Martinez, Gabriel W.

Martinez Salgado, Edwin

Marzolf, Ashley Diane

Mason, Riley G.

Mateer, James Paul #

Mauer, William Riise *

Mayr, Elizabeth Margaux #

McCann, Kennedy Danielle

McCarthy, Kyle Taiki

McClaughry, Grayce Lynn

McClure, Dylan Tyler

McClure, Marc

McCobb, Nolan Tadashi

McCormick, Aidan Jude *

McCormick, Michael Joseph

McDaniel, Emily Jordan *

McDevitt, Gabriel

McDonald, Duncan Arthur

McKee, Tristan J.

McKelvy, Julia M.

McKenzie, Connor Christopher

McKinney, Sydney Elizebeth *

McLain, Kelley Christine *

McLatchie, Brianna Nicole

McLaughlin, Sean Patrick

McMillan, Trevor James

Meek, Marissa Mary

Meinert, Quinn Daniel

Mendoza, Anthony

Mequi, Maura C. C

Mercure, Andrew

Merrick, Sierra Mae

Metz, William R. ^

Meyer, Joshua Mathias

Meyers, Lev Gaven

Miller, Aislinn M.

Miller, Cory John

Miller, Kylie Jade

Miller, Steven Michael

Mitchell, Jaseim Lee

Miyasaki, Peighton Ann * ^

Mohr, Dillon Owen

Mohror, Kaden T.

Molinari, Tyler Scott

Moloney, Katherine Marie *

Monahan, Zachary J.

Monfardini, Nicholas Ruslan

Montross, Christopher N.

Moote, Alexa Jane

Morales, Tiara Renee

More, Isabella E. ^

Moreland, Grant Alan *

Morrin, Benjamin Andrew *

Moss, Lauren C.

Mott, Joseph Evan *

Moylan, Harrison Charles

Mueller, Nathan Robert

Mukunda, David Banza

Mulligan, Kevin P.

Mullins, Jack D.

Muncrief, Mackenzie ^

Munoz, Luis H.

Nalbach, Ian A.

Natio, Elle Sea

Naylor, Ethan

Nelson, Dirk Raymond

Neumeier, Kyle Anthony *

Neuse, Jayce

Newman, Alek T.

Nguyen, Kim Ngan

Nichols, Allison LaRee

Niedzwiecki, Matthew

Nisbet, Sara Quinn

Nissim, Scarlott Aline

Niyogusengwa, Pastor

Nugroho, Muhamad Ilham

Nutt, Riley S.

Off, Lhasa Marie

Ogata, Anne Ray

O’Hara, Ryan S.

Ojala, Tony Vincent

Olivas, Tatiana Aurora *

Ollervidez, Marceli *

Osborne, Amelia Rose

Otten, Ava Rose

Papandrea, Jonathan

Parisi, Sofia Korin

Parker, Shilah M.

Pelissier, Emmett Logan =

Pendleton, Macy Quinn ^

Penn, Andrew Hollis

Perri, Nicholas Paul *

Peterson, Parker James *

Phalen, Landon Thomas *

Phibbs, MeganMay Murphy *

Phillips, Madalyn R.

Picard, Hayden Glenn

Pirbhai, Daniel

Prado, David ^

Proc, Braden W.

Quevedo Chagua, Angela G.

Quezada Gonzalez, Angela

Quinn, Olivia Lauren

Quinn, Victoria Lane

Rattie, Emma LeeAnn

Rayment, Brooke Frances

Read, Michael Thomas David

Redard, Rosalie Fayth *

Reffel, Ryan Nicklaus

Rencher, Elizabeth Anne * #

Reynolds, William Clayton

Ribeiro, Jejuinho R. j. M. L.

Richey, Haleigh

Richmond, Nikolas A.

Riddle, Jakob T.

Ridgley, Gillian Carol

Rinow, Ashton Bailey #

Robles Robbles, Ashley Jeanette

Roman, Triton Christian

Rosenquist, Davin Neal

Rumion, Kainoa Waialeale

Rushing, Luke Maxwell

Russell, Tiffany Michelle

Sadler, Kaylen Hiromi

Sagendorf, Peyton Elizabeth * #

Saia, Nicole Jillian #

Sanchez, Justin Joseph

Santorno, Chase Andrew

Sarabia, Jazmin A.

Scallon, Caelan Patrick

Scaturro, Gianna Sofia

Schiffer Jr., James Gerard

Schneider, Christopher Joesph

Schnetzler, Trevor John

Schreiber, Kevin Chase

Scism, Trenton

Semmens, Nathan Alexander

Sessions, William Conelly

Sevast, Tyler J.

Severin, Rhegan Lauren

Seybold, Peytra Rae

Shaffer, Abigail Lee

Sherwood, Alison Nicole * ^

Sherwood, Claire Elizabeth

Siemers, Blake M.

Silivus, Calvin Thomas

Silver, Jack Alan

Simmons, Brisa Erin

Simons, Madison Fiona *

Slayden, Keaton Wentford

Smith, Justin E.

Smith, Matthew D.

Spieth, Katie Bailey

Sprick, Jacob James

Srdoc, Desmond Jay

Stephens, Noah Michael +

Stevenson, Chloe Faye *

Stodola, Tarysa Angelyca Lynn +

Stone, Tyler H.

Strouth, Killian Joseph

Sullivan, Brendan Joseph

Sunset, Benjamin R.

Swirtz, Meredith Catherine

Talmadge, Brianna L. *

Tapia, Manuel Francisco

Tarno, Ethan Scott

Terry, Trent Michael

Thenell, Mia Cecilia

Thomas, Ty Coupar

Thornborrow, David John

Thornton, Alexis Savanna

Tina, Angelina Christine *

Tlaxcala, Kenny Abram

Todd, Treydon N.

Tool, Karalyn Lorraine #

Toomey, Ryan E.

Torres, Gabriel

Toth, Evan R.

Tran, Ashley Marie

Trevizo-Medina, Nadia ^

Trombetta, Dominic P.

Tuioti, Teivis Leula

Valdez, Zoe Grace * ^

Vander Griend, Spencer Jay #

Vanek, Evan Paul

Van Winkle, Christopher Jon

Velasco, Alexandria Anne

Verachtert, Matthew Ryan

Vigil, Jennah L.

Vigil, Trevor L.

Vo, Mimi T.

Von Hemert, Zane

Waggoner, Rylee Nicole *

Walker, Meagan Lindsay *

Wastvedt, Lauryn Frances

Weck, Liam Hemming

Wedel, Quinlan Leon

Weisberg, Emma Paige

West, Lane Daniel

Weyman, Christina Mckenna *

White, Cameron S.

Wilkinson, Grace Anita

Williams, Benjamin Floyd

Wilson-Axpe, Andrew

Winchester, Jordan Nicole

Winnegrad, sterling zev *

Wirkus, Michael Scott

Wise, David C. + ^

Wise, Tanner Wilson

Witte, John G. *

Wittman, Sarah G.

Wolff, Lauren Nicole

Wolter, Hayley Lauren

Wood, James Patrick

Wright, Lukas Cornelis *

Yaeger, Colton Hawke

Yebra, Joseph David Jordan

Young, Bayli Jo

Young, Nicholas Scott

Zappa, Henry Orivs

Zhang, Chaoyue

Zigich, Kyle S.

College of Business

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Summer 2024

College of Business

Dean Beth Walker


Business Administration

Al-Abdali, Musaab Salim

Alcala, Dominic Antonio

Alriyami, Muaadh Mahmood *

Alshehri, Ahmed Ali O.

Arisman, Camille Marie

Baca, Grant M.

Belliston, Amber B.

Berk, Andrew

Buesser, Reed

Castaneda, Saul

Duong, Ngoc Trinh Bao *

Fuller, Benjamin Dean

Gallant, James Conrad

Gentry, David C.

Grice, Max A.

Grieco, Nicolas Michael

Gross, Braden Connor

Harman, Hunter Wade

Jackson, TierDree LaRee

Johnson, Taylor Lane * ^

Keahey, Collin Douglas

King, Matthew Riley

Kroll, Andrew Theron

Lake, Nicholas Charles

Lester, Desiree Mireya =

Lieberman, Hayden Michael

Little, Lauren G.

Madrid, Morgan Michelle

Maldonado, Isaiah Joel

Manuel, McKenzi K.

Martin, Luke Thomas

Marzolf, Tara R. *

Meador, Daniel Michael

Mirenda, Jack Francis *

Moore, Blake S.

Nethercot, Michael William

Nissim, Scarlott Aline

Olnhausen, Cory Olnhausen Aaron

Plowman, Janice Louise

Pope, Katie Rose

Prideaux, Alyssa Dawn *

Rife, Carson Prescott

Rokke, Wyatt Patrick

Sanders, Grant Cornelius

Sandoval, Karla Ailyn

Sappenfield, Evan Andrew

Sawyer, Benjamin P.

Schrock, Kyle Jackson

Schuepbach, Paige

Seifert, Zachery C.

Simmons, Keaton Drew

Stilwell, Jonathan Day

Tart, Taylor

Trizna, Patrick J. *

Vanek, Tommy

Wilsey, Evan Stuart

Wood, Carter Alexander

Yusufjanova, Mohinur *

Zimmers, Paul G.

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously