140th Year of
Fall 2023

College of Natural Sciences Commencement

December 16, 2023

Order of Ceremony

Processional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Commencement Emcee – Dr. Darrell Whitley

Presentation of the Colors – Air Force ROTC Wing Walker Honor Guard

National Anthem – Nathan Messina-Anderson

Introduction of Platform Party – Dr. Whitley

Dean’s Welcome and Introduction of Commencement Speaker – Interim Dean Simon Tavener

Commencement Address – Dr. Elaine Dorward-King

President Remarks and Presentation of Class for Conferral – President Amy Parsons

Conferral of Degrees – Betsy Markey

Diploma Distribution – Interim Dean Tavener and Department Chairs

Alumni Welcome – Dr. Lisa Dysleski

Closing Remarks – Interim Dean Tavener

Alma Mater – Nathan Messina-Anderson

Recessional – Colorado State Brass Quintet

Announcer: Dr. Jacob Roberts, Chair, Department of Physics

ASL Interpreters: Sara McHattie and Kylie Mosell

Marshals: Drs. Steve Benoit, Edward Delosh, Joseph DiVerdi, Martin Gelfand, Carlos Olivo-Delgado

On the Platform


Dr. Melinda Smith, Chair, Faculty Council

Betsy Markey, Member, CSU System Board of Governors

Amy Parsons, J.D., President, Colorado State University

Dr. Elaine Dorward-King

Dr. Simon Tavener, Interim Dean

Dr. Darrell Whitley, Interim Associate Dean

Dr. Lisa Dysleski, Associate Dean

Dr. Shawn Bingham, Director, University Honors Program


Dr. Laurie Stargell, Chair, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Deborah Garrity, Chair, Biology

Dr. Matthew Shores, Chair, Chemistry

Dr. Bruce Draper, Chair, Computer Science

Dr. Alexander Hulpke, Interim Chair, Mathematics

Dr. Jacob Roberts, Chair, Physics

Dr. Don Rojas, Chair, Psychology

Dr. Haonan Wang, Chair, Statistics

Dr. Meena Balgopal, Biology, University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

Dr. Debbie Crans, Chemistry, University Distinguished Professor

Dr. LeRoy Poff, Biology, University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Alan Knapp, Biology, University Distinguished Professor

Faculty Representatives

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Drs., Pui Shing Ho, Aaron Sholders, Olve Peersen, Eric Ross, Tim Stasevich

Biology: Drs. Tanya Dewey, Graham Peers, Daniel Sloan, Melinda Smith

Chemistry: Drs. Anna Allen, Delphine Farmer, Kerry MacFarland

Computer Science: Drs. Indrajit Ray, Indrakshi Ray

Mathematics: Drs. David Aristoff, Amit Patel, Renzo Cavalieri, Clay Shonkwiler, Emily King, Michael Kirby, James Liu, Wolfgang Bangerth

Physics: Drs. Norm Buchanan, Dylan Yost, Stuart Field, Emily Hardegreen-Ullman

Psychology: Drs. Patricia Aloise-Young, Silvia Sara Canetto, Deana Davalos, Emily Merz, Tracy Richards, Michael Thomas

Statistics: Drs. Stacey Edmondson, Yawen Guan

Dr. Elaine Dorward-King, Commencement Speaker

Dr. Elaine Dorward-King has spent her career working on sustainability and safety in the mining, chemical, agricultural, and engineering industries. As a well-known expert in the area of sustainable development, Dr. Dorward-King is a sought-after advisor for companies and organizations around the globe.

After completing her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at Colorado State University in 1984, she quickly rose through the ranks at Monsanto in their research division. She went on to positions at several companies where she led company initiatives in environment and safety, including as the Executive Vice President for Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy at Newmont Corporation.

She currently serves on numerous boards and has been recognized as a trail blazer through many awards including the Most Inspirational Woman in Mining in 2020.

Dr. Dorward-King will serve as the College of Natural Sciences Fall 2023 Commencement speaker.

College of Natural Sciences

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Fall 2023

Brianna Alers, Psychology major and Chemistry minor with Mind, Brain and Behavior concentration. Thesis title: Synesthetic Influences on Perception and Interpretation of Heat Maps.

Grace Babcock, Psychology major and Global Studies minor with General Psychology concentration. Thesis title: Redesigning CSU’s Alcohol Education Program.

Meghan Bodman, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Intelligently Designed or Naturally Derived? A Scientific Discourse on Matters of Creation and the Natural World.

Emma Bryer, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: The Shifting Perspective on the Severity of Plastic Pollution: A Look into the Internal Biological Response to Microplastic Invasion on a Global Scale.

James Gorder, Biochemistry major and Biomedical Sciences minor with Health and Medical Sciences concentration. Thesis title: Examining Medical Race Science from a Sociological and Biochemical Lens.

Ashlyn Hillyard, Computer Science major and Chemistry minor with Computer Science concentration. Thesis title: Developing a Website That Uses Previous Race Times to Calculate Equivalent Running Training Paces.

Cameron Leith, Psychology major with General Psychology concentration. Thesis title: Art and the LGBTQ+ Community.

Chieko Link, Biological Science major and Spanish minor with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: A Children’s Book on Emotional Coping Mechanisms to Combat Binge Eating Disorder and to Prevent the Development of an Unhealthy Relationship with Food.

Cole Shepherd, Biochemistry major and Physics minor with American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology concentration. Thesis title: Colorimetric or Fluorometric Assay for DNA-Loaded Protein Crystals.

Maliek Swain, Biochemistry major with Health and Medical Sciences concentration. Thesis title: Phytomchemicals: A New Power for Chemoprevention.

Jack Thompson, Biological Science major with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Gross National Happiness: The Four Roads Not Taken.

Heather Tran, Psychology major with General Psychology concentration. Thesis title: Motivations and Attitudes Behind Student Athletes.

Dalia Vargas-Jurado, Biological Science major and Chemistry minor with Biological Science concentration. Thesis title: Coping and Learning Through Literature: A Creative Tool to Help Children Cope with Difficult Subjects.

College of Natural Sciences

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Fall 2023

College of Natural Sciences

Interim Dean Simon Tavener


Applied Computing Technology

Larson, Lindsey Nicole


Claus, Virginia Lou

Cordova Ramirez, Carlos

Glennon, Allaina Samantha *

Gorder, James * ^

Hernandez, Jason Aaron *

Kirchart, Emily E.

Nguyen, Niky K.

Robles, Walter David *

Rodriguez Perez, Oscar Fernando

Romero, Jocelyn Jae *

Shepherd, Cole Martin * #

Smith, Lauren Michelle * =

Swain, Maliek Anthony

Umoelin, Cortney A. * ^

Wilson, David R.

Biological Science

Alajoki, Ryan Matthew

Bodman, Meghan Foster

Bonfante, Emma *

Bryer, Emma Evelyn

Chalmers, Anne Logan

Chavez, Caleb R.

Christensen, Allie Kay

Faison, Taylor Ann

Fehringer, Hailey Morgan =

Giddens, Meredith Nichole

Gongaware, Charles H. *

Gorman, Nicholas *

Haberbosch, Megan *

Halsell, Dejanell A.

Hansen, Matthew James

Hauswirth, Maelan Janelle *

Herzberg, Tanna Jo *

Holguin Guevara, Jennifer *

Hoskinson, Aidan Riley

Johnson, Shelbie Franklyn *

Kalra, Arun Singh *

Kerns, Joshua S.

Kovacs, Honor Elizabeth *

Link, Chieko Link Juliet *

Lockman, Casey J. *

Martinez, J. *

Meraz-Solis, Alondra

Montgomery, Kennadi Alexis *

Paslay, Brooke Rachelle

Phelps, Hannah E. *

Pigg, Noa B. G.

Prashanth, Tanya

Reynolds, Julia Elizabeth

Rincon, Evelyn P. *

Schineller, Hannah E.

Seufer, Emma Sue ^

Spinden, Holly Marie * ^

Thompson, Jack H.

Van Ausdall, Parrish Noelle *

Vargas-Jurado, Dalia Getzabel *

Von Feldt, Cory Richard

Vowteras, Maximilian V.

Walker, Ty Hayden

Walsh, Cameron James

Warner, Justin Christopher *

Welch, Marc Allen ^

Wettengel, Alexandra


Beck, Josianne Jennifer * ^

Gervais, Claire Y. *

Hagan, John Joseph

Holtorf, Genevieve Camille

Mejia, Marcos Ismael

Saunders, Clayton Scott

Spigel, Alden Gerald

Szymanski, Kenneth Michael

Tian, Bingxin

Computer Science

Amini, Persia

Anspach, Evan D. ^

Armstrong, Dylan John

Baloga Loufek, Spencer Tilka #

Barkie, Joseph Alan ^

Barney, Alizee Mari-Anne

Berna, Samuel Johnson

Bicknell, Raymond S.

Bremser, Julie A. *

Burford, Luke Andrew

Coburn, Jennifer A.

Cook, Bryson F.

Cucina Jr., Michael T.

Curtiss, Koby Dawson Simon

Daroui, Nika

Davis, Blake Charles * #

DeCalzadilla, Matthew

DeYoung, Grant Alexander

Dudas, Nicole M.

Dugas, Cole J.

Dunn, Lee Ann

Easton, Riley

Edelen, Hunter

Ellis, Joshua

Erickson, Joseph Tyler

Eto, Nicholas Nathanael

Eyob, Nael

Felix, Antonio Salvador

Finger, Kevin Charles

Fitt, Jasmine R.

Franke, Abigail Jane *

Frazier, James D.

Garcia, Aidan R.

Goodbee, Gabriel J. +

Hansell, Reid M.

Hansen, Paige M. =

Haro, Crispin

Harris, Cole T.

Hatch, Joshua R.

Hillyard, Ashlyn Lee-wei *

Hinterlong, Alexander Jordon *

Hoden, Hunter J.

Holcomb, Taylor J.

Hotra, Kenneth Martin #

Howard, Samuel Isaac *

Huang, Lingyuan

Hughes, Matthew L.

Hust, Bailey Anne *

Im, Juhyung N.

Jensen, Kaija

Jones, Wesley Ryan *

Kibbler, Austin Williams

Lamb, Zachariah P.

Lamichhane, Aayush

Laudadio, Eliana R.

Lazare, Kimeron

LeBlanc, Olivia M. + ^

Ledezma Olivares, Julio Cesar

Luebbert, Evan J. *

Luther, Yanye Joy * =

Mahoney, Kaden J.

McCumber, Lily Cornell

McKee, Bradley N.

Mione, Brayden Edward *

Morgan, Drake Everett

Mortensen, Benjamin

Moses, Cole Joseph

Munoz Molina, Jaime

Nats, Matthew James

Neira Piedrahita, Juan Felipe

O’Leary, Tyson Mitchell + =

Ramos Garcia, Oswaldo

Reekie, Christopher Alexander ^

Ritter, Nathan Giles ^

Rogers, Seth Shaffer

Shimpa, Zachary Alexander

Sinha, Ojaswi *

Smith, Allison T.

Smith, Joshua Jennings *

Stafford, Ethan Roger *

Stafford, Quinn Frank *

Sturgeon, Matthew R.

Swift, Caitlin Susan *

Weetman, Elijah

Wittich, Thomas Augustus

Wu, Tianyu

Zakett, Jonathan S.

Zupetz, Rudolph Thomas *

Data Science

Deere, Jack Thomas

Mayes IV, William E.


Bayuk, Berkeley Anne *

Beatty, Ryan Charles

Chollet, Jessica

DeNiro, Nikolaj M.

Gasca, Karina Monique

Hitchman, Lucy

Horstmeyer, Hayes T. ^

Karkos, Tia S. ^

Leftwich, Connor Harned

Slack, Emma Nicole * =

Wells, Mackenzie Faye ^

Natural Sciences

Kuettner, Addie Reid *


Adams, Jarrett P.

Adams, Oliver Button

Ahern, William Riley

Alers, Brianna Catherine * #

Alimam, Aymen

Araujo, Alayza A. *

Bane, Greer Mckenna

Beck, Madisen A.

Briceno Toledo, Natalia Estefania

Brooks, Neil Edward

Bruning, Carter Dale *

Caesar, Jocelin Alexandria

Camp, Caleb

Cerna Sanchez, Jairo Azael

Clark, Colleen Catherine *

Clockston, Mark A.

Coward, Olivia M.

Dzhafarova, Kamila

Eaton, Nicole Jennifer

Elnasser, Rami F.

Essmyer, Mary Margaret

Evans, Anna Grace

FitzRandolph, Torrey Vail

Fix, Campbell Jeannice

Ford, Caroline Rose

Fuentes, Victoria Marie *

Gamez, Miranda Rosario

Golemo, Alicia Jasmine

Gormley, Joseph Tobin

Gormley, Sierra Lynn

Gutierrez, Esther

Haarstad, Norah R.

Hernandez, Ailed Airam

Hernandez Blanco, Jaqueline

Hickey, Meghan Grace

Hixson, Hailey Denise *

Holcomb, Hunter Jayne * ^

Holtman, Hailey Morgan

Housden, Brecken Leona

Hower, Savannah P. *

Hoyt, Loreena Valeria ^

Hyndman, Ashley

Jamieson, Austin Benjamin

Johnson, Jacquelin I. ^

Jones, Hannah

Judd, Alexandra Mary

Kellam, Stephen Reed *

Klapdor-Guest, Marlisa

Leith, Cameron John

Lemay, Marcelle Christine

Long, DeAjainea Denise

Lucero, Edwin Leif ^

Madrid, Easton Anthony *

Martinez-Smith, Emma Ryan *

Mayer, Olivia J.

McClellan-Short, Bailey H.

McIntosh, Annabella Lucille

McLeran, Braden Daniel Heasley

Mengel, Kegan W.

Miller, Zachary Sage #

Mims, Madison M.

Mjaanes, Beau A.

Mueller, Hayden Patrick

Nassen, Nikki

Norman, Taylor Gail

Ohlson, Tyler J.

Palyo, Amanda Marie

Peabody, Haley Marilyn

Peregoy, Melissa K.

Piskunova, Margarita G. +

Pope, Emma Katrine

Radel, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Ramirez, Elena Marie

Ramirez, Tom Anthony *

Ratliff, Milo J. *

Raymond, Dana Marie

Rex, Mallory Ryann

Roach, Chloe Nicole ^

Romano, Lillian

Senan, Olivia Dora Scalise

Simerly, Kylie B. =

Smith, Gabriel G.

Swaim, Ruth Ashley

Tarr, Meghan

Telfer-Radzat, Blaize

Thapa, Avishek

Thomsen, Makenna + #

Tran, Heather Thuy Ngan #

Udoni, Samantha C. *

Van de Kerkhove, Emma Joy

Vander Leest, Jacob R.

Vega Blanco, MariaIsela *

Wagenblast, Rachel Elizabeth *

Watkins, Makenzi Taylor

Weber, Bari T. J. ^

Weldon, Katelyn Violet ^

Whetzel, Cole Ian

Workman, Rafaella d’Anne

Wray, Samantha Renee


Cross, Alaina Nicole ^

Poiesz, Matthew


Aldridge, Amber Jolene

Brisnehan, Elizabeth Grace

Brown, Natalie Linda *

Burnett, Thomas George #

Buttala, Alexander Joseph *

Casey, Danniale M.

Critchlow, Austin Leo

Dawson, Zoey Fay

Donivan, Cole B. *

Gardner, Lindsey Annette

Green, Talis Bay

Harrold, Alejandra Maria

Hawley, Mags Lee

Keller, Alyssa Marie *

Lawson, Faith Jeanelle

McCrady, Mai Richael

Mortensen, Lauren N.

Newton, Nevaeh

Palmer, Ashley Maegann *

Phelan, Dallas

Quire, Isabel Louise *

Robles, Adrian Adolfo

Rozak, Marine *

Rude, Kylie Breanne

Shang, Rui

Shields, Amelia Ilene *

Singer, Michael T.

Sosa, Samantha Kay *

Thomas, Brodie MacMurray * #

Wise, Shelbi Renee

College of Natural Sciences

Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded

Summer 2023

College of Natural Sciences

Interim Dean Simon Tavener



Vorontsova, Tatiana

Biological Science

Blevins, Erica E.

Brink, Hannah Jean

Castro Aguilar, Maria Isabel

Cooke, Ian G.

Corbley, Patrick J.

Costello, Bridget Mary

Cuddihy, Sean

Dalrymple, Haley Niccole

DeSantis, Adelina

Dohemann, Gordon Chong

Dreitz, Aidan S.

Folk, Stefan Caldwell

Garcia, Kendall

Higgs, Kayla Jeanne

Hutchinson, Emily Kate

Kapit, Kira Nicole *

Larson, Nathan Joseph

Lohman, Susannah Paige *

Maysonet, Darius Emmanuel

McAbee, Mackenzie Leigh

Medvig, Ashton Michael

Millard, Henry J.

Mitchell, Thomas *

Nazloyan, Amy

Palazzo, Lucas R.

Rahe, Ashley Jane

Sazonova, Marina

Short, Alex R.

Sides, Carlie Alexis

Singer, Jennifer Marie

Smith, Margaret Jane Kelsall * =

Stack, Ryan Colton

Stephens, Hunter M.O.

Thompson, Elijah B.

Underwood, Stryder Ellen

Westmoreland, Kallie Brooke


Maloney, Patricia Mohr

Marshall, Katy Ann *

Computer Science

Adair, Ayden Douglas

Avery, Theodore Wildes *

Buckey, Kris A. *

Glimco, Alexander P. C. *

LaBerge, Christopher Craig

McFall, John

Mckay, Samuel Aaron

Norman, Aaron Andrew

Olvera, Sergio

Petrucci, Kaitlynne G.

Price, William Lukovich

Sinclair, Grant Charles

Torraca, Nikolas

Data Science

Giacobbe, Sophie Grace

Harris, Thomas Vernon

Nero, Jason A.


Douglas, Jack Rodney

Parham, Riley Marie

Tulu, Jedidiah T. *

Wilding, Jakob R.


Bayarsaikhan, Khubilai

Tulu, Jedidiah T. *

Vildibill, Megan Lehn


Awolaja, Adeola Boluwatife

Bailey, Mackenzie Ann

Baker, Robert T.

Batoy, Kyle

Beasley, Katelyn Alyssa

Blosch, Corgan Leontine

Bryan, Abigail Kathryn *

Celeste, Kai J.

Champion, Jaylen A.

Chandler, Sara

Christensen, Emily K.

Cordova Hinojos, Luis

Diaz, Lesly *

Ernst, Emma Rose

Fletcher, Tate Frederick

Flis-Chen, Aria J.

Grim, Scarlett Alexandria

Gurich, Rachel Daphne

Guzak, Sophie Grace Terek *

Hopkins, Jessica Elizabeth

Hsiao, Jocelyn

Israel-Olson, Sequoia Srei Jean

Kucera, Anastasia Burke

Lases, Samantha Alexis

Leonard, Sydney Victoria

Lopez, Antonia Eve

Lowe, Matthew A.

Lowry, Ashton Faith

Marquez, Yoselin

Martinez, Alora Andrea

Mayes, Devon Dashell *

Meeks, Tazia Marie

Morales, Brisa *

Mott, Krista Nicole

O’Donnell, Bailey Roselynn

Pizano, Zaira Yael

Rine, Lilly Anna

Ruiz, Gethsemani *

Ruiz, Valeria

Sargent, Amanda Kay

Sauerland, Hannah Jane *

Scher, Nicolette M.

Sciammas, Patrick Francis

Seprino, Natalie R.

Shapcott, Lily Ruth #

Sodani, Mihika #

Sulse, Bryn Theresa

Sykes, Adley Rose

Turner, Mackenzie Grace *

Valley, Jewel Katherine

Vasquez, Adam *

Villamaria, Jacobi Paul

Wescott, Kenlee Rose

Woratyla, Thomas Adam

Wruck, Kayla Rae * ^


Thompson, Jacob


Ball, Mackenzie

Gonzales, Madison Kaycie-Mae

Hinchliffe, Brianna Elisabeth

Lange, Emily Ann

Laux, Alyssa Marie

Lempke, Robyn Mae

Mather, Paisley R.

Mikolaizik, Myaih Nicole

Nickolaus, Cacie M. #

O’Neill, Heather Nicole

Perlera, Gaby Janeth

Raad, Thomas John

Reyna Sotelo, Frida Rachel

Roebuck, Kimberley *

Rubenstein, Emma R. *

Scutchfield, Cassandra A.

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously