140th Year of
Fall 2023

College of Business Commencement

December 15, 2023

Order of Ceremony

Processional 1 –  The Colorado Brass Ensemble

Presentation of Colors Army ROTC Color Guard

National Anthem 2  – Hayley Price

Welcome and IntroductionsDr. Ken Manning

Recognition of University Honors Program Graduates and Graduates with Distinction – Dr. Travis Maynard

Student Speaker – Heather Short

President’s RemarksPresident Amy Parsons

Charge to the Class – Angelina Howard

Conferring Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees – Dr. Manning and President Parsons

Presentation of Diplomas – Department Heads and Dr. Maynard

Alumni Association Remarks – Grace Wright

Alma Mater 2 – Hayley Price

Recessional – The Colorado Brass Ensemble

1 Audience will stand
2 Audience may remain seated

On the Platform

Dr. Ken Manning, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty

Patrice Palmer, Assistant Dean for Social and Cultural Inclusion

Dr. Lisa Kutcher, Chair, Department of Accounting

Dr. John Hoxmeier, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Costanza Meneghetti, Chair, Department of Finance and Real Estate

Dr. Susan Golicic, Chair, Department of Management

Dr. Dave Gilliland, Chair, Department of Marketing

Kathleen Fairfax, Vice Provost for International Affairs

Dr. Shawn Bingham, Director, University Honors Program

Brendan Hanlon, Vice President for University Operations and Chief Financial Officers

Amy Parsons, J.D., President, Colorado State University

Angelina Howard, Alumna, Commencement Speaker

Dr. Travis Maynard, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Heather Short, Graduate, Master of Business Administration, Student Speaker

Grace Wright, Alumna and Assistant to the Dean for Sustainability Initiatives

Col Gregg Johnson, Air Force ROTC, Professor of Aerospace Studies


Amy Kozlarek, Career Counselor

Keelin McGill, Impact MBA Program Facilitator


Dr. Ken Manning, Grand Marshal

Dr. Jim Stekelberg, Accounting

Dr. Jose Valdes, Computer Information Systems

Dr. Hilla Skiba, Finance

Dr. Tiffany Trzebiatowski, Human Resource Management

L. A. Mitchell, Marketing

Dr. Rob Mitchel, Management and Innovation

Pete Thrasher, Real Estate

Paul Vanderspek, Supply Chain Management

Dr. Derek Johnston, Master of Accountancy

Dr. Charles Butler, Master of Computer Information Systems

Crisann Hanes, MBA and Impact MBA

Tonja Rosales and Alex Diemer, Faculty and Staff

Angelina Howard, Commencement Speaker

Angelina Howard is a Product Leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud provider. She leads the AWS Industry Products organization’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure strategy. She’s an advocate for inclusive products and technology. In 2021, Angelina was the opening speaker for University of Washington’s inaugural Inclusive Product Summit. She sits on the University’s Product Management Center advisory board.

Angelina is the former president and current advisor for Amazon’s Black Employee Network (BEN), an affinity group at Amazon. She partners with Amazon’s senior leadership on how Amazon can continue to support Black employees and the community. She helped lead leadership on where to direct $27M in funding for organizations supporting social justice and racial equity. Her contributions and initiatives resulted in grants for Black-owned businesses during COVID-19 as well as a Black Excellence Gala, which provided scholarships to organizations that are dedicated to STEM education. She co-founded BEN Startup Week – a week-long series of events promoting Black entrepreneurship and innovation. In 2021, she led the launch of the BEN Scholarship Program, as well as the launch of Rise, an 8-month leadership for Black leaders at Amazon. She was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 2021 honoree and in 2021 she was named a Black Enterprise 40 Under 40 honoree for her work.

Angelina graduated from Colorado State University as a first generation student in 2014. She was active in the College of Business where she was a mentor, VP of the Supply Chain Management Club, member of Business Diversity & Leadership Alliance, Student Assistant in the Supply Chain Management Department, and Student Coordinator in the Career Management Center. She participated in the 2013 Ptak Prize Global Case Competition, winning first place, and ranked in the top five in the General Motors/Wayne State Case Competition. In 2021, she was the recipient of the university’s Distinguished Alumni of the Last Decade Award.

Angelina is strong in her faith and enjoys traveling as it allows her to experience different cultures across the U.S. and the world.

College of Business

Candidates for University Honors Scholar
Fall 2023

Gabby Carpenter, Business Administration major and Political Science minor with Accounting concentration. Thesis title: A Review of the United States Banking System and the Effects of Bank Regulations, Regulatory Agencies, and Laws.

Cristin Ensor, Business Administration major with Marketing concentration and International Business certificate. Thesis title: Designer Formal Wear: Do Personality Traits Drive Consumers’ Willingness to Spend Money?

College of Business

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees
Fall 2023

College of Business

Dean Beth Walker


Business Administration

Abbott, Jack Joseph

Adams, Grace Elizabeth

Al Ashour, Ahmed Emad

Albdaiwi, Saleh Mohammed

Alhawas, Faisal Khalid ^

Alkaltham, Nawaf Mousa ^

Anderson, Zachary Taylor

Anker, Steven Ray

Arkley, Emma V.

Arroyo, Cormac Emanuel

Banegas, Anthony Leonel

Barberio, Jared Evan

Barrell, Jack Ryan

Benes, Emma

Berg, logan Allen

Bess, Garrett Recie Thomas

Bizzigotti, Brian Pio

Blakeney, Beau Austin

Blik, Abbey

Bogumil, Taylor M.

Boll, Jackson Chad #

Boyd, Meghan Elisabeth

Brandt, Xander G.

Breen, Matthew J.

Bretz, Caiden Simon

Bronson, Lauren Danielle

Bryner, Taylor J. =

Budnack, Emily Rose

Burke, Logan Dane

Bybel, Julian S.

Campbell, John James

Campbell, Sam

Carpenter, Dylan R.

Carpenter, Gabrielle Nina * ^

Castañón Diaz, Israel *

Castellano, Madilynn M. * #

Castillo, Mckensie Sharon

Chen, Shu *

Clark, Amanda W.

Condrey, Jack Stephen

Crispin, Oscar Daniel

Crist, Quin Owen

Cuscela, Gianna Danielle

D’Alessandro, Andrew Max

Davis, Mikayla S.

Davis, Tyler Christian

De La Rosa, Deshlyn D.

DeSutter, Emily Brooke

Dean, Addison Rae

Derken, Matthew Erich Benedict

Derre, Davis Jacques *

Dixon, Noah J.

Ediger, Ryan S.

Efaw, Aimee Katarina

Ensor, Cristin E.

Erker, Christopher Andreas

Evans, Lauren Eleanor

Farmer, Edwin Elliot

Fernandez, Elsy A. *

Finnegan, Patrick J.

Flores-Almanza, Jason

Foster, Megan Hannah

Frazier, Kelsey

Fritsch, Allyson Lauren * #

Fritz, Sophie

Fuller, Casey Ryan *

Gallahan, Jacob Richard

Gallegos, Bailey Marland Ford

Garifi, Logan R.

Gerber, Abigail Lynn

Glaspy, Kelly Lou

Gomez, Andrew Gregory

Gray, Maya Camille

Grice, Max A.

Griesse, Ethan S.

Hajicek, Emmaline Camile

Hamm, Chloe Michelle

Harlow, Joseph J. #

Haughey, Sarah G. E. *

Hector, Ayden Drew

Hehn, Tucker T.

Hodges, Lauren Danielle

Hong, Ruiyang

Howard, Deziray R.

Howe, Zachary Lawrence

Hudgins, Christian Perry

Johnson, Carter

Johnson, Ryan Christian

Joshi, Rohin Vineet

Kalisher, Benjamin W.

Kamen, Joshua Michael

Kersgieter, Kiley Ann

Keyser, Keith *

Kilmer, Dylan

Kindred, Austin Wayne

Kleckner, Dylan Thomas

Knape, Sam Joseph ^

Krantz, Collin Foster

Kunz, Callahan Thomas

Kuzminykh, Olga

LaBelle, Lucas Peter

Lamoreaux, Caleb Charles

Larsen, Thomas Maurice

Laughlin, Gregory C.

LeBel, Grace Victoria

Lee, John Y.

Lee, Taylor Nicholas

Levinger, Gabriel M.

Lopez, Alexis Dias

Lopez Rochin, Jaime

Lowe, Tyler

Lynch, Jackson Graham

Lynch, Joseph Patrick *

Mahoney, Madeline Paula

Marchena, Felipe J.

Martin, Zachary C.

Matherson, Drew Michael

May, Audrey Gail *

McClure, Dylan Tyler

McCormick, Austin Fadden

McCormick, Michael Joseph

McVicker, Blair

Medina, Ashley Marie

Melo, James Rocco

Mendoza, Ulises Francisco *

Meyer, Madison Jo *

Meyer, Sara Elizabeth

Mizner, Milan Nicholas

Mondor, Sean Joseph

Monfardini, Nicholas Ruslan

Morgan, Susanna Xiu Ying

Murphy, Torin D. *

Murray, Tystad John

Myers, Kade J.

Myers, Tucker J. #

Neuhausel, Max Vincent

Nguyen, Danh Thai Thanh

Nguyen-Bui, Huy Jayson Phuoc * ^

Norris, Preston Payne

Northen, Kade Patrick *

Novak, Brittany Nicole Kay #

O’Neal, Finn P. *

Ontiveros, Christian F.

Oseguera, Jeffrey Thomas

Papp, Ryan

Parman, Maxwell Wyatt

Pavlas, Nikayla T.

Peterson, Joshua James

Petty, Cooper Lewis

Phelps, Tyler Martin #

Pickrel, Elizabeth S. =

Poelmann, Kick Pieter Louis

Porter, Presley Ann

Poskie, Ella McCord

Potter, Lydia Eva *

Power, Barrett Junetta * #

Raeder, Buck

Rauwerdink, Laura L. =

Righi, Mario

Rinella, Nicolas C.

Romero, Paul

Ruder, Devan J.

Salat, Osman A.

Savage, Alexander William

Schmitt, Zachary David

Schroeck, Jacob Andrew

Scism, Trenton

Sepulveda, Ethan Phoenix

Seybert, John

Sharp, Brian

Shockley, Conor L.

Sinberg, Maxwell Boone

Siposs, Audrey Grace

Slater, Ashley Nichole #

Sprecher, Matthew Donald

Squibb, Madison Amber *

Steinpreis, Morgan Jaclene

Sterbenc, Alex J.

Stodola, Tarysa Angelyca Lynn +

Strizich, Alexander Ryan

Sutten, Cody James

Tanoh, Othniel

Tapia, Manuel Francisco

Taylor, Henry

Torney, Madeline Brooke ^

Torres, Gabriel

Trizna, Patrick J *

Urquiza Hubner, Lucas

Vaccaro, Andrew J.

Weese, Katelyn Marie +

Willency, Jack

Winning, Timothy S. #

Witte, John G. *

Wright, Dorian J.

Zaretska, Yulia Serhiyivna

College of Business

Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded
Summer 2023

College of Business

Dean Beth Walker


Business Administration

Adair, Ayden Douglas

Alexander, Maya J.

Anderon, Will Mark

Andersen, Wyatt J.

Barley, Zachary

Benson, Kai Matthew

Black, Carson Graham

Bond, Michael Wayne

Dooley, Sarah Maureen

Faulkenberry II, Robert Hayes

Gilmore, Ryan Matthew

Golden, Kyle Roger

Goldsworthy, Grace Mae

Gonzales, Isabel Christina *

Hamilton, Sahare Z.

Henning, Brayden Cole +

Hoehn, Holly Marie

Hollingshead, Noah

Huck, Greyson

Jennissen, Jacob Donald

Jones, Blake Mitchell

Jones, Joseph Seth

Jost, Riley Christopher *

Kosley, Ryan Richard *

Lang, Claire Eleanor

Maher, William Nicholas

Malensek, Ryan Georg

Mangano, Alexander G.

May, Bethany Nicole

Medley-Wallis, Kyler A.

Melsheimer, Ethan

Olson, Peyton Delaney

Padilla, Kevin J.

Parol, Joanna Danuta

Peterson, Jared Terrance

Pilkington, Logan W.

Pomponio, Frank J.

Ronish, Krystin Eustacia Vye

Santana Salgado, Leslie

Schoffman, John Michael

Schreffler, Paul Andrew

Shea, Lily Catherine

Snader, Erin Elizabeth

Springer, Ryan Lucas

Sutton, Ashley

Svoboda, Charles

Thompson, Tia An

Whitman, Elijah

* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
* Candidates with minor
+ Candidates with second major
^ Candidates for cum laude
# Candidates for magna cum laude
= Candidates for summa cum laude
‡ Awarded posthumously